Going Pro How Drew Became a Profitable Full Time Artist

[00:00:00] Kellee: Hello? Hello, all my friends out there, all of you, visionaries, creatives, change makers, disruptors, leaders. And those who are sitting quietly in the back. This is Kellee Wynee of the Made Remarkable Podcast, and I am here to tell you that you are made remarkable. That's the whole point of this podcast. You don't have to become anything.

[00:00:39] Kellee: You just have to peel back the layers. All that society has piled on you, all the expectations, all the wear and tear of life, all the doubt and the fear that we have to carry around on our backs from living from hearing. The things that hold us back, the fear, [00:01:00] the shame, the codependency, whatever it is that we hold onto that keeps us from thriving and being our best and being who we already are.

[00:01:10] Kellee: I just really believe that the gifts that you've been given, the things that maybe you think are flaws or faults or make you less than those are actually your superpowers. For example, I was considered the loudmouth, bossy girl. I know. No surprise to you, no surprise to me either. I was too much, I was always, uh, a little bit over the top, maybe trying to organize things too much and tell people what to do, and spoke too loudly.

[00:01:45] Kellee: Spoke my opinion. Got too enthusiastic really, in all honesty. And now I look at that and I think, but if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here talking to you. I wouldn't have had the courage to just [00:02:00] show up on Instagram month after month after month and, and tell you how I feel and tell you you can do it too.

[00:02:07] Kellee: But that innate thing in me, Helps me show up for my purpose. And I know that that thing in you, whatever it was that you weren't made of to begin with, that makes you divine, that makes you remarkable. I know. And maybe it's a little too much here in Midweek Wednesday, and we're all like, okay, just get on with this story.

[00:02:31] Kellee: But this is the story. This is the purpose of this podcast. The mission that I'm on, the reason that I've started this business and why I've taken the journey that I've been on, from artist to course creator, to now coach, to help you find that pathway. Uh, I've been working on this journey for a while and I've tested out my theories.

[00:02:57] Kellee: I've played around with it. I've [00:03:00] coached, I've had my own mastermind. And I've watched the success as people step into their own and do the thing that they were meant to do. And it just, it's amazing. If I can say one thing, I am thrilled when I watch my students or my clients exceed the expectation, go beyond anything that we could have dreamed of.

[00:03:28] Kellee: And I'm watching it happen every time. Does somebody. Takes the advice, puts their mind to it. Let's go of the fear and just moves forward. It's like it's unbelievable what can happen. So I wanna invite you right now to join my brand new program. It is the first of its kind for artists in our industry. It is for leaders, for those who have already started a business and they're looking to accelerate it [00:04:00] and.

[00:04:01] Kellee: Make an impact on more people, and that's why I call it the remarkable league. I am really excited about this. This something that's been in development for a couple of years now. It is no fluff. This is absolutely to the core. What you need to thrive and have a multiple six figure or even seven figure business.

[00:04:22] Kellee: And so if you've been sitting there on the sidelines thinking, okay, I started this thing, but I don't know what to do next, to make it really thrive, to be aligned and profitable, and I need my people to help support me to get there, then I would say, Maybe it's time for you to go and check out the Remarkable League.

[00:04:42] Kellee: If you just go to made remarkable.com/league, you can apply. We're only taking a few select people because this is our first run. This is the beta run of a brand new program. So a couple dozen people, max will be allowed into the program. We are [00:05:00] looking. The right kind of people, the right fit. It's not about who you are, it's about if you're ready for this.

[00:05:07] Kellee: Just so you know, that's all we're looking because we want, we really want that high level leadership in the remarkable league. But for the rest of you who are listening and you're like, but I'm not there yet, but I'd really love to work with you, Kelly. I'd really love to. Figure out how I can do this remarkable business thing.

[00:05:24] Kellee: Don't worry, I've got you covered. Just put a pin in it because at the end of summer I'm gonna be launching a program that's designed just for you to give you that strong foundation, the mindset that you need, and the heart and soul of a business that's aligned and profitable. I've got you covered. And it'll be open for you.

[00:05:44] Kellee: But in the meantime, let's get this league up and running because we need more people who are gonna make a bigger impact in this world. So if it sounds right to you, just go to made remarkable.com/league. And do me a favor. If you are curious at all and you're not, you're not quite sure [00:06:00] if it's right for you, just jump into my dms and let's have a conversation.

