Episode 112: Defining What Sustainable Success is in Your Creative Business with Trupti Karjinni

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"We can't use the same business 'tactics' that other industries would use because we are creative. We're expressive. We are very close-knit and everyone wears their heart on their sleeve and supports each other." - Kellee Wynne

This episode is an insight into how you can unapologetically manifest your creative identity in a business. This eye-opening and soul-moving conversation between Kellee and Trupti Karjinni will have you re-evaluating your business models, taking a deep breath of relief from some open and honest dialogue, and ready to take your next big step in your business journey. 

Trupti's journey into manifestation and back to her creativity (very similar to Kellee's path!) is a testimate to embracing our authentic selves, redefining what success means to each of us and our individual values, and appreciating the journey in each moment rather than focusing on unrealistic milestones. We are ditching the romanticizing of hustle cultures and taking a close look at some toxicity that can appear in coaching cultures. 

Trupti's approach to manifestation lies in embracing messy humanity and understanding that it's not about fitting into norms, but creating a life that resonates with who you truly are. Trupti and Kellee candidly share their experiences with burnout, emphasizing the need for personal boundaries, self-care, and strategic pivots in business.

This episode is an excellent representation of the level of mentoring and support that Kellee expects from herself in her Build It Remarkable program, guiding others to embrace their own narrative and empowering creatives and artists, just like you, to build a sustainable, remarkable creative business. 

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