Episode 101: Avoiding Overwhelm and Burnout in Your Creative Business by Staying True to Your Calling with Lindsey Epperly

Made Remarkable Ep 101 Lindsey Epperly


"Let's take that dream in the back of your head and turn it into a reality."— Lindsey Epperly

Next up on the Made Remarkable podcast, Kellee is so excited to talk to Lindsey Epperly, a passionate and creative entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to changing the travel advisory industry. Fueled by her own creativity, she is determined to revolutionize the traditional transactional approach to travel advising. Lindsey believes that travel advising is a right-brained, relationship-driven activity that involves turning her clients' dreams into a reality by creating unique itineraries and fostering relationships not only between herself and her clients but also between her clients and the people they will meet during their travels.

It's no secret that launching and growing a business can be equal parts thrilling and terrifying. This conversation between Lindsey and Kellee an honest and open conversation that highlights the stunning dreams entrepreneurship can bring to life -  a journey of growth, overcoming impostor syndrome, and learning to surrender control for sustainable expansion. Tune in and check out how as creatives, we can face fears, overcome barriers, and embark on a journey of personal growth and impactful connections within our industry. It doesn't have to be a journey you take alone! Seeking support from coaches and mentors, or from peers or team members, can provide invaluable perspective and encouragement during challenging times in business.

So, let us all remember that failure and setbacks are not the end of your entrepreneurial journey; rather, they serve as stepping stones in a bright path to success. Let's embrace the remarkable potential within us and make 2024 a year of boundless achievement. 💫

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