Episode 110: The Power of Vulnerability in a Creative Business with Jackie Schomburg

Episode 110 The Power of Vulnerability in a Creative Business with Jackie Schomburg (1)


"It takes a lot of bravery to show up as yourself." — Jackie Schomburg

Kellee is overjoyed to introduce all of you to Jackie Schomburg, a workshop leader whose passion in life is helping others get unstuck from various aspects of their lives, create authentic art, and allow people to get out of their own ways. Jackie transitioned from the corporate world when she could feel herself falling victim to the hustle and stress of the corporate world until she was able to break free and pursue her passion of approaching a business that supports vulnerability and showing up as yourself. 

With the pandemic causing many to reevaluate their contributions to the world, Jackie shares the importance of embracing authenticity and vulnerability as an artist. She encourages embracing your true self and values, rather than pretending to be something better, and emphasizes the positive impact of art on people's lives.

In online businesses today, social media plays a vital role in building our creative pursuits, which brought Jackie into the Build It Remarkable program and she has come away with a new comprehension of how to market herself to her audience without feeling sleazy or salesy. She has been leaning into showing up more as herself, embracing building her list, and marketing herself knowing that she has a brilliant gift to offer to others.

If you're inspired to connect with Jackie and join her transformative art workshops, find her on Instagram and YouTube to let go of negative self-talk and get inspired by this wonderful woman!  

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About Jackie Schomburg: 

Jackie Schomburg is a self-taught abstract mixed media artist, and teacher, living with her husband and three young children in the Chicago suburbs. Her current abstract paintings are focused on identity and the tension between freedom and the need to belong. In addition to exploring this in her own art, Jackie also teaches workshops blending art making and journaling.

Jackie’s Brave Art & Creative Wellness workshops focus on the process of making art, rather than the finished product itself. Participating artists learn to use mark-making, collage, or grid journals to slow down, de-stress, and stay present in the moment. This process is a highly effective self-care tool that can help calm anxiety, promote positive mental health, boost self-confidence, encourage self-expression, unblock creativity, and help process trauma in a safe space. No artistic experience is necessary.

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