Episode 94: 6 Superstar Episodes from 2023

Ep  94 6 superstar episodes from 2023

I'm taking a short break... I have been working and thinking and planning and cannot wait to make 2024 EPIC! So Made Remarkable is taking a mini-vacay while we gather together the most incredible guests for you to hear. If you're loving the podcast, what was your favorite episodes from 2023? Heres episode highlights from some of my favorites (and listener favorites!) from over the year:

In February I spoke with Drew Steinbrecher, a master of abstract art, shares his transformative experience in Kellee's Mastermind. From redefining the role of an artist to exceeding audacious goals, Drew's story resonates with the belief that every individual is "made remarkable." 

Later in February, Catherine Rains takes us on a rollercoaster ride, revealing the highs and lows of her artistic journey. Her Collage Joy collection, born from a setback, becomes a symbol of artistic liberation. The mentorship between Cat and Kellee shines a light on the power of coaching in the creative process.

In March, Laura Horn, the pioneer of online art courses, unveils the secrets behind her flourishing art career. From social media recognition to the joy of building a creative community, Laura's story is a testament to seizing opportunities and finding fulfillment in teaching.

Bringing in June, Bibby Gignilliat, a mixed-media artist, inspires with her bold moves and business acumen. From in-studio courses to thriving online, Bibby's journey is a testament to taking the leap of faith and building a thriving artistic business.

Joining me in August, Betty Franks, a self-taught artist, blossoms into an art teacher, sharing her journey of growth through social media. Betty's focus on authenticity and nurturing her artistic voice resonates with those seeking to learn and grow in the art business.

Also in August, Louise Fletcher, an artist, podcast host, and creative teacher, shares her path from corporate life to artistic autonomy. Louise urges artists to choose their paths, understand their motivations, and avoid the burnout of constant content production.

This remarkable mashup encapsulates the heart and soul of these artists' journeys. From overcoming setbacks to seizing opportunities, these stories weave a tapestry of creativity, resilience, and the pursuit of remarkable dreams. Tune in to the Made Remarkable™ Podcast for more inspiring narratives from the world of art and entrepreneurship. Because in the realm of creativity, everyone is made remarkable.

A huge, overwhelming "thank you" to all of the guests that have joined my on this journey with the podcast and I am so grateful to each and every one of you! 

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And you can find him by visiting https://www.drewsteinbrecher.com

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