The Unexpected Impact of Entrepreneurship

[00:00:00] Hello? Hello my friends. It's me, Kellee Wynne I'm just popping in here for my weekly little message to you in this in between series from where Unfold ended. In August and where we're gonna be picking up in January with the new podcast season two. I didn't wanna wait that long before I got to chat with you again.

[00:00:25] So here I am continuing this little in between series. What do you think of it? Are you tuning in, listening to the whole thing? Am I sharing anything insightful with you? Am I just rambling every week with the name ideas? I don't know. There's something for me, very therapeutic about being able to just turn on the recorder.

[00:00:47] I close my eyes and I sit here and I just share with you from my heart, and I love. Being able to do that, it makes the podcast far more enjoyable and less stressful for me. So hopefully I'm still delivering something worth to you. I have to tell you, it is almost midnight on Sunday, so I'm really good at procrastinating.

[00:01:09] I have to admit, like I've been procrastinating everything that I need to do. But I knew I just needed to sit down here and chat with you. I, I didn't really even have a plan because I've been so busy all day today trying to find all those last little bits of things that I need to pack for my trip to Nepal.

[00:01:29] And I know I've been talking about this nonstop for weeks, if not months now, cuz I'm super excited, but I'm also kind of nervous. Well, yes. Here I am still, Do I have pants that fit? Do I have nice, thick socks so my feet don't get blisters while I'm hiking? I mean, what about washing my clothes? It's three weeks.

[00:01:51] What do I do? I'm not gonna pack three weeks worth of underwear. So I found some soap that I can use for washing clothes in the sink. I mean, other little things, little funny things that I'm like, Oh, I should probably have that too. I, I don't like to over pack. In fact, when I travel, my ideal travel is to travel with just the size of a carry-on and a backpack, and that's it.

[00:02:16] It doesn't matter how long I'm gone for. I learned that from watching Rick Steve's travel videos when I was younger, and I just thought, how do you do that and not bring a huge suitcase for three weeks in Europe? And then I realized you have to hold that stuff with you everywhere you go. So light packing is great, but on this trip I needed to bring, um, warm clothes for warm weather and for cold weather, and I needed a sleeping bag. And of course, heavy hiking boots would normally, I like to pack really light stuff, but I did go and pick out a few new really cute outfits. So I'm kind of excited because you know, I'm gonna feel good. Take this adventure clothes that are comfortable and perfectly suited for.

[00:03:02] Oh, well, we'll see if it's perfectly suited, but yes, procrastinate. Speaking of procrastination, there's a few other things I've been procrastinating. I have projects that I need to have done before I take off on this trip because work still continues when the. Boss lady is on her global adventures and um, and I have a sweet little team that helps me with my business.

[00:03:31] I don't think that I'd be able to be where I am today if I hadn't hired. The perfect right people to work with. I feel like they're part of my family now and my life every day. Being able to communicate with really amazing people that I know have my back while I'm gone, and that's really. Like that's somewhere that I wasn't a few years ago.

[00:03:57] And if you've listened to the podcast in past episodes, I talked about how I ended up with burnout and why my first iteration of a membership, the True Colors Art Program failed. And there's a lot of reasons why I can say, but you know for sure. Not having systems in place and not having the right people there to support you, um, leaving everything on your own shoulders and that, that's just the learning curve of building a business.

[00:04:25] So the learning curve, I have to remember now is that you cannot wait until the last minute to have everything to hand off to your team. But I do have. I'll have the social media running while I'm gone, at least for Color Crush, and I'll try to pop in a little bit on Kellee Wynne, my new account. Yeah, I mentioned it last week. I'd been kind of in flux about how I felt. Running Kellee Wynne Studios, my main Instagram account. I am still showing up as the artist on Kellee Wynne Studios as the instructor, and I'm not abandoning that account. But as you know, I did start a new one, which may seem a little bit bonkers because that's more work to do.

[00:05:10] But I needed a place that I could show up as all of myself, or honestly, as my coach said, as a thought leader, which I was really honored that she would consider me that way, but I. Yeah. I wanna be able to share with you my journey as a, an entrepreneur in search of my own spiritual pathway as a global traveler, and hopefully as a, as somebody who's making an impact on others to take risks with their life and fulfill their.

