Episode 16: Impromptu Chat with Alice Sheridan: How Do You Find Your Voice

Ep 16  with Alice Sheridan UNFOLD with Kellee Wynne Podcast

We had such fun sharing our Q & A’s with you that when this Instagram Live happened last week, we couldn’t resist repurposing it and sharing it with you again.  Welcome back to Unfold with Kellee Wynne.  We’re about to hear episode 16 which started as a live session on Instagram with Kellee talking about your inner voice and the journey that this process takes you on when her good friend Alice Sheridan joined the call and we decided that we could not keep this goodness to ourselves!

In the lead-up to The Virtual Art Summit which kicked off yesterday, Kellee is talking about the summit's theme of finding your voice and in this conversation, Kellee and Alice go into it a bit deeper.

The Virtual Art Summit is made up of 16 amazing artists who have given first-class video lessons, and talk about how they found their style, how they create their art, and give an actual great lesson that you can take away. 

For the first 30 days, Kellee is offering pay-what-you-can which means just that but in order to gain access for longer and to access some bonuses, there are paid packages available.


For more information visit https://www.virtualartsummit.com/


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Richard Diebenkorn


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