Episode 17: Your Fear Is Boring

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Are you living a Life by Design and not by Default?  Welcome to Episode 17 of Unfold with Kellee Wynne today, we’re talking about fear and how we’re letting it hold us back when we don’t need to because fear is boring. 

We’re talking about a term coined by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of one of Kellee’s favorite books, Big Magic.  Elizabeth says ‘Fear is Boring’ and this is the title of today's episode.  Kellee shares Elizabeth’s story and why she says fear is boring, what kind of fear we’re talking about, and why we need to overcome it.

In this episode, Kellee also talks about her own recent experiences with fear, her dog, and her thoughts about how fears play out.

She gives out some homework.  Who is brave enough to step out of the shadow of fear?   Kellee also gives some parting advice about showing up for your audience and connecting with them.

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Sutapa Dasgupta

Thank you so  so much kellee. I truly restrict myself as far as mark making is concerned. I will surely try out the way you suggested to loosen up.

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