Online Trends for Creator Businesses for 2024

[00:00:00] Kellee Wynne: Well, hello. Hello. I'm Kelly Wynn, artist, author, mentor, fiercely independent mother and wife, and the founder of a multiple six figure creative business. And I love my life, but I've been where you're at. I was slogging away at this art business thing for more than a decade. Once I finally connected with my true calling, unlock the magic of marketing and built a system that could scale, while I realize I can make an impact and make a substantial income, I'm finally running a business that I love and it makes all the.

[00:00:33] Difference in the world. My biggest dream is to help you do the same. Let this podcast be the catalyst to your biggest success. You already have it in you because you are made remarkable. Well, hey, I am back with you again for a solo episode this week. I told you there'd be a part two from two weeks ago when I was pitching you my predictions for social media for this year, and I know we're already in March, but let me tell you, I have some ideas that I want to share with you about where I see online business going specifically for those who are creating content or courses.

[00:01:16] Programs designing something unique and special want to give you an insider look at not only the trends, but how I'm building my business in 2024. I think you're going to love this episode. You're going to want to hear all the way to the end as I reveal a lot of the inside workings of build it remarkable and my programs that I've been developing for the last couple of years and.

[00:01:40] I'm just excited to have you along for the ride. I keep getting amazing messages from people who are really resonating with the podcast. If that's you, please pop in and say hi @kelleewynnestudios. That's my Instagram. Or even better, Totally would help me is if you would leave a review, especially if it's a five star on Apple or Spotify So I start ranking higher.

[00:02:03] I want more people to be able to find the Made Remarkable podcast and more Creatives knowing that they are Made Remarkable and that they already have it in them to build the creative business of their dreams I'm here to help you build something Remarkable online with your creativity as an artist as a maker As a writer, as a dreamer, as a connector, that's my passion, and I love working with artists.

[00:02:34] I love working with the Remarkable League. I loved working with Build It Remarkable last fall, and I have to tell you. I heard the other day someone talking on a podcast. I listen to a lot of podcasts. If you haven't figured that out already, like, I love this medium. That's why I do this medium, but they were saying, it's like, what would you do forever for the rest of your life, even if you didn't get paid for it.

[00:02:58] And that's really like the dream is to be able to do that job. And sometimes we don't know what it is right away, but I can tell you. I love art. I would make art. In fact, I prefer to make art when I'm not getting paid for it. But what would I do without question? Honestly, it's the coaching. It's the getting online and connecting in that energy with other people and helping them see their dreams come alive.

[00:03:26] You see every week for the last two years, I've been meeting with creatives and artists who are building amazing businesses, people that, you know, like Cat rains and Drew Steinbrecher and Roben-Marie Smith. These artists are just the most amazing people and the fact that I get to spend time with them every week and see like this mesh of ideas and realization and success coming together it just brings me so much joy and I just want to let you know that I plan on continuing this path and helping and serving as many people as I can at different Levels or different ways or modalities to include small little bite size offers my signature course, build it remarkable, which is an 8 week accelerator, but it's paired with 10 months of support.

[00:04:24] So you get a whole year or more high touch, which is the remarkable league where we meet every week and smaller groups where the people who are in the remarkable league actually get my eyes on their business feedback and this really amazing tight knit community that that's supportive. Like I can not even describe how amazing it is, but I hope.

[00:04:48] I really do hope that you will discover it for yourself as you get more involved in the business that I've been creating and the way that I've been serving others and you take a chance on learning from me and being part of my community. Hopefully today I'll be able to put a spark, an idea in your mind about what's possible and what maybe you might need to change if you're already Building a business, if you already have courses, programs, if you're a coach, if you do workshops, whatever it is that you do to create your business, this is going to be a good insight on how you can do things a little different from the norm.

[00:05:28] What I see is we look at what the trends are, what the commonality is, what is everybody else doing in the industry, how did they make their course, how do they make that workshop, you know, whether it's. It's art or it's writing or it's how to do the tech for your creative business. Everyone seems to do very similar things, which is create a course and make an offer, right?