[00:05:47] So I kind of felt like I just needed a space to be able to talk about that without alienating all the people who were over there following me on Kellee Wynne studios. So for those of you who have been on this journey with me for well over eight years now, um, I've got your back. But I also have to be in a place where I can be as the most authentic me that I can be. And um, and that meant starting Kellee Wynne. So come find me there at K E L L E E W Y N N E. So we can chat every once in a while. I'm gonna be sharing some ideas. I'll share the behind the scenes of this trip. I'm taking, I don't know if you call it behind the scenes. I'll share with you some of the details of this trip that I'm taking to Nepal um, for as long as. I have internet access, so a lot of the details may be coming in after the fact, and I'm okay with that. And of course, I wanna be able to share with you the entrepreneurial journey, because that's really the focus that I'm moving forward with quite primarily next year is a integrative course, I don't wanna really call it a course, it's a program. I'm gonna be there live coaching you and helping you so that I can be there with you as you're growing your remarkable business, helping you make it more aligned and profitable than it ever was before. So yes, that's the path that I'm taking as I move forward.

[00:07:22] And that doesn't mean that I'm abandoning teaching art either. That's why I have a team to help continue to promote Color Crush, uh, the new branch of the art courses and such. So yeah, it's just kind of like been a while here that I've been sorting out where everything belongs and how I'm planning on moving forward.

[00:07:43] I needed some massive clarity, and that's coming in waves. It's coming in waves through relationships that I have and smart women that I surround myself with and the love and support from my family. And then of course, I'll be honest, my own damn fortitude. I mean, if you're not strong, You, you're gonna really find yourself crumbling in the pressure of building a business.

[00:08:11] And so that does take a certain sort of strength to keep showing up over and over again and trusting in yourself. And so that's been a huge journey for me to get to that place where I really trust myself and believe what I'm doing. And that. That I can stay true to myself in that process and not allow myself to burn again.

[00:08:34] Of course, that's really an essential component of building a business is, is creating it in a way that you're living, as I've always said, life by design and not by default. If you're, if you're living in alignment, that means that you live with integrity, you live with your values and everything that you do as you create the business.

[00:08:54] As you make decisions on what offers you're gonna make and how you're gonna serve your customer or the community or the greater humanity as a whole. And so for me, it's just really taken a long journey to get to that point. And so moving forward, I'm really thrilled after having coached several. Amazing artists this year and worked through all these details.

[00:09:22] I know without a doubt that the steps that I've taken to get where I'm at, I can teach you so that you can grow your business so that you're not stuck in this place where you've started something and you're not seeing progress. I want. To be able to empower you to do the same thing that I've done, which is turn a dream, an idea, your creativity, and all the things that make you remarkable into an amazing life and a business that helps other people.

[00:09:55] And when I say help, I really literally mean what you're doing helps other people. And I. I was noticing this today cause I've had to do a big massive clean out of my phone. I had to make some space. Y'all. I'm taking this trip and I'm gonna record every bit of it, so I needed to make some space. So I was looking through everything and I had this one beautiful file folder filled with the kindest things that people have said over the years.

[00:10:26] I find it funny that when I listened to like coaching, Experts that talk about how to build businesses that they're always like, Don't take anything personal. Don't take the good stuff, personal or the bad stuff. Personal, which is much. Harder to do than it is to say, but I understand the sentiment behind that because people reflect back their own selves when they leave comments.

[00:10:55] And I'm really fortunate that I don't get a whole lot of negative comments. In fact, really, honestly, the community is so. Incredibly kind and generous, and I love that about our community. But I do take the comments that are kind and thoughtful. Kind of personally and not personally as in, oh look, I'm so great.

[00:11:20] People love me, which I'm not going to deny the fact that we need a little bit of love to keep going. It's nice to hear, but what really like. In, in the soul of who I am, when I hear these stories of people who say that it was something that I said or did, or most likely a course that I created that changed them, that helped them, that that brought them through a dark time.

