Episode 56: 5 Stumbling Blocks that Keep You from Making Money in Your Creative Business

Episode 56- 5 Stumbling Blocks that are keeping you from making money in your business

Kellee is in the spotlight today to share with you some of her thoughts and experiences that she has had as a business owner and to delve into some of the biggest roadblocks and spinning wheels that artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs face. Kellee brings to light the life lessons that have led her through selling her art, the different niches of her business and what splitting those apart looked like, and where she would love her bright light to lead her in her business journey. 

Let's chat about the 5 stumbling blocks that might be holding you back from making a good, solid, healthy income in your business! Listen in while Kellee shares with you her methods to success that are tried and true (she's tried all of them, it's true😉). 

✨ Clarity - Having a clear business model, what your main offer is, who you serve, and how you serve them. Sometimes called The Power of One in business - one offer, one customer, one marketing channel.

✅ Capacity - Do what is essential that only you can do, for the rest there is DADA: Delete, Automate, Delegate, and Absorb.

⏰ Consistency - What you can repeat regularly over time will make a more significant impact than showing up with a big bang and then ghosting or behaving like a squirrel and being all over the place with no direction. 

👑 Confidence - There’s no way around imposter syndrome, but we can break through our ceiling every time we level up and gain more confidence. Work on your mindset and everything else will become easier.

💞 Circle of Influence - The people you surround yourself with will make or break you, choose wisely and find yourself the support of like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs.

🎇 Bonus - Now Money vs. Legacy Money. Bet on yourself that if you go all in on your BIG dream you can let go of the small money makers in favor of lasting success.

It's time to stop spinning your wheels and it's your chance to discover what your zone of genius is. Are you ready to unlock all of your potential? You hold to key to unlocking your future, are you ready to identify which of your dreams is yours for the taking and put in the work to make it a reality? In this episode, Kellee shares the roadblocks she has overcome, the windy path that led her to where she is today, and the hiccups that she knows she still has to face in the future. And she knows that the best way that she can achieve her juicy goals, is to show up unapologetically, authentically as herself for her audience, her community, her family, and those joining her new adventure, the Remarkable League! 

"Being more of you is actually giving permission to others to be more of themselves, to feel safe with you, and to be aligned with you and see themselves, in the work that you're creating." - Kellee Wynne Conrad

Do you feel like you are in a constant state of overwhelm, and while you are doing what you love you do not feel you are meeting the mark you have set for yourself of being successful and thriving in your business? If you design it right, you can be working more minimal hours and put more of your energy into the important tasks using the system Kellee has laid out and really see your business flourish without having to add on more hours. It's time to reframe the concept of wealth in your art business and own the fact that you can own a creative business, and make money while you're doing it! 

Kellee is personally inviting you to a collaborative brainstorming session to discover what your gift is and how to appropriately meet the needs of your audience. Sign up at maderemarkable.com/chat to join the conversation on March 13th or March 20th at 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on a Live Zoom Call! 

For those of you who are ready, who have a business, and looking for your own circle to help support you in your journey so that you're not so alone anymore, now's the time to apply to the Remarkable League. The final date for filling out the application is March 24th, so if you are ready to lead a remarkable life, sign up HERE

Remember that you are MADE REMARKABLE, just as you already are.

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