[00:05:54] We prerecorded all of that, but I think it's time to shift how we look at building our business online.

[00:06:02] And these are the 8 things, just like last time when I met with you, there were 8 things that I gave you as predictions for social media. These are the 8 creator trends that I see for 2024, really focusing in on online businesses and how we connect with our customer.

[00:06:18] And what I really hope is that you take away from this. Opening up a whole lot of possibilities. How are you going to put these ideas together? How are you going to change up what you're doing? Maybe think outside of the box. I'm really all for thinking outside of the box and coming up with a new way to do business.

[00:06:36] Whether it's online or other words, I really want you to do something that's unique to you. Now, here's some ideas based off of upcoming trends and what we're seeing shift in the industry. Number one, shorter. Shorter is the theme. We see that happening on social media. We see that Micro content, short form video, quick little snippets, and though there's always a place for long form content, like listening to a podcast or reading a book, sometimes when it comes to learning, there's just so much our brains can take at one time, and yet, for some reason, we're still making these hour long videos as if the time in our course is makes it more valuable.

[00:07:21] But the truth of the matter is, is when we're creating content, the time that it takes to, to teach something isn't where the value is. It's how can you get to that point so that the retention is there and your customer is absorbing what it is that you're teaching them. And that means longer isn't always better.

[00:07:42] How could you bring in this idea of short form content into your learning, especially if you're teaching how to with tech or coaching mindset? Or helping with a business, these kinds of things, I think even teaching art or teaching a technique could be done in a much shorter amount of time. So instead of saying, hey, customer, let's hunker down for a 90 minute video, let's.

[00:08:12] See what we can do to give bite sized pieces that they can go and run off with that idea and Implement it immediately because the faster you can get your customer to take action and the goals that they have the more likely they are to succeed in the more likely that means that you're going to be recommended to more people because you've Shown that you can help people succeed at what it is that they want to do so how can we do shorter courses shorter training and Even shorter launches, meaning instead of like these big long drawn out marketing schemes, how can we just compress time, get to the point and make a bigger impact with what I've heard called nano learning?

[00:08:56] I was thinking how interesting would it be if you could create in kind of this Reels fashion or TikTok fashion. I'm not saying that we want it all to be just like click baity or, like this quick hook and then moving on. I'm just saying, like, is there a way that you could create? Three minute learning that they can swipe through and learn how, you know, maybe how to get something done like behind the scenes, a screen recording of how you do something in Canva and really think outside the box.

[00:09:32] What is it that your purpose is with your business? And how could you teach it in a much smaller, shorter time frame? So the number one trend that I see happening is that even our. Courses are training or coaching or our content are whatever it is that we're putting out there for our customer to grasp, even if you're selling products, reaching them with small micro bite size learning and awareness and transformations is going to be a big shift coming up in the future of.

[00:10:07] What we do for online business. The second big trend, which I actually got a lot of feedback from a Build It Remarkable group, because the very first time that I ran it on a larger scale was this fall. As you know, I've been doing these group coaching programs for the last couple of years with the Remarkable League, but with Build It Remarkable, we have a larger group, which means I don't have as much hands on for each and every Client that's in the program,

[00:10:35] but what I do have is an ability to see what their needs are and organize them as a community. And what they've asked moving forward is more accountability and more co working more opportunities for them to work together as a community. I know that within the remarkable league, this has been 1 of the biggest benefits that we've had is working with each other and getting to know each other.

[00:10:58] So intimately that you have friends that you can call on. You're no longer. Working alone. You have other people who know you, know your business, that you can message anytime, have a chat. What I'd really like to do, and what I see happening more and more is

[00:11:14] Those who have online businesses creating more accountability for their customer, creating more kind of coworking situations, or even co creating for those who are, you know, teaching art or teaching some sort of hand, hands on skill, having a co creating space where people can get together. And they're making and asking questions and supporting each other.

