Episode 45: Insider Tips on Marketing Your Business

Ep 45 In-Between, Insider Tips on Marketing Your Business

Welcome to another episode of the In-Between Series. These run alongside our regular Wednesday episodes where Kellee is speaking to some incredible guests about their own remarkable journey and the lessons learned along the way.

In this episode, Kellee is sharing what's going on behind the scenes in her business. Most recently, Kelle has been launching Deck of Dreams - a fun-filled, year-long, low-ticket offer that already has a brilliant community! Kelle shares how she was inspired to test something out by incentivizing the community to keep sharing the word. And it has turned out pretty fabulous!

We're still doing our Q & A portion this week, today we have Delight Rogers asking "How do you know whether to put your focus and energy into building your online business or in your own art community, or should both online and local business be given equal attention?"  Thank you for your question @Delightrogers_art

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We can't wait to hear from you and hope that you found today’s episode valuable.
These episodes will be published weekly every Monday and will be a reflection of the week past and Kellee's thoughts for the coming week.  We hope that you'll continue with us on this journey and find value in it.  

Remember that you are MADE REMARKABLE, just as you already are.

Deck of Dreams 365

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