Episode 8: Exceeding Your Surge Capacity

UNFOLD with Kellee Wynne Podcast episode 8 bloom

"I want you to keep making more art. Don't let evil win by darkening your heart and taking your voice away. Keep sharing and promoting your truth through creativity." - Kellee Wynne

What if your voice still matters?  Welcome back to Unfold with Kellee Wynne and today we’re talking about Exceeding Your Surge Capacity.

The news continues to update us on the horrors of the world and we still don’t know what’s coming or what to expect. After the last couple of years with COVID and all the sadness and restrictions surrounding that, it all can feel too much and we are dishearted and discouraged and struggle to find our creativity but Kellee is coming on today to inspire and uplift us and tell us exactly why, despite all this, we need to show up because if we hide our light now, it only adds to the tragedy.

We cannot control what goes on around us.  The only thing we can control is our own personal thoughts and our actions. Are you making choices that lead to your happiness?

Are you living a life by design and not by default? Or have you fallen back into bad habits?

Let’s have a reset, together.  Let’s take it as an opportunity to reevaluate.  

‘Every second counts’

Ask yourself?

  1. How can I enjoy life more now?
  2. How can I be more present in my life?
  3. What can I do to keep sliding back into bad habits? 
  4. What excuses am I making?  Am I giving myself grace?

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Cynthia Brown

I need to turn off my phone. I spend a lot of time cruising FB and Instagram to catch up with whatever my art friends are doing and posting. I love their work! It's stunning and as a newbie, inspires me. I believe now, more than ever, we need to make art. It will keep some individuals from spiralling out of control into a very dark place. 2022 is my year to really shine, even if I don't sell anything or make any big money. It's my time to step up and make a commitment to grow my business and gain exposure. I needed your podcast today. I'm tired, I have autoimmune issues, and it truly does take a lot of effort to get up and do stuff. However, my phone is my best friend and worst enemy. So. Off it goes. I have books to read, and, yes, Kelly, your book is one of them as well. :)

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Julie Smith

Thank you for the reminder Kellee. After feeling overwhelmed with what is happening in the world and in my own country at present. (catastrophic floods on one side and heat wave after heat wave on the other - Australia) As I was driving along, I was reminded ( I won't go into that little aspect of myself :-) ) that I can only control the choices that I make in my life at this time. Not that of others. 

I have a little prayer that I say when I do not know how what to do next that basically asks for all obstructions to be removed in all directions of time to '.......'  Today it was  for me to receive clear guidance into what I could next to to help generate love and kindness in the world? 

When I got home, I sat down in my studio to work on your bloom course and turned on your podcast. So I am reminded to care and love myself. Be gentle with myself at this time. To cut myself a little slack and that was okay. That there is a 'ripple effect' of energy that flows from me to others, affecting them in some way. Hopefully continuing to radiate around the world, spreading that love.

It is Autumn here now. I love the change of seasons. We do not have the major colour change that you do in the Northern Hemisphere (at least where I live). But our native flowers start blossoming, and there is promise of rain in the air. The air has a different 'blue cast' and the mornings start to glisten with condensation that has occurred overnight. Something I love to do and am reminding myself to do more often. Is to get up early in the morning with a cup of tea, sit outside, listen to the birds, smell the air and just 'be'. It is hard to do if I have not had a good nights sleep. (it happens a bit when you get to a 'certain' age ;-)). But it is so worth it when I give myself a nudge to 'just do it'!

So take care. Eat your pizza (just make sure you are really enjoying it and not going to it out of habit in response to 'criteria' happening in life. Rice biscuits with butter and vegemite (I know, its an acquired taste! ) is a great alternative with a cuppa. Hey, I've just purchased some dark chocolate to nibble on after dinner at night. I like something sweet to finish my tea, and if it was white or dairy chocolate - I would demolish the block! I am still happy with one small piece of the dark - so there you go. My little compromise.

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