[00:11:39] It's going to make a huge difference in how your education is delivered in the future. The kind of business that you create where you can create a community of people who can rely on each other. I think it's going to be the number one make or break of you continuing your success because if there's one thing someone will come back to time and time again, over and over again, it's community.

[00:12:03] It's a sense of belonging, a sense of having their own place in this world. So if you're not creating that with your offer, I think you're missing a huge opportunity for You're not only your customer, but your own personal growth, because when you see community come together, and you're part of that, and you're leading that, there's just something about it that, I mean, honestly, changes who you are as a person, because it's no longer about you and what you created, but rather what you created for other people to experience.

[00:12:37] And that, to me, is one of the Best parts about running an online business. So number three on our creator trends of 2024 is hybrid offers. And this to me is very fascinating. It's like, how do we create not just like, here's your online resources, but how do we create something that could be even possibly, done either in tandem with zoom calls or in person events, say you've created yourself. 

[00:13:07] Let's say you've created some beautiful workshop where everyone comes together in person, but in order to be prepared for that event, there's some pre work that needs to happen. So you have videos ahead of time, or you have a workbook, or maybe you have an audio series before they actually arrive, or maybe you've created this online, gorgeous online program, but it's culmination happens with an in person event.

[00:13:32] How can you create something hybrid? And if you don't have the ability to. Make a in person event, like physical location. How could you do that through the power of zoom and video where people actually have a chance to see faces, get to know each other and connect more deeply. I love hybrid offers. And honestly, I feel like without some sort of live element in a program, it's missing.

[00:14:00] The energy that it needs, whether it's an online live event or in person live event. This is something that makes a difference in the connection goes back to number two, accountability, co working, and having an ability to connect with your community. So number four that's really important on our Creator Trends of 2024 is mobile learning.

[00:14:24] If you have not optimized what you're doing for being able to learn on the go, and this kind of goes hand in hand with shorter nano learning, but I hope that you're using a platform that people can learn. Use, purchase, buy on the go, and that it's been optimized. That includes, selling your products, selling your prints, selling your designs, whatever it is that you've created since you're an online business.

[00:14:52] That you've made it so that it is completely mobile optimized and easy to navigate for the person who's on the go. We're finding more and more people are just really using their phones or maybe tablets for everything and a lot less likely to be online. Now, I know that this is true because sometimes I'm ordering groceries from, you know, the comfort of my covers in bed and, and mobile.

[00:15:17] Device and how I use them is more and more. Everything can be done from my phone. So if it's for me, if I'm using it, and if you're using it, then I imagine your customers are using, on the go learning, especially and that's where the nano learning comes in handy, because if you can deliver them like a 2 or 3 minute video that gives them what they need for the week.

[00:15:39] Can you imagine how much that could change how they're connected with you and connected with the program that you've created? So mobile learning. Is really important. I'm just mobile optimization. So making sure that whatever site you're using to host either your content or your sales is optimized ideally for, being able to be used by those on the go, and that means your sales page, your landing pages, and there's ways for you to be able to adjust all of that. Just check with the learning resources for the sites that you're using.

[00:16:17] Number five in our list today is personalized experiences, which means that one size doesn't just fit all, that creating just one thing and hoping that it resonates with everyone isn't exactly our most ideal goal. Option, certainly there's a place for everybody loves jelly plate printing. So create some jelly plate print lessons, but if we really want to stay ahead of the curve.

[00:16:47] And create something that's unique and, you know, people can't stop talking about that's where we need to think outside of the box with personalized and more experiential type learning and or buying and or just. In general, maybe it's the experience itself that they're looking to have. For example, I know that now we have a lot of influencers slash online creators that are partnering up with travel companies to create in person events in far off destinations.

[00:17:25] We have other kinds of experiences of gathering together in groups for, coaching. Slash mentorship slash whatever it is like that, that upward growth, that up leveling experience, but experiences can go even deeper than that. How are you treating your customer when they've decided to work with you or purchase from you?

[00:17:49] Is there a handwritten letter inside the gift as they get it? Did you create a welcoming package for them? Did you make tailor made art supplies just for the horse that you put together? These are the kinds of things that will help you push outside the norms and really think outside the box when we're when we're creating our online offers.