[00:11:51] I just read one today. I must have missed it, but it was posted about two weeks ago, and I've been talking about the fact that I'm launching Timeless Arches again and I haven't in three years. And the comments that I'm getting from the people who took that course, it's wonderful because there're sharing what it meant to them.

[00:12:11] And one comment in part. It was about, well the last time it was launched was 2019 and in the, the winter of 2019, right before, Well, we all know what happened in 2020, and so to hear these beautiful artists say that it helped them through a dark time, it's just, I don't know. It's, that's the moment where I'm like, Something so simple is putting.

[00:12:38] My artwork into the world. My knowledge and how to make art into the world can help bring other people through dark times. It can help others find themselves in the journey and in the joy. It can help people just learn how to make art better and be happy making the art. I read another comment about someone who had listened to me on a podcast episode that I had recorded with Laura Horn, I think it was a couple years ago.

[00:13:08] Must have been quite a while, maybe 29, 18 or 2019. I, I had recorded a podcast episode with Laura Horn and we were just talking about, um, making art for the joy of it and not always for the product. And apparently all those years ago, something I said made enough of a difference to someone else that they found joy.

[00:13:34] In their artwork. Again, I could go on with these stories over and over again, and I save them. I save the comments. I try to remember to be generous back and give comments back to you, but every single message that I get, I save. I screen capture it. We save folders in our email when people ride in. One of my dear customers told me a story about a time, um, when she found me, um, what she had been going through is that she had, uh, an accident of some sort.

[00:14:08] I don't remember all the details, but she had such terrible concussion. I guess she ended up with, uh, brain damage severe enough that she lost a lot of her motor skills and obviously her confidence and her happiness left with that because she had been an artist before that. And, um, and of course through therapy, physical therapy and all the things that she needed to go through, it was a massive struggle for her.

[00:14:37] And in that time is when I had released the Magic of Oil Pastels, which was one of my. Uh, more unusual courses because people don't really know how to use oil pastels, but they're kind of, Well, I named it magic because they are magical. They're, they're not that challenging to use and, and the way the colors all just kind of come out on the paper and spill out to make beautiful florals and landscapes in any which way that you want to use 'em.

[00:15:05] It's just a, it is a different medium than using paint and the sweet customer of mine. Client, customer, artist, sweet, sweet part of our community is really how I think of each and every one of you. And she told me that through that practice she found her confidence again, her voice, and it brought her out of a deep, dark depression.

[00:15:31] And she showed me the artwork from before and after and it was amazing. Such a significant jump in just a matter of a couple of months. And it's those moments. You know, the messages that the artwork or the course brought somebody through a dark time when their sister was going through breast cancer or they just lost their husband and, and these stories unfortunately happen so often and other beautiful things like because of courses that they've taken with me, they went on to sell artwork and start their own art course.

[00:16:05] And I get, I get these messages and I just, Sometimes I cry because who would've ever thought when I started doing this that it would make such an impact? Who would've ever thought, I know I didn't. I mean, I just thought, I'm gonna make some art. Teach people how to make art and see what comes of it. And if I make a little extra cash so that I can finally pay for my kids', you know, college education or the roof that needs to be put on the house so that the burden isn't always just on my husband's shoulders, then that's great.

[00:16:44] And then everything flipped in my head once I started. my, my first online art course and, and I realized that, that an online art course is only one way of many now that I understand entrepreneurship. But the fact is, there came a point where it wasn't. I mean, yes, there's a whole money mindset to get around of making income off of doing something that you love and it is, Mind blowingly amazing that it's possible, but it is incredibly humbling, humbling to the core to know that you can make a difference through doing something that you love.

[00:17:27] And I just don't know how else to explain it except for, I wanted to share this with you because it's my. Calling to you to say that if you have something in you that you know that you are supposed to be sharing, then it is your dare I say obligation. If this is the gift that the divine has given you and you know that it will make a difference for others, whether it's teaching a course or hosting retreats or doing art therapy, or I don't know, making beautiful products that bring people joy, whatever it is that you're called to do.

