The Spiritual Journey of an Entrepreneur

[00:00:00] Well, hello, It's me, Kellee. There's probably an echo. I'm in a hotel room right now in Nepal, in Kathmandu. I think I mentioned this trip maybe a few dozen times, but I'm actually here. So for all of you who are new listening in, this is the in between series where Unfold with Kellee Wynne ended and the new revised and new direction podcast is launching in January and I just wanted to give you all the love and support in between those two time periods. So I'm showing up just talking about what's happening, things that have been on my mind, and sharing the real me with you, the real me. Upside down and tired and can't keep my eyes open even though it's only eight o'clock at night on Sunday night in a foreign country.

[00:00:56] On a night of the very first day of Diwali. And so it's really kind of fun to be here at a time where people are celebrating and, um, oh man, I've already learned so much. I've experienced so much. I just, I don't even know where to begin. I, I want to tell you every single detail, but in all honesty, I think that uh, there's only so much I can convey by words. I've, I've been sharing a little bit on my new Instagram account that's at Kellee Wynne, KELLEE WYNNE, and I'm also working towards sharing more on YouTube and TikTok. They're the same, same account. I wanna share kind of as I go, some of the highlights, but the deeper part I'm kind of reserving for myself right now.

[00:01:50] There's some really interesting things coming up and, um, as many of you know, who you've been following along, I've been a bit on a spiritual quest. Um, my hope is to kind of rediscover that part of myself, and that's been happening. Sometimes when you are searching for it, it will show up. That to me, is really the extent of manifesting, is when you look for it and you beat it, you will have it.

[00:02:21] And for me, this has been. A long time coming because it used to be part of my life and then I cut it off from my life. And that's a kind of a deeper philosophical, spiritual question to ask why I would do that. Why I would hold parts of my connection with the Earth and with each other. And with the divine in all of us, The spirit, the God, whatever it is.

[00:02:50] Um, a lot of that is fear based or trying to live an everyday life based, which many of you probably can recognize. Tuning into this part of yourself does leave you more vulnerable. It leaves you more open to emotion and pain and sorrow in ways that you don't expect it to because you, um, have more empathy when you tap into the higher power, at least the way I'm doing it, I don't know, maybe you have a different experience, but for me, I realize there's just depths that I didn't know were were there. And, um, answers that are coming to me that I didn't expect to have. Um, relearning how to have a meditation practice and, and how to be more humble and to see in each person that I meet, that they're living this human existence as well. And we all go through our struggles and our trials. So it's learning to be. Less judgmental and more concerned about, you know, what's in the hearts of each person that you meet. And that I know maybe sounds altruistic and too good to be true, but when something you know, flips inside your heart, inside your spirit, and you start seeing how you're connected.

[00:04:26] To everyone on this planet, maybe even beyond what's on this planet. You can't help but see yourself in everybody. Or see everybody in yourself, and that to me is God, is that we are all connected whether we like it or not. We are all part of this same planet, breathing the same air and having the same hopes and desires and love and fear and anxiety and excitement and struggles just to survive.

[00:04:58] You know, and we all do it in different ways, but I think the fundamental part of being human is the same for all of us. And, and so it's hard to deny once you start looking at it that way. That, yeah, we're all just. , we're all just connected, . And then you travel to far off places and you can see that so clearly.

[00:05:25] You can feel it so clearly, specifically here in Nepal because oh my goodness, the people are just so kind, so loving. So, uh, they're just beautiful and kind. Did I say kind already? And so then I start realizing how. How deeply we've been connected for centuries, um, as I'm here enjoying the experience of, you know, immersing myself in their culture and religion.

[00:06:00] About 80% of the people here are Hindu. Uh, maybe about 15% are Buddhist and there's so many old ancient, um, Religious sites and artifacts and buildings and monuments and sculptures. It's like unbelievable. Um, makes, you know where I'm from in America, seem very young and new.

[00:06:29] And here this has been around since long before Judeo Christian, uh, Abrahamic religion, you know, And so as I study the stories of, especially of Hinduism at the moment, because we're celebrating Tihar or, you know, as, as I say in India, Diwali. Um, so I'm very curious about it. I want to know what, what it is about. You know, the religion that people are, you know, so I see so many who are so devoted to their belief.

[00:07:10] And so my, you know, I've been interested since probably elementary school about religions around the world. And it's really, for me, exciting to be able to be here and to be part of it and, and to learn about it and what, what I'm finding, whether it. Hinduism or Buddhism or Islam or Christianity. It seems to be that there are so many similarities in the stories that we tell in the mythology in the um, and the explanation of what the divine is and is just undeniable. Um, a lot of things new that I'm learning and, and yet I'm like, Well, that sounds familiar. You're waiting for the return of the new Buddha. Okay, I see this in in the museum, you know, and the sculptures and, and the writing. And I'm like, Return of the new Buddha I think I've heard that story before .

[00:08:12] And so, It just makes me realize that thousands of years ago, tens of thousands of years ago, as humans walk this earth, our stories were intertwined. And wherever we ended up on this earth, we, we took those stories with us and we shared them on with our loved ones, and they became, and something else morphed into something new.