[00:18:14] I was really thinking about how we can personalize it, and even something as simple as what Robin Marie Smith did when she launched her program for the very first time, her Roben's Nest, she sent personalized videos to each person as they were joining. And that may seem like a lot of work. And when you're like, oh my goodness, when I have 400 people join my program, how am I supposed to do that?

[00:18:37] That's where you need assistance. If you go back to some of my previous episodes last year, where I'm like, why you're in over your head and why you're not able to grow your businesses because you actually do need help. So if you're going to take the time to make these personalized voice memos or videos, then that means someone else is answering your emails for you or doing your accounting or even cleaning your house.

[00:18:59] So that you can do the one thing that's the most important thing that you can do, which is create a personalized tailored experience for your customer. Okay, moving on to number 6, which I don't know how you're going to feel about this, but I'm really excited about AI. Artificial intelligence to me is a load of fun and I'm going to just enjoy the ride while I can until it takes over the world.

[00:19:23] As I've said before, man. I will say please and thank you. I'm very polite to my chat GPT because at one point if he's ever sentient, I want him to know that I was kind to him from the beginning. So maybe he'll give me a little bit of grace. I'm sorry if that's not funny to you, but I just, I'm like, we're in it now.

[00:19:41] It's like, we can't undo the fact that we have cars. We're not going to ever undo the fact that we have. Computers and we're not going to undo the fact that there is AI and it's here to stay. It's in everything and it is so incredibly useful. And when it comes to how we're using it for, you know, our, our online businesses for our.

[00:20:02] Courses and content, how can you think differently about creating it and engineering it so that you can be helping your clients or your customers? One thing that it's capable of doing is giving you feedback when you learn how to give it the right kind of prompts. So if you're really good at using AI, you can include with your course, a list of prompts that your customer can use with.

[00:20:33] AI to get the kinds of results that you know, are going to work for him, but you have to be, if you're really good at AI and you already know these things, then you're ahead of the game. If you're not, I say, start playing now, because honestly, it's like many other things, you just have to do it and practice it and play around with it until it makes sense until you start getting the results that you want.

[00:20:56] Just kind of like painting, kind of like throwing the pottery. How many times do you have to it. Throw the slab down and learn how to center it before you can actually pull up the sides and make a pot. It's the same thing with any other new tool, but with AI, it's the same thing. What happens if I do this?

[00:21:15] What happens if I put this in? Can I engineer it? And that's what they say, it's a prompt engineer. How can I engineer it so it's giving me the feedback that I want? Whether it's what are the kinds of. Questions I need to ask my customer, what kind of outline should I create for this course?

[00:21:34] And maybe if there's certain kinds of prompts that you use regularly, those are the kinds of things that you can actually pass on as a valuable. Inside part of your program courses, whatever it is that you're creating that will be very helpful for. Standing out from the crowd and on that note of creating some AI prompt engineering or using it in your business, another big trend when you want to switch gears from having everything be so personal and intimate, and you just want to be able to I'm going to create quick wins.

[00:22:12] Another thing that's still really growing are quick digital offers. Things like ebooks, templates, printables. Many courses that are just like get in, get out. This is how you do something and move on. So, opposite of creating community. Opposite of creating some big signature course. Something that's Really like intense and takes a lot of time is something that's quick digital offers So if you have something that's really helpful like a how to Step by step that can just be written in an e book or maybe a template that's like, okay This is my workflow when I use Trello or here's a list of email Sequences for you to build out your next funnel.

[00:23:01] If you have some of those kinds of digital content, these are the, the beautiful little juicy bits that are great for adding into your cycle of things that you're creating.

[00:23:11] And when I say cycle, I mean, like. It's not for forgoing the bigger things. It's just an add in. It's a good small ticket offer or an easy way to get discovered or having like a suite of offers like that, that, people can pick and choose from. I would consider that kind of one offer with many different options and it's a really easy way to just kind of keep fueling your business and giving your customers exactly what they need.

