When You Love What You Do, Mondays are Even Better than Fridays

[00:00:00] Hello, Monday morning. Have I ever told you that I love Mondays. I love mornings. I love New Year's. I love new projects. The start of anything feels just so fresh and full of possibilities. I know it doesn't always end up that way, but right now it's Monday. That means I get to do my favorite thing, which is work.

[00:00:23] I know that sounds like completely opposite of what the rest of the world says. Ugh, it's Monday. But the way I see it is it's just another awesome opportunity to do amazing things. I guess it helps that I love what I do. So, hey, this is Kellee Wynne of the Made Remarkable Podcast, and I'm coming to you with the In-Between series.

[00:00:47] It's something that I started last fall when I decided that I knew a big shift was happening with a podcast, with my business, with where I wanted to go and how I wanted to be able to make an impact. [00:01:00] I was closing down. The theme, the title of the podcast Unfold with Kellee Wynne, and I knew it was going to be Made Remarkable, but I wasn't ready to launch into a new season yet.

[00:01:12] So I came to you for 10 whole episodes just sharing how the week went, telling you the ups and downs and sharing with you ideas and aha moments and where things might have gone wrong and especially fun that I was able to share with you. My experience traveling through Nepal, I actually recorded those episodes while I was in Nepal, so they were like real time experience when I was thinking and feeling.

[00:01:41] I really enjoyed being able to come to you with that freshness every week, and though I'm so excited to be interviewing the most amazing people on the podcast this season, I wanted to be able to keep that connection with you and, and kind of be able [00:02:00] to show up and give it real and raw and and imperfect, um imperfect. See, I can't even say it correctly, imperfectly, and just let you know, like the insights to what's happening, the behind the scenes and, and just. Lay it all out as it is because that's what this is about. 

[00:02:21] Made Remarkable isn't about things being perfect or well-planned. It's about showing up as you are your remarkable self. It's about doing remarkable things with our lives. It it's like I said before, living a life by design and not by default. And so, You know, as I got clarity on where I wanted to go and what I needed to do and who I needed to show up, as I realized that, you know, I gotta still be me unapologetically. 

[00:02:53] And so that's why I have this, you know, Monday mornings with you to say, Hey, let's get going. [00:03:00] Let's do this thing. Let's not. Let's not second guess ourselves. There's a reason. These ideas, this desire, this opportunity, this path has been put in front of you because you're needed in this world. Your ideas are needed, your connection's needed, your love is needed. You are needed in this world and what you have to offer, your talent, your ideas, your art, your. Way that you care for other people. The way that you can show up and serve, the way that you can teach what you do, the way that you can just shine a light on all that is good and wonderful in this world is needed right now more than ever. 

[00:03:42] And if I can turn this podcast into that place where you can tune in on Mondays and Wednesdays with our interviews, and sometimes at other points where we have extra juicy. information that we wanna share with you here, uh, made remarkable. [00:04:00] Then, you know, that's my, that's my passion right now, is to be able to show up for you and, and keep you, keep you motivated and inspired, and thinking differently, feeling differently than you felt before, and allowing yourself to really dig in to who you are and what lights you up.

[00:04:17] And find your why, and then spread that joy. So this week was a little tough for me, to be honest. I launched this podcast, the new season, quite unprepared. And in fact, right now I just wanna confess that, uh, owning my own business isn't always the easiest. Thing, especially when I have no previous experience leading other people.

[00:04:44] And that's a role that I've stepped into in the last couple years by hiring a really amazing team to support me. So this is my big shout out to my podcast manager, Ineke [00:05:00] for watching me have a nice mini meltdown this week, as I felt like everything was not coming together the way I imagined it would.

[00:05:07] And a lot of that was my own personal procrastination and my lack of direction. You know, the holidays were, the holidays were, let's just say that, but I can't even give that as an excuse. It's, it's my uh, rollercoaster ride of 2022 where I had travel, I had big ideas and I pulled back from ideas and then I had big ideas again and more travel, and it just was like the project wheels kept spinning and then here I was, January came rolling around. It was like, oh crap. I made this commitment and I need to show up for it. I have to, this is very important to me. 

[00:05:47] The podcast is like my big important thing for the year. And so, yeah, I had a little bit of a mini breakdown, and I just wanna say thank you to my team for supporting me [00:06:00] and figuring things out and understanding that I own. My actions and that if I am not getting the results outta the people that I've hired, it's my responsibility because if I haven't communicated what's necessary, if I haven't made a system and followed a system, and executed a system and held people accountable to do the same thing, then if so, falls to the wayside and it's not done.

[00:06:32] I own that because I as the leader, am here to guide everybody. It's not my job to be the boss, so I I just take complete ownership if things aren't going right, cuz I know I've hired the right people to work with me. These are my rider or die gals, Lisa, Emily, Ineke. You guys, you're making this life what it's meant to be. When I'm [00:07:00] running this business, I can't do it without you. 

[00:07:02] And so, yes, I'm coming to you Monday morning for the whole world to hear that when you start building a the business of your dreams, What's gonna take you to that next level is surrounding yourself by the people that you know you can trust and count on.

[00:07:19] And it took me a while to find the right support. You know, the first three or four years of my career as running color crush creative, and, and art courses online and, and everything, I didn't have the right people around. Also, I wasn't a very good leader at that time. I didn't understand what I needed to do and communicate in order for things to go right. I'm in a much better place now. 

[00:07:46] So I just wanna spark this idea in your head that as you grow your business, as you get to certain places in, in order to make a bigger impact, having people to support you really makes a huge difference. [00:08:00] And I'm not talking about. real high-end positions of, you know, ads managers and, and marketing and all of that.

