Taking a Long Overdue Break

[00:00:00] Kellee Wynne Conrad: Hello everybody. It's Kellee Wynne of the Made Remarkable Podcast, and I'm just popping in here to give you an in-between series episode. I haven't caught you up on my life and my doings and comings and goings in a long time. Now we've been busy with. Interviews and the virtual Arts summit, and here we are now.

Summer has begun and I am ready for a big break. So I thought I'd pop in here and say, I'll have to see you on the other side of a little vacation. Many of you heard, I am shutting down my social media for a little while. And I just wanted to assure you, nothing is wrong. Business isn't going anywhere. We just all need breaks from time to time.

And so I'm giving myself a break and I'm giving my team a break after working really hard for the last, well, it's been years now and I have never really shut down social media and. You know, the years that since, I don't know, 2009 when I got onto Facebook, and probably before that I was in chat rooms, you know, blog posts and sharing and Facebook groups and Instagram, and it just goes on and on and on.

And there just comes a point where you say, I need a big fat reset. And so that's what I'm gonna do. I actually have to delete it off of my phone. I'm gonna have to force myself to really detox. It's not gonna be easy either, and I'm gonna have to find a new way of moving about when I'm bored or stopping for a bite to eat or standing in line.

That's so. Easy to just pick up your phone and scroll. And I know there was a time in my life before the smartphone that I didn't do that. So maybe there are books to be read and more art to make and more hikes to take. And I am for sure taking some family vacations. I'm looking forward to over a week at the Cabin by the lake with my family and my husband and I are almost at our 25th.

Wedding anniversary, and I'm super excited to take a trip with him to the northeast. We've never been to the New England area, and that's what we're doing this summer. We're just going to hunker down and spend some time with each other and play with the. Almost all grown boys now and you know, just it's time.

I'm telling you I need to do a little spring cleaning, but that doesn't mean I'm done. That doesn't mean that business is closing down and that's the part that I wanted to show up for you today and say, Hey, it's just a break. It's just a break as I reset and adjust and get back on track with some of my goals, especially things that I said that were really important to me, my health and wellbeing, my spirituality and my relationships, and not that anything's at a crisis.

I'm healthy. I'm well. Like I said, I'm going on a beautiful anniversary trip with my husband. My kids are doing great. I just know that I wanna be around for a really long time, and I wanna take care of my health. I wanna be able to hike mountains well into my senior years. And if I don't make sure that I'm on top of it right now and setting a good example for my family, you know, it's just gonna go downhill.

And I, I know how much I still have to accomplish in this life. So much I want to do in this life. So, It's now, it's now six months from that Big five. Oh, you know, we've been doing this countdown for a while and, and I know it's knocking right around the corner and I'm feeling good, but I want to feel great.

I don't want to wake up every morning aches and pains and. Tingling fingers and back joints, I know it happens as you get a little older, but there's ways that we can mitigate that. And that's by not being a workaholic, not sitting on my butt all day long, or taking forever to just get the the task done.

So I need to move more, eat better, and use my brain in different ways. I am really excited about reading a novel Again, I haven't read fiction in so long. I'm really excited to continue to dive into my art practice. Finally, like I've been searching for this for the last three years. 2020 was a big burnout.

And honestly it was probably coming long before that, and I can feel like a big burnout's about to happen. So that's why I take a break now and I dive into the things that are bringing me joy and lighting me up. I know I'm gonna be better on the other side of it. And so I'm making art. I'm making art for the first time in a long time that I crave to get in the studio and make, and I almost forgot that feeling.

And I'm on the discovery of new style, new voice, new techniques, a new point of view. And so it's lighting me up and I will definitely be sharing more about that in the future. I'm gonna be back and sharing all about my art explorations and my, my ideas and techniques and whatnot on my Kelwin Studios feed Without a doubt.

Color Crush Creative isn't going anywhere. It's gonna continue to run. We may take a break for the summer so that you might not get so much in your inbox or, the feed in Instagram might sound a little quiet for a few weeks, but that's okay. I have faith in the business. I've built something really strong and solid, and, I'm still here to serve the customers that I already have, but I don't need to be scrambling every day for new views and new likes, and so, rest assured, Those of you who have been part of this journey with me for a long time, I'm still sticking around and there's still art courses for you to enjoy and the Color Crush Creative Hub and Made Remarkable is just gonna be growing and thriving in the future.