[00:23:40] In fact, you could build an entire business off of just having templates and printables, even printable art. These are all really very viable ways of building your business as you move forward. And finally, number eight in our creator trends is an oldie but goodie.

[00:23:59] In fact, one of the oldest and wisest is still listed in this as things that are important moving forward in 2024 and that's customer care. And it's, honestly, I, I've said this before in my training is customer care is a form of marketing. And I don't know if you've realized this, but Apple, you know, big Apple iPhone, they spend more money on making sure their customers are happy than they are trying to acquire new customers because when you spend time caring for the customers, you already have, they're more likely to stay with you for the long haul.

[00:24:37] So customer care is really 1 of the most essential things that we do in our business. So follow ups, referrals, asking where they are in their business, what you can do to serve them more, making sure that they've, gotten the information they need from the course that you provided. If you're creating. coaching or other kinds of digital products. It's following up and making sure that it's delivered right. Even a painting, if you've sent a painting to somebody's house, following up and saying, how did that work for you? Do you need any help with making a decision on framing? So if we're running online businesses, that means that we have a lot of customers to care for, but customer care really is.

[00:25:18] An important piece of our marketing, so rethink what happens after the purchase has been made. Start spending more time caring for the people who are already there, rather than focusing on the people you haven't quite acquired yet as a customer. And since you're all listening, I'm going to say you guys are my customers.

[00:25:36] So the more that I can spend time providing something of value to you and connecting with you and. Answering your DMs personally and responding to your comments on my social media and when you have a question after you've already been part of a program with me, I don't take it lightly. Even if it's been 5.

[00:25:54] Or more years. In fact, I have people who have joined Build It Remarkable and the Remarkable League that joined me when I was first starting out with my very first program in 2018 teaching art. So our customers, if we treat them right, are with us for life, you know? They move with you as you evolve, they evolve as well.

[00:26:15] And I think this is just a, it's a standard age old wisdom is to care for the people. Who have already put their faith in you. All right. So where does this leave us with where Kellywin Studios and the whole Made Remarkable thing is moving forward? I thought you would probably appreciate hearing some of the things that have been spinning around in my mind as I reintroduce Build It Remarkable and the Remarkable League this year.

[00:26:44] And just to Clarify again, build it remarkable is like the signature program, a good entry level point. It's all the training. And then, it's a year long program with 8 weeks of intensive right up up front. It's a good starting point or even middle point. If you're not looking for. More intimate coaching, small group experience.

[00:27:07] And if you are looking for small group experience, that's the Remarkable League. Both of them are the exact same instructions, same coach. That's me helping you build your Remarkable Online Creative Business. And. What I am looking at doing this year, besides the fact that I'm so excited to be taking this to the next level and inviting more people into my programs and making them bigger and better than ever, I'm looking at making them different, thinking outside of the box and how can I serve you more uniquely than your standard big B school type of a program or some of those big name, marketing programs where I'm different is I understand the creative because I am a creative. I am an artist and I have done the thing that you are looking to do, which is build a business from the thing that lights your soul up. And so how can I do it and do it different from everyone else out there in this world. Besides the fact that my training is more succinct for where you're at and where you need to go. I'm also going to apply some of these ideas that I talked about today. So let me tell you a few of the things that I'm working on and maybe some of these ideas will spark you and how you're going to be building your business as well.

[00:28:29] So, first and foremost, I am including more audio only or audio paired with workbooks.

[00:28:36] I think we're at a time now we don't need to be in front of a screen and even though I love the idea of really short form bite sized videos, which I definitely want to create more of, I think the best way to learn a little more Deeply is to have an audio slash workbook experience. So if you want to listen on the go, while you're driving, while you're exercising, while you're, cleaning the house while you're painting, you can listen and not have to worry about looking at the screen.

[00:29:10] And that's really for me, upping the, experience for my customers so that they're able to To get the information they need without having to be in front of a screen and that's really something I'm very excited about. Obviously, you know, I like to talk. That's why I have a podcast, but to go deeper into the psychology of building a business and understanding marketing and understanding how to make decisions for yourself.

