Episode 113: Navigating Parenthood and Business with Flexibility with Emily Mann

Ep 113 Emily Mann


In order to grow a million-dollar business, you need million-dollar helpers. -Kellee Wynne

A warm welcome back to the podcast for Emily Mann, a powerful mother, business owner, and artist. In this episode, Emily and Kellee are sharing how business has shifted for them while dealing with the unexpected obstacles of motherhood, and how they have been navigating the delicate balance of running a powerhouse business while showing up as a present parent.

During the episode, Emily and Kellee emphasized the importance of thinking beyond just selling artwork. As an artist, it's crucial to adopt a strategic and entrepreneurial mindset focused on building and scaling a successful business while staying true to your creative vision. Building a successful art business takes time and effort, but the conversation also touched on the potential to shorten the learning curve with the right guidance and resources. Whether it's through mentorship, courses, or valuable tools, there are methods to streamline the process of growing your artistic brand without falling into a gimmicky pyramid scheme. 

Emily found thoughtful and compassionate relationships within The Remarkable League with Kellee and found endless inspiration by learning from others and relishing in the relationships the League built with each other, celebrating each others wins, cheering on new endeavors, and exploring the obstacles that are unavoidable in creating businesses. While managing Ink and Indigo, Emily shares how she has grown more comfortable delegating tasks, allowing her to focus on developing courses and resources for artists.

From intentional marketing and sales strategies to the significance of adaptability and building meaningful relationships, these pivotal lessons can serve as guiding beacons as you steer your creative journey toward success and prosperity. Are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey with your art? 

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