Episode 41: When is it Right to Pivot Your Creative Business with Roben-Marie Smith

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The podcast is back and we're bringing you the story of two remarkable women. Be ready to be inspired.

In episode 41, Kellee talks to her long-time friend Roben-Marie Smith about the pivots taken on the entrepreneurial journey.  Roben-Marie is a mixed-media artist and instructor.  Learn how she started her journey in stamp making and how it has led her to where she is today, as she makes her most recent pivot.

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About Roben-Marie Smith

Roben-Marie is a mixed media artist and instructor living in Florida. As an artist, blogger, and woman of faith her mission is to serve others and help others think big and create courageously, express themselves through art, and discover all that they’re capable of! She believes anyone can cultivate their creativity.

She teaches artists from beginners to those who are seasoned through her blog and popular online workshops. Her art has been featured in countless books and industry magazines and she has shared her creativity by teaching in-person courses both nationally and internationally.

She loves to read, bake, and travel and also has a heart for mission work, having served in Panama, El Salvador, Romania, and Honduras.

And you can find her New Audio Summit - Create & Thrive by visiting www.robenmarie.com/summit

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