[00:29:37] There's a lot that I can do just speaking to you and having workbooks for you to work through it. Of course, for those who might have. Some learning differences. and maybe hard of hearing. I always have transcripts for everything, so that makes it better. There's a different modality for everyone who learns in different ways.

[00:29:59] And as far as short form video goes, I do intend to create some short form video, but in order for that to work, I need the right kind of community. Program in order for that to happen. So I'm still investigating whether I stay with Facebook for a community or I use the system that I love the most, which is Simplero, and that's where everything I do business is online, including my email systems, my funnels, my landing pages, my websites, my courses, my coaching, my calendar.

[00:30:30] Everything is in one place with Simplero. They are not officially sponsoring me, but I am supported by Simplero in the fact that I do have an affiliate link. So if you want to learn more about Simplero, you can check that out in our show notes with a direct link right to learning more about Simplero using my affiliate.

[00:30:49] And I would love to encourage you to check it out because if you're building a business and you don't want to have to pay for like 10 different things, you've got one place, but they're building this Gorgeous new community and I'm really hoping that it rolls out in time for Build It Remarkable when I launch in June.

[00:31:07] Because the community is supposed to be the best of Mighty Networks, Facebook, Circle, you name it, all the different options there are online all put into one, including an option to be able to put customized videos. Cute up for each customer, which I think is one of the most amazing things. They must have been listening to this trends list.

[00:31:30] So that personalized accountability, small, I feel like I can do that. And if it doesn't happen this year, I'm sure by 2025, it'll all be in place. Like I said, Simplero is just an all in one, amazing, encompassing place to do business. It's mobile friendly. There's an app for it. You can watch the videos on the go.

[00:31:52] So everything that I need to do to make my program work flawlessly, and to implement all these things that I discussed about how to build my course, about how to build my coaching programs. I can do that with inside Simplero. So it's really important because I believe that the eight things that I listed for you today are really important, but I have to be able to implement them in order for that to succeed.

[00:32:20] So this is something for you to consider as well. You have a great. Fantastic idea. I'm sure there's software out there that connects you to being able to do what it is that you want to do. Another thing that's really important to me is that community aspect. And so 1 thing that we got feedback from when we ran build it remarkable in the fall was how helpful a. Quote unquote homework session would be so I don't want you to think that like homework and get you all queasy over those school years. But when we're going through a program, we're learning something new. It's so nice to be able to work through ideas and questions and come to answers with other.

[00:33:04] People, especially going those who are going through the program. So we're going to have study hall. We're going to have some accountability and coworking sessions so that even if I'm not there to guide you through each and every step as you're making a decision and a bigger program, like, build it remarkable.

[00:33:21] You would have, each other to be able to say, hey, what did she mean by this? And what are you doing? What is your power purpose? And who are you working on as your niche and and how are you going to serve? And when are you going to launch? And these are the kinds of questions that when you have community and you can come together.

[00:33:39] You've got that brain power of a lot of amazing people to help you stay accountable and keep on course. The other thing that I am working on, and I've been working on training chat GPT for a while now, is AI assisted decision making. Because if there's one place that I find my customers get hung up on, it's deciding.

[00:34:02] And honestly, that's me too. I get hung up on deciding as well. And sometimes it's like we can't see the trees through the forest, right? We have so many ideas. We are visionaries. We want to do all the things. We want to be able to make the art, and sell the art, and sell the product, and make the t shirt, and write the book, and make the course, and do the travel.

[00:34:23] And then we exhaust ourselves. And you've heard me talk about this. It's the quickest way to burn out your business is to try to do too many things. So if you can focus in and figure out what you're really good at, where your prism is, you're going to be able to figure out which way to move forward.

[00:34:38] So what do I mean by prism? It's something that I use within my programs to be able to design your business and your marketing system based off of who you are, all the different facets of yourself. And sometimes We think that a business has to be, I can only do this or I can only do this. And when Kelly says I have to pick a niche, that means I have to leave a part of myself behind.

