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Dive into the new season of the Made Remarkable Podcast, where we explore the heart of creativity and entrepreneurship. In season 3, we're zeroing in on how passion intertwines with purpose, bringing you closer to the stories of artists and entrepreneurs who are setting new standards of success.

You can expect compelling interviews with pioneers who are reshaping their fields, alongside expert advice that's actionable and insightful. I'll also share my own journey, offering a transparent view of the challenges and triumphs of a creative entrepreneur. Plus, we're introducing segments driven by your questions that can help navigate your path to remarkable.

Join us weekly for your dose of inspiration and practical strategies, designed to help you build a legacy and live the remarkable life you envision. The Made Remarkable Podcast is more than a weekly listen; it's an invitation to craft your own extraordinary story.

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 Podcast Recomendations

MR Ep 114 Nicki Krawczyk

Episode 114: Evergreen Product Strategies with Nicki Krawczyk


"There is a way that you can give people your best sales information, but also not push it on them. To serve it up to them in a way that it's good for them." Nicki Krawczyk

We are delighted for this episode as we are always interested in finding new methods of marketing, exploring systems, and finding new besties that will sit down and talk about all this business with us. We are happy to introduce the remarkable Nicki Krawczyk, CEO and founder of Nicki K Media. Nicki is here to share …

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Ep 113 Emily Mann

Episode 113: Navigating Parenthood and Business with Flexibility with Emily Mann


In order to grow a million-dollar business, you need million-dollar helpers. -Kellee Wynne

A warm welcome back to the podcast for Emily Mann, a powerful mother, business owner, and artist. In this episode, Emily and Kellee are sharing how business has shifted for them while dealing with the unexpected obstacles of motherhood, and how they have been navigating the delicate balance of running a powerhouse business while showing up as a present parent.

During the episode, Emily and Kellee …

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MR Ep 112 Trupti Karjinni (1)

Episode 112: Defining What Sustainable Success is in Your Creative Business with Trupti Karjinni

"We can't use the same business 'tactics' that other industries would use because we are creative. We're expressive. We are very close-knit and everyone wears their heart on their sleeve and supports each other." - Kellee Wynne

This episode is an insight into how you can unapologetically manifest your creative identity in a business. This eye-opening and soul-moving conversation between Kellee and Trupti Karjinni will have you re-evaluating your business models, taking a deep breath of reli…

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Ep. 111 Doubling Enrollment on a Signature Course

Episode 111: Doubling Enrollment on a Signature Course with Brooke Henry


"The first step to having others take you seriously is taking yourself seriously." - Brooke Henry

Kellee Wynne is back again with Brooke Henry to deep dive into her entrepreneurial corner of the world. Are you ready to transform your passion for art into a thriving and profitable business? Check out this episode and get ready to transport yourself to this outstanding conversation with Kellee and Brooke as they review Brooke's time spent in Kellee's Remarkable League, and get inspired to …

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Episode 110 The Power of Vulnerability in a Creative Business with Jackie Schomburg (1)

Episode 110: The Power of Vulnerability in a Creative Business with Jackie Schomburg


"It takes a lot of bravery to show up as yourself." — Jackie Schomburg

Kellee is overjoyed to introduce all of you to Jackie Schomburg, a workshop leader whose passion in life is helping others get unstuck from various aspects of their lives, create authentic art, and allow people to get out of their own ways. Jackie transitioned from the corporate world when she could feel herself falling victim to the hustle and stress of the corporate world until she was able to break free and pursue …

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Episode 109 Breakthroughs and Business Growth with Catherine Rains (1)

Episode 109: Breakthroughs and Business Growth with Catherine Rains

No more playing small, no more starving artists. Let's make an impact.” - Kellee Wynne

Kellee Wynne coaches members of her Remarkable League with the belief in consistency and the step-by-step process. On the podcast today, Catherine Rains is here to share how she has brought to life her dream of creating a sustainable and abundant art business. Cat explains in detail the breakthroughs she experienced and how collaboration, consistency, and clear focus have propelled her career.

By focusi…

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