[00:08:12] I'm just talking about, you know, an executive assistant, a podcast manager, and social media support, like community support, uh, virtual assistant jobs that you can find the right people to really make. . It, it, it makes or breaks the business as you start to grow. And, and you can hear as I discussed it in the podcast last week with Ali Edwards, she said the same thing.

[00:08:39] The people that have grown with her and her business has made a huge difference because, She considers the person who started out as just, actually, I think she started out as her childcare provider and grew into being an amazing assistant, and now she considers [00:09:00] her the boss and I have done the same thing.

[00:09:02] I've turned certain aspects of my business over to the team so that I can show up doing the thing that I must do in order for it to succeed. And that's to serve you. And that's to talk to you is to create the podcast, is to create the videos. It's to come up with the new ideas and make the art and in order to be in that space more often, and use my energy for my zone of genius. I have this amazing team, and I just have to say thank you to them and this new year as we launch off onto a whole bunch of new amazing projects and exciting opportunities, it's just, I'm very grateful to have them in my life. And, and so yeah, that's, that's something that's heavy on my mind right now. 

[00:09:48] I wanted to read a question from, one of my followers, because this is something I'd like to do quite often is is pose an opportunity for you to [00:10:00] ask questions to me and I can answer 'em right here on the podcast.

[00:10:04] And that way I'm actually answering the things that are pressing you the most. So Celine Zuretti left a question for me and english may not be her first language. So I will interpret this, at the beginning of your art journey with a very small audience and you projected, you wished a yearly income and then you compare it to your capacity to create and realize your prices are okay, but you need an extra income to make it. What are the money raiser you can most easily try? 

[00:10:36] And I assume she means money raiser as in what other income can you generate for yourself in order to supplement your, your art career? So, uh, maybe, you know, you're, you wanna make a full-time career out of your art and you're painting and you're realizing you're just not selling enough to be able to give up the day job.

[00:10:58] And I really believe [00:11:00] that What Elizabeth Gilbert said in Big Magic about don't make your creativity or your art work for you because you'll suffocate the life out of it. And of course, I'm paraphrasing it, but if you try to demand your creative talents to pay for your life, it may end up backfiring in your joy.

[00:11:22] So it's one of those things that's really good to go step by step and not just abandon all sensibility. It seems counterintuitive to what most people say about, you know, just quit your day job and go for it. I would say make sure that you're financially stable and you have a good plan before you go all in on an art career.

[00:11:44] Otherwise, I'm gonna tell you, there were years and years that I worked for it and made no money, and I don't want that to be a source of pain um, for you, I know I've had this question asked many times because what do [00:12:00] you do when you really wanna go all in and, and be your own boss and you know, thrive in your creative gifts?

[00:12:10] Well, there is a really good guide that somebody created for you. That might have been me my 100 Ways to Make Money as an Artist Without Selling Your Art is really transformative. It seems like it's just like this gimmicky little list, but it is actually filled with remarkable ideas. If I do say so myself. I made it because I really want to help people think outside the box.

[00:12:38] There are so many different ways you can put your talents together to make a really healthy, generous income so that you can stay in your zone of genius longer. And when I say zone of genius, I mean like your gift is what you're good at, what you're passionate about, what you could talk about all day long, what you can, you know, thrive in.

[00:12:59] And I'm not [00:13:00] saying it's not gonna be work because the fool who says that if you work, you know, if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life is out of their ever living mind because I work my ass off. I, I don't just work my ass off. Sometimes I work doing things that are quite mundane or boring or stressful, but I do it for me and I am so thrilled.

[00:13:21] It's so exciting because when the results come in, they're for me, not for anybody else's business. So I encourage you to go and download 100 Ways to Make Money as an Artist Without Selling Your Art. Go to maderemarkable.com/100 100 and download that PDF now and look through it. I give a lot of good advice, and the way that other people have told me that they've used this guide is they've highlighted the ones that spoke to them the most, that really stood out and jumped off the page.

[00:13:54] and then they compared what was similar about each of those things that were most [00:14:00] exciting to them. And I highly recommend doing this because you're gonna have this big aha moment where you say, oh, I see what's calling to me. For some people it's teaching. For some people it's maybe coaching, but I had a whole bunch of other really wild ideas on there.

[00:14:16] Everything from traveling workshops to starting a YouTube channel to organizing people's studios like come up with something completely different there. If there's a need, if there are people out there that could use your service, if you could show up and make a difference in someone's life and be able to stay in this creative realm that we love so much.

[00:14:38] Why not take that chance? So anyhow, I hope this Monday morning advice is good for you. I know I went all in on the future of where you might be or maybe you've been creating and you have a business for a long time and you're trying to figure out how you're gonna grow bigger. That's what's support and with a team, in all honesty, an amazing [00:15:00] team.

[00:15:00] Will help pay for themselves by the work that they do, helps grow your business and makes enough to be able to pay their salary and then some. And then if you're not sure where to start, my next bit of advice to you is to just go and download that PDF and let's get going because this year I have some offers for you. I have a ton of advice. We're gonna listen to all kinds of people and interview them and see what you know in real life, what 100 ways looks like by talking to the people who've done that. All right. 

[00:15:34] I hope you have an amazing week this week, filled with light and. And joy, I am just so grateful for you and for this podcast and for this opportunity to do what I love the most. Just thank you so much. So if you love this, if you're loving the podcast, tag me at Kelleewynnestudios or at the new Made [00:16:00] Remarkable Instagram account. I would love to hear from you. I would love for you to share the podcast. It means the world. This is the only way we're gonna be able to spread the news so that other people know that they are made remarkable as well.

[00:16:13] Thank you so, so very much. Love you tons. Bye.

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