The Last Episode As UNFOLD

[00:00:00] Being an entrepreneur and being in business is revolutionary for me. This path lights me up like nothing else has lit me up before. The ability to figure out problems and solve them, and create something out of nothing. And to offer service to others and create joy for others, watching people grow and thrive and write me letters that say at my lowest point, I found you and I was able to dive into oil pastels, and now look at where I am. Those stories that come to me, they light my soul up. They light my heart up. That's what I get up every morning to do.

[00:00:45] You're listening to Unfold with Kellee Wynne. This is an unpolished imperfect and totally honest podcast. And I'm talking to all the artist creatives, visionaries and change makers who wanna live a life by design and not by default, if you're ready to have thought provoking, eye opening and heart centered conversations that explore the stories that made us who we are and break through the boundaries of expectations, then you are in the right place.

[00:01:17] Well, hello hello, everyone. Welcome to Unfold with Kellee Wynne. The very last episode that we'll be calling it Unfold. Yeah, things change. Big shifts are happening. In fact, right now I am at the annual family cabin trip. So if you're watching this on YouTube, hello from the woods, you can hear the stream behind me. I'm sure. Possibly the cicadas as they start chirping. It is, uh, warm humid day and my hair is going frizzy. Not that you can see that if you're listening to this on the podcast, but for those of you on YouTube, hey look, I'm coming just as myself in my ratty old t-shirt uh, because I've been painting this whole time. In fact, that's part of my tradition coming up to the cabin is I sit on the porch. And paint the whole week long, spend time with the family, hike and have a whole lot of epiphanies.

[00:02:13] In fact, it was right here at the cabin a year ago that I had that big aha moment that I needed to start this podcast. So I figured what better way to wrap up episode 30 of Unfold with Kellee Wynne before we shift to something completely new. So I figured I'd just come right back here, where I had that first epiphany, that first aha moment that I knew I needed to come to you and share what's on my heart and my mind and share all of me and who I am. And in the hopes of connecting with you deeper so that you can see that you can be all of you.

[00:02:54] That's really my deepest purpose here. I think on this earth, in this lifetime. And I've had some major clarity on that over the last several months, the, the amount of clarity that's been coming through, um, the amount of openness and you know, just that, that true connection with purpose has been so significant that it's undeniable. Which is part of the reason why shifting gears with this podcast, including changing the name and then changing the direction a little bit is something I feel very compelled and called to do this. Isn't just on a whim. This is definitely about moving forward on the path that I'm supposed to be on.

[00:03:40] A year ago when I was here at the cabin, I had more goals than just starting a podcast. In fact, if you go back to the prologues, you're gonna hear. Prologue one, two and three. That's before the podcast officially launched. Some of you have listened, some of you have not, but I really recommend going back and hearing the origin story of how I got here and why I got here. And especially prologue three, where I talk about my big audacious goals and , and I had some wild ones and I wanted to kind of catch you up with where I'm at with them right now.. Maybe you need to pause this podcast and go back and listen to the prologues, especially prologue number three, so that you can hear where I was when I launched off at the beginning of this year. So you can kind of compare with where I'm at now.

[00:04:28] Some things have changed. Some things I've accomplished. Some things are still pretty far off in the future, but I will tell you the whole goal was to reach a lot of these milestones before I turn 50 and I have about a year and a half left, maybe a little less time is ticking pretty fast. So what can I say? I know that life is long and life is short all at the same time. So I just gotta stay focused, stay present, and continue to make the change happen in my life that I want to have happen. Live life by design and not by default. Let me tell you about a couple things that I can already just check right off that list.

[00:05:08] First, I got a tattoo. No, I really finally did it. I finally got the tattoo. I wanted one my whole life and I just didn't know what to commit to. But what was amazing about this moment in time, that I was able to get the tattoo, is that it ended up being very significant. Emotional, powerful, and in hindsight, it was just what I needed. You can go back to listen to the podcast episode where I talk about my trip through the Southwest with my mom, but at the very end of that trip, my mom and I got to matching tattoos and it was really a culmination of our life experience together, but also a deeper love and understanding of each other because things aren't always easy with your family. There have been rocky roads. There have been rough patches where maybe we rubbed each other the wrong way. We've had troubles with siblings extended family members. And that's, this is not the place for me to go into all those details, but I can tell you there's some deep, deep wounds and spending that time with my mom, that three weeks on the road and having everything be so blissful, so loving, so accepting, so kind and learning a whole new way to communicate and love deeper. The person that I come from, the people that I come from and understanding that in a different way, a different direction, meant that getting this tattoo really was significant for me. So it's not exactly how I expected getting that first tattoo to go. It's far better to tell you the truth. So, so much more significant than I ever thought it it could be. And every time I look at that, that compass, it reminds me of the direction that I wanna keep going with my life and the, and the depths of love that I wanna continue to learn. Yes, I got the tattoo. And I'm so grateful that that moment came. Of course. Now I want more, no doubt. I want more because I have other memories and significance that I would love to decorate my body with, because I don't have an attachment to the body as a physical form, maybe the way other people might. I know that it's temporary. But also because I know how temporary it is.

