Episode 52: Going Pro - How Drew Became a Profitable Full Time Artist

PODCAST Made Remarkable with Kellee Wynne Studios Ep 52 Drew

In this episode, Kellee sits down with Drew Steinbrecher, an all-around creative who creates abstract art.  He was part of Kellee's mastermind last year and in this episode, he talks about overcoming his money mindset, how he managed to surpass the goal he'd set for himself, and his experience working with Kellee and the rest of the group.

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Here’s a glance at this episode;

  • 08:01 Becoming an artist and making money - Redefining what it is to be an artist
  • 13:01 Working with Kellee for the Virtual Art Summit - Stepping into opportunity and figuring it out.

  • 18:04 How do I scale? - Drew's experience with Kellee's Mastermind and exceeding all his goals. 

  • 23:46 Envisaging the future  - There's no one size fits all and Drew shares his next steps and how he came to choose that path.

  • 37:12 Big audacious dreams - From a house in the mountains and goals already realized, Drew shares his audacious dreams.

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About Drew Steinbrecher

I’ve enjoyed working with my hands and being creative from a young age. I have a university degree in graphic design and have worked professionally for over 20 years. I am an avid knitter and photographer. I currently live in Cincinnati working as a graphic designer and teaching a high school color guard. I create art in my free time.

And you can find him by visiting https://www.drewsteinbrecher.com

You can follow him on Instagram @drewsteinbrecher

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Virtual Art Summit: https://www.virtualartsummit.com/

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