[00:06:03] Kellee: Okay. I'm here for. Are you ready for this? We're gonna jump right into listening to a conversation that I've had with Drew Steinbrecker. Yes. It's a first for us to have a guy on the podcast, and I think we need more of that. We need a bigger variety, more voices, and I'm working on that. But the reason I'm bringing Drew on is because he is a client of mine and we worked together closely all year last year.

[00:06:29] Kellee: He has a really remarkable story how his business. Unfolded for him, and you probably know him pretty well as a jelly plate guy, but I know him as an incredibly talented artist and his work stands out the moment I see it in my feed. I've just been drawn to what he has been doing for years now, so I asked him to be part of the virtual Arts summit in 2021, and it's just been wildfire since then.

[00:06:59] Kellee: I [00:07:00] think you're gonna really love this conversation because he had a few aha moments about his money mindset and his potential with his business. And just listen, because you're gonna hear in this podcast what his goal was for 2022, how much money he wanted to make, and then how much money he actually did make. And I think you're gonna be amazed at his remarkable story. Okay, enough. Now let's get on listening to Drew Steinbrecher,. 

[00:07:29] Kellee: Hi, drew. I'm so excited to have you on the podcast. It's kinda weird and different that we're doing this more recorded and somewhat formal, but I've so much enjoyed watching your story and getting to know you and, and building a fun relationship for friendship with you. So welcome to the Made Remarkable podcast. 

[00:07:49] Drew: Thank you. Yeah, thanks for inviting me. Um, I'm really happy to share my story and, uh, I don't know, help anyone out there that might be trying to do the same thing. 

[00:07:59] Kellee: [00:08:00] Yes. So Drew, I found you online because you have amazing art and it's just so eye-catching, and then I was obsessed about it. So I invited you to the Virtual Art Summit in 2021, and I'm so glad you said yes. If you would just tell us a little bit about your story, how your, you know, the art journey that you've been on, and how you ended up where you're at now. 

[00:08:26] Drew: Um, well, let's see. When I was a kid, I was pretty crafty. I wouldn't call myself artsy, but I liked using my hands to make things.

[00:08:35] Drew: You know, I took art classes in high school, et cetera, and I discovered that I was, had a, a kind of a natural ability with design. So I studied graphic design at college. Um, still along that whole journey, I never thought of myself as an artist. It was just always like a designer . And I think that was just because artists can draw and I didn't really, I still don't really [00:09:00] have that good of a drawing ability, so I never.

[00:09:03] Drew: Thought, you know, like, I'm not an artist. I can't draw, you know, so I did the graphic design thing. I worked as a graphic designer professionally for about 10 years, and then I decided just to go out on my own. So I'm, I've been doing freelance graphic design since then, and along the way I started doing, I got back into the whole crafts thing.

[00:09:23] Drew: I started with knitting. Then that eventually led to quilt making, and then I got into what are called art quilt. And then that was kind of the first time I realized maybe I am an artist. I don't have to know how to draw to become an artist. Right. . Exactly. There's all different, all different ways you can make art.

[00:09:44] Drew: And uh, I started taking classes with, um, a quote maker named Nancy Crowe. And she, um, has this really fantastic facility near Columbus and all these art quilters come from everywhere to take [00:10:00] classes with her. She, that was kind of the first time I saw someone really on, like, making a living as an artist.

[00:10:09] Drew: And I thought, okay, maybe I can, maybe I could do this. Maybe I could figure this out. So I, I started selling my work. Um, along the way there, I also discovered gel plates, which probably a lot of your listeners know me from my gel plate work. I started sharing everything online. People were asking how I was doing it.

[00:10:30] Drew: People, more and more people became interested. I was trying to sell my work. It, it was, it was okay. It was going okay, but I couldn't really see myself making a living at, at as an artist just through selling my work. Um, so eventually, um, I started seeing people. Um, selling online classes and I, I thought, okay, maybe I could do this.

[00:10:58] Drew: Maybe I could figure this [00:11:00] out and around then, that's when you approached me about the virtual arts summit. Yeah. So I don't know if you want me to stop there, or, or no. Can you 

[00:11:11] Kellee: That's that. I will go, we'll go from there, but like, I wanna point out. Well, some interesting points that you made. Like one, you thought you weren't an artist.

[00:11:21] Kellee: Yes. Which is, which is a big aha for people to finally come full circle and be like, okay, well maybe this is art after all. Mm-hmm. , being an artist doesn't mean you have to draw that You can paint a portrait or anything like that. It's like just an expression of your creativity. And I love hearing how.