I have ideas percolating. I have plans that are kind of starting to fuse together to gel. I have been working. With this amazing group in the Remarkable League and growing so much as a coach and a guide to them, I'm watching them really expand and grow as leaders in the industry and entrepreneurs and creatives, and I'm taking that experience and I'm gonna be bringing in another format, test run in the fall.

That test run is like I would say the beta version of something that I plan to do in 2024. But I highly recommend when you have new ideas to test them out first, to find that small beta group that's willing to run the idea with you, whether you're making art courses or you're testing out new product line or you're coaching, whatever it is that you're setting off to do in your entrepreneurial journey.

Test out those ideas, and that's what I'm really excited to do. I've been working on it for the last two years, and so I'm gonna have my very first run of a really amazing program in the fall called Build It Remarkable. And I actually have a wait list for it, so, I'm gonna link that in the show notes, and I want you to get your name on that list because it's gonna be very limited space for this beta version.

When I'm back, probably around August timeframe, you'll start hearing from me again and I'll make the announcement of when the doors for that's gonna be open, how much it'll cost, what it'll include, and who it's for. It's really meant to be for the creative that's, Ready to take their business to the next level.

They wanna, you know, build it remarkable. They want the foundation of, all the nuts and bolts to make sure that what they're planning for their future is sound and is gonna work. It's gonna be lasting and understand marketing. Finally, I know marketing is so challenging for artists, understand brand strategy.

Putting together an offer that is irresistible, making the sale, doing the launch, putting it out there in this world, showing up as all of you, how you've been made remarkable from the very beginning, and then all that culminating and coming together into one really amazing business. So if it sounds like that's where you want to go, where you're really ready to plunge into something different, something out of the box, not quite what's being taught in, in tradition for the artists in our community, I think you're gonna love Build It Remarkable, but it's gonna be limited and it's going to be a test run that we're gonna run live.

For a couple of months where I'm gonna show up and teach you everything I know and be there to answer every question of yours. So, go to made remarkable.com and you'll be able to find the link to put your name on that wait list. It'll be at the top of the page. I have that up and ready for you, I promise.

You wanna put your name on that list and you're gonna be on that inner circle. Well, that's my little plug for today, but I just wanted to show up and let you know that I'm thinking about you. And I appreciate all your concern because I've had a lot of people reach out and be like, is everything okay?

Are you shutting down? No, definitely not. I'm just getting the engine started. I promise. There's just so much more I want to do. I'm gonna take a break though. Now I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. I'm gonna work behind the scenes and, you know, finish up some projects that I just haven't been able to get to when I'm.

Working so much every day, day in and day out in the regular grind that now I can take a minute to write and to, bring all the ideas together to update my website. I haven't done that in a couple of years. And make plans for how this podcast is gonna show up. I am super excited about the people I've been interviewing.

But you're gonna have to wait because even the podcast is gonna take a break until later in August. Yeah. So newsletter's gonna be a little quiet. Podcast is gonna be a little quiet. Instagram, social media is gonna be a little bit quiet, but I'm still available. If you wanted to reach out to me by email, our regular email address is remarkable@kelleewynnestudios.com if you need something, if you need support for the podcast. Or if you're curious about the Remarkable League or Build it remarkable program, you can come and and just drop in my inbox. Email's easy still. I promise I'm not scary and I'll answer you. But the rest of you, if you have a question about your art courses or if you have any tech problems, admin@kellyannstudios.com is gonna be active.

My team is still there for you. We're just gonna take a break from some of that forward facing active stuff that we are always doing so that we can work behind the scenes to make everything. Run smooth and be more amazing. Bring to you some incredible interviews with some people that you know and some that you don't know, and some really good points of view.

I've already been interviewing people. I'm getting ready for the next round of podcast episodes that'll start in August and. Oh, you'll wanna come back and tune in for sure, because there are some amazing conversations that I've been having with people, with some really amazing people too. And I know that you're gonna appreciate that thoroughly, and I think you're gonna appreciate that.

I'm hopefully modeling an example to many of you who may need to do the same thing and just take a break.

Have a good long summer vacation, or winter if you're in the. Southern hemisphere and I'll be thinking about you and hopefully you won't forget about me while I'm off doing my thing and I'll catch up with you on the other side of it.

Thank you so much for everything and I hope to talk to you soon. Bye.


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