Episode 1: 100 Ways to Make Money as an Artist Without Selling Your Art

UNFOLD with Kellee Wynne Episode 1

"If your heart and soul are not the main reason behind your why, you'll have a hard time believing in yourself and then have a hard time showing up and talking in a way that makes others want to believe in you." -Kellee Wynne

If you're like Kellee, you may have spent countless hours honing your craft and dreaming of turning your passion into a sustainable career. The idea of making a living from your art is undoubtedly appealing, but the path to a profit often seems shrouded in mystery.

Kellee Wynne is here to tell you that not only is it possible to make a living as an artist without solely relying on selling your art, but it's also within your reach. Kellee's mission is to guide artists in unlocking their full potential and creating soulful, profitable businesses that align with their spirit.

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But it's not just about creating a business—it's about elevating your life and manifesting the business of your wildest dreams. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. The "Made Remarkable" podcast is a glimpse into what you can achieve if you just start today. Listen for inspiration, camaraderie, community, and amazing stories from Kellee and so many remarkable, superstar guests. 

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Donna Holmes

I loved this episode, it really spoke to me. I want to make art and monetise my art, but im still in that experiment phase, so I absolutely need to listen again a few times, make notes, and really focus my mind as you say on what I want my art to be for me before i want to try and sell it!

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