Episode 98: Online Trends for Creator Businesses for 2024

MR Podcast Ep. 98 Online Trends for Creator Businesses for 2024

I promised a part two for pitching my predictions for 2024, and this week I am very excited to share some ideas about where I see online business going specifically for those of you who are creating products, sharing services, building courses, and creating content! 

If you could start your workday, every day, and enjoy every minute of what you do. What would you be doing?

I want to give you an insider look at not only the trends but how I'm building my business in 2024 because I love building my business, I love standing beside others as they build their business and sharing my experiences and knowledge through my podcast is my favorite medium. Of course, there are going to be hard weeks, but at the end of the day, I am passionate and truly devoted to my work. I think you're going to love this episode. You're going to want to hear to the end as I reveal a lot of the inside workings of Build It Remarkable and the programs that I've been developing for the last couple of years

Let's unpack the 8 takeaways that are your roadmaps to bringing your business to the next level in 2024:

#1 Shorter. This is going to be a theme we see happening all over social media, but we'll start seeing it more in course delivery and products! Micro, nano, simple, short! 

#2 Accountability. By bringing in more co-working opportunities and having your students work together as a community or bringing them together in a workshop, they not only are gaining information from you they are also teaching and learning from each other while networking with others who have similar passions.

#3 Hybrid offers. How do we create not only online resources, but something that can pair beautifully with an in-person component, printable workbooks, or combining an audio series with a printable e-book? How do you bring a live or unique element into your course that brings it to the next level?

#4 Mobile learning. Optimize you're business by using a platform that people can learn, use, purchase, and share on the go! I use Simplero and it is the best all-in-one platform that I have ever worked on, check it out here

#5 Personalized experiences. One size doesn't fit all, creating something unique that people can't stop talking about is our end goal. That means thinking outside of the box and putting ourselves into the customer experience.

#6 Artificial intelligence. The doors are open, the AI is all around us, so we might as well dive in and start learning more about it! I find it can be incredibly useful and interesting! 

#7 Quick digital offers. Ebooks, templates, printables. If you have some of those types of digital content, these are the beautiful little juicy bits that are great for adding to the cycle of things that you're creating.

#8 Customer care. I've said this before in my training, customer care is a form of marketing and is one of the most essential things that we do in our business.

Stepping into 2024, the art of customer care and community building remains at the heart of what I do. 😊 I invite you to engage with me on Instagram and share your thoughts on the episode. Your reviews on Apple or Spotify mean the world to me as we climb higher in rankings and reach more like-minded individuals. Build It Remarkable is coming soon, get on the waitlist and you'll be first to know when the doors are opening back up this might just be the kick-in-the-pants you've been waiting for in your business!

As we part ways, ponder over this: 2024 is not just a year; it's an opportunity for all of us to build remarkable businesses, bond over creativity, and support each other's dreams. 🚀

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