[00:11:39] Kellee: Need for making kept coming back to you and it evolved over time. Mm-hmm. , for anyone who has followed Drew or looks at his Instagram account, you will see a clear consistency in your quilting and your paper making and your gel plating, like all of it. I, I [00:12:00] think you're one of the most iconic. Voices that that consistency transforms over multiple different mediums.

[00:12:08] Kellee: And I love, that's why it stood out so much to me. And the colors that you use, o obviously your graphic design sense really comes through. And I just was like a. I'm still obsessed, . I'm still obsessed with what you do To this day. I'm always, I always have, which is why your Instagram account keeps growing.

[00:12:27] Kellee: It is really like, it's so much fun to follow you and see what you're making, but that was like, I have to have 'em on the Virtual Art Summit. Like I always choose people that I wanna learn from that I find. Interesting, appealing, that have a point of view that's gonna be different for, you know, the audience, for people to like really awaken their senses and their way of doing things.

[00:12:50] Kellee: So I was so happy that you said yes, even though you were like, I'm not so sure. I guess this is a learning curve I'm about ready to jump into and. [00:13:00] You had also noticed, I remember you saying to me, she, you said, well, a lot of people have been asking me lately how I do it. So I guess now's the time to start

[00:13:10] Kellee: Yeah. 

[00:13:11] Drew: So that, um, I, I am just like a little short story. When I was a kid, I really wanted this coat, but I had a idea of what the coat was and I told my mom, I really want to this coat, but we, we need to go shopping for it. So it took us a. To find this perfect coat. And once I found it, that's, I knew exactly what it was.

[00:13:34] Drew: So I'm the type of person that has to do all the research and look at all this stuff and un until I decide, okay, I can finally do this. So I, I was looking at how do you make a course? How do you do this? How do you do video? How do you teach on video? And when you asked me to do that, I was the Virtual Art Summit.

[00:13:54] Drew: Mm-hmm. . I thought, okay, this is the moment this. This is the time I have to say yes. I [00:14:00] don't, I don't really know how to do video. I've been researching it, but I've never done it. How do I do a voiceover? I don't know. I guess I can, I can, I can figure it out. Um, so that was the push that kind of, um, made me realize I, I could do it, you know, and there's like a, you can keep researching and looking and looking and trying this. Eventually you just have to do it. And that came along just at the right moment for. 

[00:14:27] Kellee: and you are tech savvy, so that helps. 

[00:14:30] Drew: Yeah. The, the graph, you know, graphic designers nowadays work on a computer. Yeah. So I've, I was always comfortable on a computer and figuring out, like, for example, how do you do this in Illustrator, you know, or Photoshop and figuring it out. So yeah, that part never really was an issue. 

[00:14:47] Kellee: Yeah, but I totally know what you mean about that. Like overanalyzing, it took me probably two years from the time I said, I think I wanna do this till the time I finally actually did it. Mm-hmm. and I hear that story quite often [00:15:00] because we think it's tech that's holding us up, but or.

[00:15:04] Kellee: Which platform or how am I gonna do this? How am I gonna edit it? What am I gonna say? Will people even buy it? Like we have all these ridiculous like perfectionist fears that come up that we've gotta get it right. But in the end, it's still an evolution. You put out your first one, you know what you can do better the next time. It's really our hold us back, not, not the technology. 

[00:15:27] Drew: Mm. I think along, also along the, the way of doing all that research that came across something that was like, um, the advice that was like, if people are asking you these questions, that's the perfect thing to make a class on. Right? So that's, I I was mostly through Instagram.

[00:15:46] Drew: People were asking, mostly with gel plates, how are you doing this? How, what is that? What kind of paper are you using? What kind of pain are you using? And that's when I. I, I could answer these questions through a, a class, an online [00:16:00] class. 

[00:16:00] Kellee: Exactly. Like that's definitely a clue if people are asking you.

[00:16:04] Kellee: Mm-hmm. what anything, doesn't even matter what field you're in. It's like, then you know that you already have a captive audience. Yes. And thank goodness I came and asked just at the right time. Yeah. Um, to like kind of push you. And we did that. I think it was May. Yeah. Or June. It was 

[00:16:24] Drew: June. June. I was, that was when I was in Colorado.

[00:16:27] Drew: Yeah. 