[00:18:10] However it is that you're meant to show up. I feel like I needed to tell this message to you that there's a reason for it. There's a reason for you to show up and build that business and share your talents, share your joy, make an impact, help other people see their worth in themselves through the work that you do.

[00:18:32] And so this is my. My big motivation to continue to do what I do, it's my big motivation to show up and be able to teach others how to do what I've done, and besides the fact that it changes and revolutionizes your own life in and of itself. I really do believe that running a business teaches you how to be so strong, how to be, how to show up as yourself, how to learn an incredible feat of new skills.

[00:19:03] How to communicate better, how to be a better leader. And really that's the most important part, because that's taking me the longest time, is learning how to be a better leader. But I love that part of it. I love being able to show up and be myself and hope that in the process of being myself, I'm allowing other people to be themselves as well.

[00:19:25] You know, by being open about the journey, about being honest, about how hard it is, about being truthful about, you know, what a difference that it's made in my life and my family's life, and really honestly to how your heart can just crack wide open with the process of being an entrepreneur when you realize.

[00:19:51] That other people find joy in what you've created for them. It's really quite an interesting experience to take this journey, you know, five years later and see what, what a, what a huge, remarkable difference it is. And I can't wait to tell you more. That's a thing. Speaking of procrastination, All the things that I need to do before I leave on Wednesday.

[00:20:14] I had promised my dear project manager that I would have a page up for you to be able to sign up for the wait list for this incredible program we're putting together. But alas, I do not have that for you at this moment. So I wanna encourage you to at least at the very least, download. This really amazing PDF that I created for you. It's 100 ways to make money as an artist without selling your art. I did the work for you a hundred ways and what I've heard from other people who've downloaded the pdf. Is that they read through the advice and then they read through the 100 ways and they highlight the ones that are most interesting to them.

[00:20:55] And of course, you know, I came up with some really off the wall ways in which you could build a business. And this isn't just for those who are painters, this is for anyone who's creative. So you know, if you are creative and you're not a painter, I'm speaking to you if you're a yoga instructor, if you are a basket weaver, which actually I think would be a really fun job.

[00:21:17] If you, I don't know if, if you teach children how to, you know, play music, it doesn't matter. Whatever it is that you are doing, your creativity that's flowing through you, it's for you. You can just adapt some of the words, you know, but, In all honesty, a hundred ways, anything from helping people or organize their studios to leading retreats around the world, you, you have no idea what you're capable of doing when you start putting together all the things that you love and that you know, and that you have connections with, what kind of amazing.

[00:21:54] Business that you can really show up for. So I made that list, highlight them all and then see what the common thread is between them. And I've gotten some feedback from those who have used this to their advantage, to kinda like open up their, their eyes to what's possible. Maybe they've already started selling their artwork, maybe they're already made their first art course.

[00:22:17] But then to make this shift to kind of see it in a more complete way of, How you're serving, more specific ways that you're serving your community and your customer. So all you gotta do is go to Kelly one studios.com/ 100. That's K E L L E E W Y N N e studios.com/one zero and of course we'll have it in the show notes, but I really would love for you to do that.

[00:22:48] And then send me a note telling me what you thought of that pdf. And don't forget to tell a few friends if they are on that entrepreneurial journey to go and download it as well, because I would love for more people to have their eyes on this and be able to crack that code, you know, of what's next.

[00:23:08] Anyhow, I've been rambling enough tonight and it's passed way past my bedtime, and you're getting this first thing Monday morning. So I just wish you well. I hope it's a joyful week for you and that, you know, you get out in nature a little bit and breathe in the fresh air. Go put your hand on a tree and see what energy runs through you.

[00:23:33] I, I bet you, you will find it quite electric, those trees. They speak. You just have to listen. So have a beautiful week my friends. Come find me on Instagram and say Hi. Please share this podcast. Don't forget to like, follow, leave, a comment. Whatever you can do to help support it, to help it grow. And I will be hopefully back with you next week.

[00:23:58] I will be in Kathmandu, but I will be at a hotel, so I will have internet then. But after that, once I start tracking, I don't. We'll check in when I can. So until then au revoir, adios. Love you all so very much. Bye.

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