Episode 5: Push Past Ordinary with Ardith Goodwin

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"I don't wanna lose another minute of my life with doubt that I'm not good enough." - Ardith Goodwin

Are you ready to push past the ordinary? It's not just a dream but an achievable reality. Ardith Goodwin joins Kellee on the Made Remarkable podcast to discuss navigating the challenges of balancing creativity and business to build a successful art career. Dive into how you can leverage your unique artistic voice to thrive in the art world. From debunking the myths of artistic success to overcoming imposter syndrome. 

Kellee and Ardith share how amid the noise of an ever-expanding art market, standing out can seem daunting. However, Ardith shares her journey of self-discovery and exploration, emphasizing the importance of owning your personal uniqueness and life experiences as sources of inspiration. It's not just about technical skills; it's about embracing your individuality and infusing your art with your narrative.

The journey of an artist can be solitary, but the power of community and support is invaluable. Whether through mentorship from experienced artists, connecting with fellow creatives, or engaging with an audience on social media, fostering a supportive network is essential for growth and success in the art world. Are you ready to embrace the journey of becoming a Profitable Artist? Let's push past the ordinary. 

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