Episode 1: 100 Ways to Make Money as an Artist Without Selling Your Art

UNFOLD with Kellee Wynne Episode 1

Unfold with Kellee Wynne opens the first episode with 100 Ways to Make Money as an Artist Without Selling Your Art.  Kellee recognizes that unless you’re a big name selling your art in a top gallery, there is a cap on how much you can make when selling art, however, you can still make money from your art and creativity and in this first episode, Kellee talks about how you can do this.

Kellee runs through several examples and in doing so unlocks a pandora's box of ideas of what is possible given your unique skills, passions, and interests.

Kellee challenges us to get creative, think outside of the box, and create a beautiful business.

She has three topics she wants to keep talking to you about to help you flesh out your business;

  • What it means to be human and how to love the light that is in you, so it shines for the world to see. 
  • How to tap into your raw creative energy and make meaningful artwork that commands attention. 
  • And how those two things combined, with the burning fire in your belly, can make the most remarkable business of your dreams. 
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Donna Holmes

I loved this episode, it really spoke to me. I want to make art and monetise my art, but im still in that experiment phase, so I absolutely need to listen again a few times, make notes, and really focus my mind as you say on what I want my art to be for me before i want to try and sell it!

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