[00:16:28] Kellee: Yeah. And, and it really wasn't that long from the Virtual Art Summit to you launching your first course because once you got the cake in the pants, , you kept going and you created Yeah. First start course that you launched, I think in September-ish mm-hmm. Of the same year. That's 2021. Mm-hmm. 

[00:16:46] Drew: Yeah, so obviously you asked for those videos ahead of the ahead of time. So I had done that in Spring and I thought, okay, well that was doable. I'm gonna start doing my class now. [00:17:00] So I had already started the beginning of the summer when the, the Virtual Art summit had already launched. I had already started recording a lot of my videos, so through that summer, I recorded the videos, I was editing them, you know, I recorded more videos.

[00:17:15] Drew: I did the voiceovers and just got the class ready. And again, I just had to say, it's gotta be this date, you know, like I have to launch on this date cuz I could have kept just pushing it, you know? Yes. So I, um, I just, I picked the date in September and launch. And it went 

[00:17:33] Kellee: well. It, yes. And then I got a message from Drew that was like, oh shit, now what do I do?

[00:17:39] Kellee: it went well, what's the next step? How do I actually make a real business out of this? It's not just . 

[00:17:45] Drew: Yeah. So it, it went, it just, it blew my expectations out of the water, both with the feedback I was getting, everyone like, you know, enjoyed it and was really getting value from it. I was answering those questions that people were asking.

[00:17:59] Drew: And [00:18:00] then of course financially I was just totally blown away. Um, yeah. And that's when I realized this could turn into something more than just, just a one-off class that I launched. Right. Right. So how do I, how do I scale the business? And I knew, obviously I knew you from the virtual arts summit, and I thought, okay, well she knows what she's doing, , she's, she's done this, she's scaled a business.

[00:18:25] Drew: Right. And I'm sure. At one point, obviously you had your first class and then you had to figure it out from there and grow the business. So that's when I approached you and said, what do I do next? ? 

[00:18:38] Kellee: Yep. And then Q, my first mastermind group, which I did through last year, which was really amazing. It was a really good jump for me.

[00:18:48] Kellee: I had coached people before, but this was the first time having the type. Uh, container where we were l actively working on growing our business to be a full-time sustainable [00:19:00] job. Mm-hmm. . And it's been really exciting to see. So, I don't know if you know this, drew, but I went back and read your, your application and all your goals and your hopes and your dreams, and I was just like, Oh my goodness.

[00:19:12] Kellee: He far exceeded what he even imagined. So that to me, brings me so much joy. And I've said this before, maybe not to you, but people who are listening know, I'm happiest when the people that I'm working with. Do well and even do better than me. I'm fine with it. If y'all wanna be super multimillionaires and I don't reach that goal, I'm okay.

[00:19:35] Kellee: I'm just happy you're doing it. Not that you're a millionaire yet, not, not quite yet, but to go from your original goal. Last year you wanted to grow your email list, grow your Instagram account, and your following, launch the course again with, with a better marketing strategy. And your goal was to make $50,000 last year.

[00:19:59] Kellee: And then what [00:20:00] happened? 

[00:20:01] Drew: I made choice that. 

[00:20:03] Kellee: Yep. And you've grown your Instagram by more than double, and you've grown your list by how much, it's like all these little things, one after another. It's like you see this acceleration. Mm-hmm. and it's like, wow, it's so exciting for me to see this and just, no, there's proof in the pudding, you know?

[00:20:23] Drew: Yeah, I mean, and I, I can contribute a lot of that to you and, and your, and the, the mastermind and the other students and talking, you know, on our weekly calls and, you know, making goals and talking through technical issues and you know, all that stuff. For sure. Definitely the cause 

[00:20:43] Kellee: of the master. The goal for me is not just like I, I know mindset is part of it and knowing we can do it as part of it and like really soaking in all like exceeding.

[00:20:56] Kellee: Where we think we can go and going much further than [00:21:00] that. But I love to give like literally step by step, okay, you're gonna launch it. Let's do this. Here's a plan. And some of the things we implemented were, um, like your free course in order to help build your list. Mm-hmm. and mm-hmm. . Jumping in and participating in other collaborative events, and then how to launch your course twice that you launched it last year, and then just how to grow from that has been really fun to like see that the, the steps that I've taken over the last half dozen years now as we implement it.

