Episode 63: Working with Art Consultants and Designers to Create a Thriving Business with Emily Mann

Podcast Made Remarkable Ep 63 Emily Mann

In this episode of unwavering authenticity, we warmly invite Emily Mann onto the Made Remarkable podcast, hosted by Kellee Wynne as they delve into all matters of the heart and soul, from how they balance boundaries between work and family, social justice matters that are important to their core values, and how exactly does Emily Mann stay so successful in managing her art studio and selling her art?

Emily is the owner of Ink + Indigo studio and specializes in fine art licensing, large-scale, mixed-media sculptural pieces, site-specific installation art, encaustics, and a huge range of works on paper and canvas. The studio primarily works with art consultants, interior designers, architecture firms, and environmental design firms. We have grown over the last few years, adding 2 studio artists and expanding into larger studios and plan to continually expand her portfolio, and offerings, and add to her skillsets. On her webpage, Emily shares, "Commissioned, original works are at the heart of what we do everyday-we love collaborating with consultants, designers, and collectors to solve their design needs and create beautiful, custom art that helps define and enhance how interiors are experienced." If you have not seen her textured, next-level art then you have to go experience it NOW

Kellee and Emily unravel the depths of why social media works, what doesn't, and how everyone's social media content is so delicately tailored to the business that you create. Emily and Kellee are no strangers to being transparent on social media, and they give personal experiences regarding their comfort level of sharing their personal life, and the balance of staying authentic to their values while staying in focus with your business messaging.

“I do think we have to literally stand up for what we believe in and, be activists for all these things we care about, but also just as a business person, the positive impact you can have, the more successful you are. All of those things like that really speak to me and is so important to what we're doing.”
-Emily Mann on the Made Remarkable Podcast with Kellee Wynne

On today's episode, Emily shares how she has built her business, from the ground up, and what that journey has looked like for her. During which, Kellee and her share some crucial pain points to address in your business and offer advice on how to overcome these barriers you may be facing! This is a natural, raw conversation where Kellee and Emily talk about money, stories about failure, and the biggest, brightest "aha" moments of making a business work. 

In typical Made Remarkable fashion, we talk about the Big Audacious Dreams that the future holds for us, and we want to light you up with the inspiration that it is okay for things to get turned upside-down because struggle and failure do not mean defeat, and how important it is to embrace all of the remarkable opportunities in your future!

About Emily Mann

Emily Mann is the owner and artist behind Ink + Indigo, a multidisciplinary art studio based in Avondale Estates,
Georgia. She grew up in a family of craftspeople and has always been a maker and artist. Her early "career" days were spent working for hospitality art consulting firms where she learned about interior design, the business side of art making and sales, printing, framing, shipping, and working with clients. She was making art and pursuing all sorts of creative projects in the background while holding down a day job consulting. Having kids was really the catalyst for her to get back into the studio-and over time she was able to transition from consulting work to the full time studio practice Ink + Indigo has become. She is inspired by all things art, design, craft, travel, nature, and Atlanta's creative community.

You can find Emily by visiting www.inkandindigo.com

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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