[00:35:00] But what I really want is for you to take all the different parts of yourself and design a business that really lights you up without having to leave anything behind. And so when we're moving forward through making those decisions, we need help. And I'm not always there to answer everybody's questions and help them make their decisions.

[00:35:20] So. What would happen if there were just the right prompts that you can enter into AI or chat GPT and start getting some feedback and see ideas that might or might not work for you. I've been playing around with this idea myself. We have a part of the program called Creative Core Mapping that if there's a way that I can engineer AI to help you with that, I think it's going to really revolutionize the process in which you can make decisions and start getting going on your business and not having to wait another minute because the last thing you want is to start with a program like this and still be trying to figure things out a couple months later, which honestly is very normal, but if there's a way to like, Push it forward to make decisions faster to get clarity faster than I would love to be able to find the right kinds of prompts to give to my customers using chat GPT to get that kind of clarity.

[00:36:20] So, you know, I love in person events, and though it's not always possible for everyone to be able to travel, it's been my goal to try to create some sort of hybrid offers as we move forward. Right now, as you may have heard, Alice Sheridan and I have a really special event happening in the UK, and if you're hearing this past the date of May 1st, then, I think you should still go and take a look at what Soul Made is, and this is one answer to creating events in person that people connect, can feel the energy, and gather together.

[00:36:58] But the other thing that I'm working on with Build It Remarkable is to have Build It Live, which we did a version of that in the fall with the Remarkable League. And Annapolis and oh my goodness is Annapolis is so gorgeous in the fall and we had such a great time connecting. It was like we all knew each other so well and we were able to come together and so I want to kind of open that up a little bit more.

[00:37:24] You'll see in October those who have joined Build It Remarkable will have the opportunity to attend online live for free or for a small ticket price to come in person so that we can actually gather together which is It's really been one of my biggest dreams, putting together these kinds of hybrid events.

[00:37:44] Are really important for me and my business, even if they're not money makers, my reasoning for doing this is because I really will never have the experience being able to know where you are. With your business and what your needs are. If I don't get to meet you in person from time to time, this is the same thing I want you to think about as you're creating your offer.

[00:38:05] If you don't get a chance to actually talk to people and meet with people and see where they're really at, how are you going to know how to guide them better year after year after year? So what I learned last fall when the remarkable league met in Annapolis is definitely informed me on where we need to move in 2024 and with our Build it remarkable and build it live, which I'm so excited about.

[00:38:29] So these are some of the things I'm working on. I know that I would like to have more resources for quick access. If I'm not the one who's giving you the answer, it would be really nice if there was a list for you to find that information easily.

[00:38:41] Especially for the things that I don't teach, like how to use Canva or how to set up your email list and segment it with your specific software that you're using or how to create the right thumbnails for YouTube. Like I have ideas behind that, but that's not what I teach. I teach the marketing and sales and the strategy behind your business, which is so essential.

[00:39:06] People think that building a business is all about knowing how to create, you know, A reel, which is important because that's part of marketing and communication. But what's really important is your messaging and that's the part that I love. That communication is what I teach. That strategy is what I teach.

[00:39:24] But I feel like an important aspect of how to create videos, how to get your lighting set up right, how to edit, all those kinds of things. If I'm not teaching those, I still want a good resource for my customers to know where to look, things that I have. Used people that I have, learned from, for example, how to run Facebook ads or how to use Pinterest.

[00:39:51] I have specific people that I've already been following and learning from that I would love to be able to share more of those resources within My programs and with help so definitely be listening for that in the future as I dive more deeply into the resources that have helped me build my business as I've been doing this for over a decade now and I would love to share more of that with you.

[00:40:17] So I'm going to add one more bonus on my ideas, and this is something that's just been a fantasy for mine for, like, probably three years now, is an idea of creating an actual online retreat. So not a workshop, not just a training and learning. But literally encouraging those who do not have the ability to travel to far off destinations like the UK or Mexico or wherever else I'm going to be hosting things in the future, but want that kind of intimate experience.