[00:21:32] Kellee: Specifically into your business model and your way and your voice and what works best for you, and watching it all just evolve from there. So that's been really fun to, to see that growth. Mm-hmm. , 

[00:21:46] Drew: um, I, I was mentioning this to you earlier. It's, it's given me the opportunity to say I'm a full-time artist.

[00:21:55] Kellee: So what would you say was some of your biggest [00:22:00] aha moments over the last year working in the Mastermind? 

[00:22:04] Drew: I think I had some money blocks before, um, joining. For whatever reason. I don't know , I, I don't, I probably need to dive into my childhood or something, but for whatever reason. And maybe was afraid of making money or maybe thought that it wasn't good or something like that.

[00:22:24] Drew: So, and, and businesses make money. That's like what a business is. . Yes. . So, um, I, I had to get over some of those things. I, I also think I had a thi you know, like a little bit of, um, you know, are people gonna buy this and what are they gonna think? And they're not gonna like it and they're gonna want to ask for their money back and it's gonna be a big disaster.

[00:22:47] Drew: I had to get over that, which didn't come. Didn't happen. 

[00:22:51] Kellee: Nope. You've had hundreds of students now. Yes. 

[00:22:54] Drew: Yeah. Uh, let's see. Other aha moments? [00:23:00] I don't, I don't know. I'm not 

[00:23:01] Kellee: sure. Okay. So let's talk now about where you're going moving in the future. You've got this thing started. It's not just this first time you've done it and now you're done.

[00:23:14] Kellee: It's uh, it's just the beginning. It's the launching towards the future. So how do you envision with everything you've done, where you wanna go and what you're gonna do? 

[00:23:25] Drew: Um, well I'm gonna continue with that first class, which is the print your Creativity, exploring gel plates, and then also the Build Your Creativity Board with basics.

[00:23:35] Drew: That's the creek. I'm gonna, I'm opening a collage summit. Yes. Collage Maker Summit. I'm calling it. And that is, I've asked nine other instructors, including you, um, thank you , as well as myself to teach, um, how they approach collage. And so they're all submitting 15, 20 minute videos. Um, [00:24:00] and we're just gonna have, um, Awesome class collection of these, um, nine, 10 instructors.

[00:24:07] Drew: Yeah. And how they, um, teaching all about how they collage and it's, I've all, I, I've loved organizing it. I've loved asking people to be a part of it, and it's gonna be a lot of fun. So 

[00:24:19] Kellee: one of the things that I ask the people in the Mastermind is like, we've got this one immediate goal, and then how do you envision what you wanna do in the future?

[00:24:29] Kellee: And everyone has a different path, which is important because there is no one fits all in what's gonna light us up and what's going to be able to build our income and for whatever reason, It just suits you so well. You were like, I wanna do the summit thing. I love the model of the virtual art summit and I want to learn how to do that.

[00:24:49] Kellee: So that's, I think what we worked on probably a good bulk of the year last year, was getting you set up with the steps of how to do it just logistically. Mm-hmm. . And I'm [00:25:00] wondering if like, obviously as a personality thing for each of us, whether we like that kind of work or if that's overwhelming, but does it have anything to do? Having worked in, in the school or is it just like, 

[00:25:12] Drew: I think I'm good at organizing people. Yeah. Um, graphic designers are, that's what a little bit like what they do. They have to, they have to organize a photographer and they have to organize a copywriter and they have to organize a illustrator and the printer and the whatever. And so it's, you're kind of directing the project and I, I, I. Standing back and having other people take the spotlight. Yeah, while I organize 

[00:25:40] Kellee: them, Yeahh. That's something that I've always loved doing too, is to just really be able to give that spotlight on other people. I love the feeling of, you know, when we all rise, we rise together and everybody benefits from it, and I can see that about you.

[00:25:56] Kellee: How have you felt like now you're about to launch it this month [00:26:00] in February? In fact, right now as we're listening, it is open for presale. Mm-hmm. . So get in it while the good getting's. Good. We'll give you all links. Listeners. We'll, we'll, it'll be in the show notes, it'll be in the emails and on the websites and the Instagrams.

[00:26:18] Kellee: You'll hear about it for sure. No doubt. Um, how do you feel about it now that you've actually done it? Is it, is it what I mean? You haven't. You're just barely opening the doors, but the whole process of putting it together, is it, is it still something that you love doing now that you've done it? 

[00:26:34] Drew: Yeah, it's been a lot of fun.

