Episode 10: Soul Fueled Art with Pamela J. Bates

UNFOLD with Kellee Wynne Podcast Episode 10 Soul Fueled Art with Pamela J Bates

Welcome to the Kellee Wynne Podcast.  This is episode 10 and today Kellee is talking to fellow artist Pamela J Bates about her journey to finding her art after 20-plus years of working as a graphic designer.  

Pamela shares the moment when the world shifted for her.  It’s truly a goosebump moment and she shares her thoughts about what it means to find your own unique voice. 

The magical piece in question is this beautiful piece was the El Jaleo by John Singer Sargent and it is housed at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Pamela quotes Andy Warhol

This is the ethos behind how she works and what she advises other artists to do.  Just keep creating art and be authentic to your own style.  Practice and know that not everything will be a masterpiece and that's okay but if you paint enough, if you create enough art, there will be pieces that shine.

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Laura Crossett

Kellee I have to thank you so much for this podcast with @pamelajbates. It resonated immensely with me. I am a graphic artist, who could not wait to retire to do art for ME! I've just retired. No deadlines, no customers to please...it's so good to create for ME! And, my Mother is 88 tomorrow (as well) LOL. Thanks for helping my creativity bust out!

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