[00:08:37] But all of all of the things that devices that people around the world use to tell stories and to to teach religion and to teach purpose for being here seems that it's all with the same concept of oneness in a way that we are connected. And anyhow, so that's my little message here arriving. In this country and you know, just it's amazing.

[00:09:14] It's an amazing experience and definitely cracking my heart wide open. Um, giving my head full of ideas to my, my spirit is tingly. My mind is a buzz. My heart is full, and I'm thinking about how to show up better in my work, and as a wife and as a mother, as a friend, as a daughter. as a colleague and as a leader. So this is really important to me because I'm, you know, shifting my focus, my message personally towards guiding others to do what I do, which is to run a conscious business, uh, to be a thoughtful entrepreneur, to be a magnetic leader. Somebody who's making an impact for the better of all beings on this earth.

[00:10:12] And so if that's my goal, um, then that means I have big shoes to fill. And that's one of the reasons why I was really looking forward to this trip because I knew that my perspectives would change and my. . I don't know, my, just in general, my juices would get flowing and my creativity will open and my ability to communicate what's kind of been stuck will, you know, will be available.

[00:10:45] And it is, you know, I've had time to write and think and plan and get excited about what's coming up in 2023. And for me, that is, Hosting a really immersive collaborative program. I don't wanna call it a course because we're a little tired of courses, but this is me being able to show up and teach you the exact steps I've taken to build a multiple six figure business with heart and with love, and with thoughtfulness of your customer. And yet at the same time, being able to build it in a way that is completely uniquely you. Taking all the facets, all the dimensions of what makes you remarkable, all of the things that you love and the experiences that you've had, and not have to leave a single part of that behind.

[00:11:45] Cuz you know, for all the times we've been told, niche down, pick a style stick to one thing. I'm realizing that's not the way to build a business that lights you up and brings you joy, getting so stuck in something that it makes you miserable or makes you feel like you've left a part of your heart behind.

[00:12:05] Can you imagine if I only taught one thing and was no longer teaching art because now I'm teaching business? Or if I was only allowed to talk about entrepreneurship, even though I love spirituality and, uh, nature and travel, and these are all parts of my own value system, you know, love and family and nature connectedness, and I like to infuse that into the business that I build. And so this is something that I find to be important to me. So as I build the business that I love, that brings me joy. That is by design and not by default.

[00:12:50] That allows me to do the things that I wanna do, like travel and spend time with family and you know, nurture my loved ones and myself. Then the, the best thing I can do is show up and help you do that. And I call that having unaligned and profitable business. That means it's true to your values, to yourself, to your personalities, your dreams, and your desires. Without sacrificing the fact that you want it to be profitable, you wanna make a great income and be able to support your family, to be able to fulfill your dreams, be able to make an impact with others, be able to, I mean, the things that having a healthy, solid income can do for yourself and your family and for your families family it just kind of goes on for generations .When you create wealth for yourself.

[00:13:48] And that's done in a way that, you know, really can lift many up. And so for me, teaching these skills, teaching how to do it with heart and soul and um, with your values first and with joy. And being profitable is my goal, and I've figured out how to do that for myself. I've taught others how to do it and seen them be successful with the steps that I've taught them. And do it with so much joy and love and connection. And so I just have no doubt that what I'm creating now, the program that I'm gonna be revealing to you very soon, because it's not all finalized yet, but it's coming, is gonna be really amazing and is gonna make a huge impact in your life.

[00:14:45] And I know that you're gonna love what I have to offer because I don't want you sitting there spinning your wheels anymore. I don't want you to be like, Oh, great. I started an art course and now I don't know what to do because I'm not bringing in any money. I'm trying to sell my artwork and I'm not bringing in any money. I wanted to, you know, teach art classes at the local. You know, wherever the local community center, and here I am hardly making any money, and I know this story because this was me for eight years before I clicked and I figured out how to make my business profitable. And enjoyable at the same time. So if, if you are resonating with this, if you're saying, How do I bring all of myself forward and infuse it into my work and be able to make an income that makes a real difference, that makes an impact in my life and my family's life?

[00:15:43] Then I know what I'm offering to you with this new way forward is exactly what you're looking for. We're gonna have a load of fun too, because I have a lot of things coming out really soon. Uh, the podcast as it changes over interviews that I'm gonna be doing with other people to be able to show how they're creating their business, their life. And their future in a way that's aligned for them and exciting and wonderful so that you can get many perspectives, not just mine. Well, anyhow, my dear listeners, I'm so glad that you've come with me on this journey. Also been following along with me on this fun adventure in Nepal, and I just wanna let you know that I love you so much, and I appreciate you so much for being here with me as all of this unfolds, even if it keeps unfolding in ways that we never even imagine.

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[00:17:18] Um, pop in over at Kellee Wynne on Instagram. Send me a DM about what you're looking for, what you need, and leave a comment on my latest post so that I can answer you. I wanna have this conversation. Make note, if I don't have internet for the next few weeks, you'll know I'm thinking about you and I'm gonna respond as soon as I can. That's the way it goes when you're traveling all the way on the other side of the world. So in the meantime, I hope you have a beautiful week and do something remarkable. All right, bye.

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