[00:26:36] Drew: Yeah. Yeah. Um, it's, you know, hasn't been without, you know, it's issues, but, you know, those are easily solvable and, um, uh, the pros have totally outweighed any of the cons, and I'm really excited to see how people respond to it. I think they'll get a lot of value. . Well, I'm 

[00:26:55] Kellee: really obsessed with collage now.

[00:26:57] Kellee: Like over the last couple of years it's [00:27:00] really taken over. 

[00:27:01] Drew: I think it's kind of having a resurgence or, yeah. Yeah. People are suddenly more interested in it, especially people who are maybe using other mediums. Mm-hmm. , or people are using things like, like for example, a gel plate and they have all these prints and they don't know what to do with them. So now they're doing things like collage, . 

[00:27:20] Kellee: Right. Exactly. For sure. Yeah, so well yay for more collage. And you picked really dynamic artists and I, again, thank you very much for including me. You didn't have to , but it was really quite generous of you, and I am honored to be part of it. In all honesty, I hope everyone who's listening goes and signs up because it's a really super stellar deal too.

[00:27:44] Kellee: Presale is only 40, 49, so I mean, for 10 artists lessons, that's like. . Super affordable. Yeah. . But that's what we do it for. And that's the thing is, is, is when [00:28:00] we do well with certain goals of ours, like putting out your collage, your, um, print your creativity mm-hmm. when you're, when you have goals like that and you do well with that, then you can create other things, like for me, like the virtual Arts Summit mm-hmm.

[00:28:16] Kellee: or other, or other offers that I put together that. Affordable or even free, it balances out. So that's part of the money mindset. You know, you were talking about earlier, like I. Don't know if it's right to be making money, but you are a business. So of course it makes sense and we have to feed ourselves and we have to, when we make money, we are able to pay for the services that are needed.

[00:28:37] Kellee: So other people, the money just passed through us. Other people benefit from us making money as well. It's not pie . There's more enough. . But when you make good money, that also means you can serve more. Yes. Which means you can offer things that are more affordable. You can provide free services, you can start your YouTube channel, you can do the podcast like, cuz nobody's paying me to do the podcast.

[00:28:59] Kellee: I'm here doing [00:29:00] this podcast cuz I'm passionate about it. It's the only way that I'm gonna be able to serve more people. Yeah. 

[00:29:06] Drew: It's also made me, um, going through this process has made me, um, uh, more. other people doing the same thing. So I'm more likely to support someone through like, buying their art or buying their class or mm-hmm.

[00:29:22] Drew: you know, et cetera. Um, may probably more than I was before, more than you were before, and understanding like, um, that price may be high for some people, but I know what went into. Making that online class. So I'm gonna pay that price, that person selling it for that price. And I understand what they went through to do that, and I think that's fair.

[00:29:46] Kellee: Right. For sure. I, I think that this is a transformation that's happening for a lot of us too, and maybe. What do you, one of the things that you were worried about, you're like, but hasn't it already all been done before? I hear this all the time from people [00:30:00] who are coming in like, but doesn't someone already have an art course?

[00:30:03] Kellee: like, but not yours. Not your point of view. I mean, that's why everyone wanted you to make a course in the first place because your art point of view for as an artist seems to be quite strikingly different. But you know, touching on that. idea. Is there, are there enough summits? Are there enough art courses?

[00:30:22] Kellee: Are there enough workshops? 

[00:30:24] Drew: No, there's always room for 

[00:30:26] Kellee: more. There's always room for more. Yeah. 

[00:30:28] Drew: And then you just, people, people wanna know like, like, I wanna know how that person does that thing. Right. And it doesn't, it everyone has a different point of view, as you just said. So their class is gonna be different than the other class who teaches the same.

[00:30:46] Drew: And I And wouldn't you wanna take a few classes in the same, yeah, in the same medium or whatever, just to see what, how people approach it. 

[00:30:55] Kellee: Multiple points of view, for sure. Yeah. and, and so that's been a really cool thing [00:31:00] because with the Mastermind, everybody was working on different types of courses or offerings that are in the teaching field, but everyone was doing it completely different, the different audience even so, mm-hmm.

[00:31:14] Kellee: um, that, that was a good. Lesson even for me to see as people are like, but aren't we all gonna end up doing the same thing? No. It's just so different every time someone shows up to do it. Mm-hmm. . Okay, drew, so you've got the summit out now and you've got your course, your main course that you've done on a free course.

