Episode 36: Letting Go of Expectations

Made Remarkable Podcast Episode 36

Welcome back to this 'in-between' series. The mini-series that sits between the original Unfold with Kellee Wynne title and season 2 that will publish in January and where we'll see the podcast with a new title (to be revealed soon!) going in the same direction, but with more focus.

As we publish this episode,  Kellee will be 3 days in on her trek.  For those who have been following along from the start of Unfold with Kellee Wynne, you know that this was on Kellee's wish list for things to do before she turned 50 (for more, go back to the Prologues at the start of the podcast) so her being there on the Annapurna trail in Nepal IS A BIG DEAL.

Kellee already knew a trip like this would be one of enlightenment and growth.  She'd prepared for it, or at least thought she had.  In this week's episode, in the first days of her expedition with her tour group, Kellee finds herself confronting her own biases and it might give you pause to consider your own.  

These episodes will be published weekly every Monday and will be a reflection of the week past and Kellee's thoughts for the coming week.  We hope that you'll continue with us on this journey and find value in it.

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