[00:40:51] To create an online retreat where maybe a, a gift box comes and you set aside time, take time off work. You can dive deeper into the things that you're working on and get the feedback that you want. And I feel like that's kind of a fun idea and a good way to get work done in a short amount of time.

[00:41:12] Can you imagine if you're like, okay, I'm just taking these 4 days. Husband, kids, parents, family, whomever it is that you live with take over the cooking and cleaning. I'm not. Able to be disturbed at this moment, because I am deep in in my visionary phase, my dreaming planning my big audacious dreams. I'm coming together with another group of amazing people online and we're going to have this really cool intimate experience, but we're going to do it online.

[00:41:42] So that. More people can attend and more people can connect. And then how can you apply that to your business or create something new and and take your offerings to the next level so that they're a no brainer that people are just so excited for they just. Can't resist the things you're putting together because it's not like what everyone else is doing.

[00:42:04] I want to give you one final Amazing tip. This is something that I have been implementing in the remarkable league and builder remarkable for the last year now which is Do a trial run. Before you put it all together and record all those videos and create all the assets and do all the digital stuff, why not do a test run, a beta run, which is exactly what I did in the fall.

[00:42:29] Gather a small group of people, run your ideas through them, see where the gaps are, where the holes are, what you need to fill in. Maybe you're going to find out you don't like what you're doing, and then you've already spent all your time creating this really long, complex course, or program, or offer, whatever it is that you've put together online, and you'll be like, oh, crap, I'm already cost sunk.

[00:42:54] Of having done all of this work, so now I'm in it and I honestly, I feel like I've done that before with some of the courses that I've made instead of taking the time to test out the ideas and work through all of it. I just put it together and realized it needed to either be reworked or scrapped all together.

[00:43:11] And what's happening with, like Delight and Brook, they've run their programs as a beta program. They're getting the feedback that they need. They're getting the testimonials that they need. They know what needs to be added, what needs to be removed. And they're creating completely unique programs because of it.

[00:43:28] And I love this because They wouldn't have known otherwise. For example, Delight Rogers, who, she's been on the podcast before, and, and she's just built her business up from scratch this year, working with me and the Remarkable League. She ran her program, Personal Portraits Live, and she loved doing it live so much, and she realized there was such an amazing connection that she's running it live again, even as Her regular program, and these are the things we only know by testing so test your ideas first Don't go to all that work to build something and then have to strip it all down and build it again test You're just getting started.

[00:44:14] You're gonna know better when you get that kind of feedback when you have a wild idea Test it out. Don't it doesn't have to be something that you're like committed to and beholden to for Ever it's just for now, as you're building your business, as you're making shifts in your business, as you're aligning your business, the way you want it to be as you're growing and make sure that it makes sense to you, that it makes sense to what the spirit of your business is.

[00:44:41] So that you can continue to thrive on it and enjoy it. I hope this has been a fun lesson for you, giving you a lot of insights. I'm shifting up how I'm doing the podcast this year because I want you to see more intimately how to build a business, give you some more really good concrete ideas of what you can do as you're working towards your big audacious dreams.

[00:45:05] I know I have a bunch. I have a bunch to be able to connect with all of you. I have a dream that the podcast will have millions of downloads, that I'll be able to connect with all of you, that you'll come and join me on my email list. Just go to maderemarkable. com slash 100 and then you can get my amazing PDF that used to be called 100 ways to make money as an artist without selling your art.

[00:45:29] But since Instagram and Facebook didn't really like that title and kept shutting it down, I have now since changed it to 100 ways to build your creative business today. It's the same information. I'm giving you 100 ideas and you can apply everything we learned today with these creator trends of 2024 and see how can you switch it up.

[00:45:50] How can you make it different. I would love to know. Come and tell me your big audacious dreams in my inbox. You can either email me or just drop into my DMs on social media. I answer them. It's just me and I'd love to connect with you. All right. Thank you so much. I love you all.