[00:31:33] Kellee: What are your big dreams? Like what's next? What's next for Drew and growing his amazing online business? , 

[00:31:42] Drew: um, you and I have talked a lot about. And I keep going back and forth. Do I maintain what I have? Do I make another larger, more intensive class? Um, I, I haven't finalized [00:32:00] those goals. I think it's probably, um, a few smaller classes and then maybe down the road it's some kind of a composition class.

[00:32:09] Drew: Yeah. Um, I, um, I think that's one thing that people. Respond to is the composition. Um, uh, however that comes a little bit naturally to me. So that's something that would take me a little bit of time to figure out how to teach that, you know, something that comes natural to you. You don't necessarily know all the steps you take.

[00:32:33] Drew: So, um, I think that would probably be in the works at some point. Um, I would love to do, I hope that the collage Summit works. And it maybe can be a yearly thing, it can be a yearly thing, you know, and I can have another whole set of artists next year. Um, I think that would be really cool. Um, and then again, just maintaining the, maintaining the business.

[00:32:57] Drew: There are other boring things I could talk [00:33:00] about, like making sure I keep the, the, nah, you know, Books, you know, like making sure I'm recording everything and every, the accountant has everything. I finally hired an accountant. Yes. You know? Yes. So there's all both the fun of the admin, the backside business.

[00:33:16] Drew: Yes. Yeah. There's all that boring stuff in the background, which I sometimes don't wanna do, but I've just found someone else to do it. Right, right. 

[00:33:24] Kellee: Cuz as your business grows, you're able to outsource some of the things. As I look at it is they're, they're the tasks that aren't your perfect zone of genius.

[00:33:35] Kellee: Mm-hmm. Like you can grow your business more when you stay doing the things that drive your business and the bookkeeping and the, you know, the, the mundane organization. That's where it's really nice to have the support and that was the first place I sought out support as well. Yeah, definitely. So growing your business into the real thing, the real deal.

[00:33:56] Kellee: I mean, you're already making the income and now it's like [00:34:00] establishing that baseline and then seeing where it grows. I am big time rooting for you to do a composition course, , and even if it takes you a couple of years till you're ready to do it, because you've gotta figure out all the logistics. I get that, but anyone who's listening right now who's like Drew.

[00:34:18] Kellee: Do it. You've gotta come and just find him. What's your Instagram again? 

[00:34:23] Drew: It's just, it's just Drew Steinbrecher, 

[00:34:25] Kellee: we're gonna, um, write that in the show notes. Yeah. for, for Drew Steinbrecher, 

[00:34:31] Drew: it's a long, long German name. 

[00:34:34] Kellee: That's great. I love German. I love everything German, especially German food. . And then my German dogs. Anyhow, that's beside the, It is a harder name to spell. So go ahead and just go to the show notes and you can find him and then go tell him, drop in his direct messages, post on one of them and be like, go droop. We want the composition course because [00:35:00] oh my goodness, you are like a master at composition, which is why I keep saying, I know maybe like you hadn't thought of doing that before, but I know without a doubt, like it could be a lot of fun and playful, but you really have a gift there and I would love to see it.

[00:35:15] Kellee: So maybe when you're, when you've put aside all of the part-time jobs that you, you're now a full-time artist and full-time business going full force forward, you'll have that space to create that. It's okay if it takes time. Lots of ideas once you get going. I ha I actually had someone say that like, well now I, where am I not gonna just use up my ideas, I'm gonna run out of things.

[00:35:38] Kellee: I just taught everything I know in this one course and I'm like, come on, stop and, and think for just a minute. Those ideas are like, once it starts, you're like, it won't stop. I, 

[00:35:47] Drew: I would also love to do an image transfer course. On Gel plate because I get a lot of questions about that too. So that would, could be a, another smaller class that I'm sure people would be interested in.

[00:35:57] Kellee: We'll root for that for this year. Then . [00:36:00] Okay. . I wanna know how to do the image transfer as well, because it is such a skill. I've tried it so many times, I just, I can't seem to get it right. Like, I'm like, okay, not, that's not working again. That would be really fun. Okay. As far as business goals, that's really cool.

[00:36:19] Kellee: I love how that's going. It's all just unfolding beautifully for you and I'm excited about that. And there's still a lot of things to just figure out as you go, but I love to ask this question to everyone who's on my show. What is your big, audacious dream like now? If you're gonna like think big and it doesn't just have to be with your business, like if you could have anything or do anything. in your lifetime, what's the thing that you really wanna be able to do? 

[00:36:49] Drew: Um, I would love to live in the mountains at some point. It'd be really cool to have a, like a mountain house. in Colorado. [00:37:00] Probably in Colorado, yeah. Yes. Um, I'd love to spend my summers there because I don't like the hot and humid Midwest Summers , so I wouldn't be up in the mountains, um, during the summer.

[00:37:13] Drew: it'd be nice to, for, for the longest time I couldn't support, I wasn't necessarily the breadwinner. And now I, with, with all this success, now I can be, I can take more responsibility at financially. So I'm, that, that has been, I don't know if that's a dream come true, but that just has been really beneficial.

[00:37:35] Drew: Um, that 

[00:37:35] Kellee: was one of my big dreams too, in all honesty. Yeah. Yeah. The gratitude we have for having support from our partner for. Whole time to be able to give that back. Mm-hmm. , it's, it is a good feeling. 

[00:37:47] Drew: Yeah. Other than that, I, you know, like being a full-time artist, that, that's kind of already been realized, right?

[00:37:56] Drew: Yeah. Like, I, I had that goal and now I can [00:38:00] say that that's the case. So I've kind of already achieved one of those things, . 

[00:38:06] Kellee: So now you have to practice When you're at the parties, what do you do? I'm a full-time artist. . Right? I run my own business. 

[00:38:14] Drew: Yeah. And a lot of people, um, I don't know if you've been, you've encountered this.

[00:38:19] Drew: A lot of people don't know how to handle that. No, I don't. They don't know what to, oh, how 

[00:38:25] Kellee: cute. You have a hobby. Okay, sure. 

[00:38:30] Drew: Right. And I, and I don't wanna, I don't wanna like say, well, I've made this much last year, cuz that's weird. So I don't say that. So , yeah, let them go. Let it go. 

[00:38:41] Kellee: I guess, yeah, in time people will understand more and more what the potential is of having your own online business and it won't be as awkward, but there's still always a starving artist myth that we have to break through that barrier over and over again.

[00:38:56] Kellee: Yeah. Yeah. And you've done it and you're gonna keep doing it, and [00:39:00] I love it. It's so awesome. 

[00:39:02] Drew: Yeah. I think art artists deserve to make money. They 

[00:39:05] Kellee: do. Yeah. I mean, this is the narrative. We really have to help people by speaking about it, which is why I kind of like pushed you. I'm like, can we, can we talk about the fact that you doubled your.

[00:39:17] Kellee: Right and broke through the six figure barrier as an artist. Mm-hmm. , I wanted to talk about it on the podcast today because I really want people to know what's possible, and it's possible for anyone. It's not like it's limited to just a few select people. You just have to make up your mind to do it 

[00:39:34] Drew: right.

[00:39:34] Drew: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yep. Thank you. That was with, with all your help as well. Oh 

[00:39:40] Kellee: yes. Well, I think you were destined for it anyway, drew. But I'm glad that I got to be part of the journey. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast. 

[00:39:51] Drew: Yeah, thank you for asking me. Happy to share my story.

[00:39:55] Kellee: We'll do it again sometime soon. Yeah, . 

[00:39:58] Drew: Okay. Bye. [00:40:00] Bye. 

[00:40:00] Kellee: So what'd you think of that conversation? I just loved talking to Drew. I love being able to see how he's come full circle from where he was to where he is now and what's on the horizon for him. I especially love the aha moment of the money mindset, that it really is possible to make a full-time career.

[00:40:22] Kellee: Out of your creativity and watching him do that and succeed well beyond his expectations was really quite a joy for me. Uh, and just wanna see him continue to thrive. So I'm gonna invite you one more time to the Collage Maker's Summit while it's running at Early Bird Price for only $49. You have until February 26th to sign up for it.

[00:40:47] Kellee: We have links in. Show notes, so please just jump on over. Click click and you'll be right there. And don't forget to share this with your friends and, and those who you think [00:41:00] would be interested in listening to the podcast. We're trying to help get this growing. We want thousands of downloads for every episode because that's how we know we're gonna make the impact that we wanna make.

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[00:41:55] Kellee: I hope you have an amazing week. Do the very best that you [00:42:00] can and remember that you are made remarkable. Okay, love you. Bye.

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