[00:07:28] One of my other goals is essential and that's fit by 50. So where decorating the body is one thing, but taking care of yourself internally and mentally, physically, spiritually, these are all really important goals of mine. And one of those goals was physically fit by 50, and I'm not making as much progress on that as I'd like, some of it is just inertia, breaking through the challenges of, you know, getting fit. The challenges of just getting off the couch and getting moving and saying no to sugar and all those things that are just like normal blocks that humans go through. Those are my normal challenges as well. However, I wanna be here for the long haul. I wanna be able to climb mountains. I wanna be here for my great grandchildren. I want to be able to be agile and continue to travel and continue to serve and continue to show up and not let, uh, poor health and taking poor care of myself, interfere with that. So I am making progress. However, I've had some health setbacks. I had covid just a month ago. And so that's really pushed me back on my activity level. I have been hiking a lot over the last year and I have been training, just not making as much progress as I want thanks to a few setback backs along the way.

[00:08:59] However, I need to get my button in gear because in just two short months, I'm gonna be flying to Nepal so I can check another thing off my list. Yes. I am going to be hiking the Annapurna Circuit, which was on my bucket list of things to do before I turned 50. And wouldn't, you know, it, a friend of mine called me on new year's day and said, Hey, I'm taking this tour. Do you wanna come? And it was a big fuck. Yes. Yes. That's that was so important to me. And it was like, it just came it's. It was there in front of me and I seized the opportunity and I'm getting on that plane in a couple of months and I am heading to Nepal and I am treking the Annapurna Circuit, and I am doing yoga at sunrise and meditation at sundown and going to the Buddhist temple. And really experiencing a cultural expedition. And it's something that I've dreamed of since my teen years, as soon as I really opened my eyes to see what the world was about. So I feel very, as you can see really thrilled that this part of my must do list is going to be accomplished before I turn 50.

[00:10:11] Now let's like, breeze past most of the rest of the list, because there were several things on that list that I feel like aren't nearly as important to me now, a few of those things were speaking gig licensing, deal, writing another book. Um, I'm not saying I don't want 'em to happen, but if they don't happen by 50, eh, so what? Well, what I realized was more important to me instead of a speaking gig, would be learning how to communicate, not just here on the podcast, not just on social media, but to my friends, to my family, to myself, learning how to communicate with love, with kindness, with openness, without so much judgment with, with a whole new fresh set of eyes, learning how to listen more, speak less. This is a big challenge for me. So if I was to replace anything on that list of must do before 50, it's learning how to communicate. And I think with learning how to be a better communicator, I'm gonna be able to serve my customers better.

[00:11:14] I'm gonna be able to open up to you in ways that I haven't allowed myself to open up before. I'll be able to grow deeper relationships with the people that matter. And of course I've already made some progress in that. Through learning how to communicate better with my mother through having a healthier, better relationship with my husband, still miles and miles to go in order to get there. But I feel like this goal will serve me better for a lifetime and a lifetime of eternity, more so than any speaking gig or licensing deal or book writing, deal, whatever give to me. So this is a big shift in the way I'm thinking.

[00:11:51] And another thing that's really important that I realize this year is my relationship with my art practice, because it's been on display for the last decade, working artist, selling artist, gallery, uh, teaching, every single thing that I've done with my art has been a means to an end, to build my career. And I am so grateful for that, but of course, along the way I've lost touch a bit with who I am and how I wanna make art. And so this year, so far, every time I go to make art, I've been doing it with joy and with playfulness, if I can keep doing that and making art for me, I think my art is gonna be a lot more meaningful. I don't know if it'll be better. I don't know if it'll be sellable or usable. But that's not the goal anymore for me. My goal is to make art that brings me joy and that's a huge radical shift for me. So whether I get a licensing deal or sell my art or any of that, it's no longer relevant to goals that I need to meet by 50, but being able to make art that brings joy to me and to others is like a huge delight. In fact, I haven't even been sharing the artwork publicly for the last two months of art, new art that I've been making. Even here at the cabin. So I think you might wanna tune into this YouTube video because I will probably be overlaying a few of these video clips of some of the playful patterns that I've been making. And the bright colors that I've been using, it's just a way for me to find a new way to express myself and joy that I am cultivating.

[00:13:24] So I'm excited that it's coming out in my art and I'm doing it for me for no one else, but me and maybe in the long run, there will be all kinds of possibilities that come from it. But in the moment, it's just to bring joy. And when I feel joy, I spread more joy and that's why I encourage others to make art, is because when you feel joy, you're gonna spread more joy. It just goes around. It's just like that pay it forward feeling. What else can I communicate with you now about that big audacious goal list of mine?

[00:13:59] I put on that list to go on a proper honeymoon with my husband and to buy that dream property. And those are still on my list. I will keep them on the list if I can do it before 50, that'll be fantastic. Um, we actually were looking at property just recently. I mean, look at where I'm at. It inspires me every year that I come here to the cabin when we can spend this time in nature. It's so. It's just so healing. And so I'm still working towards that goal, but I'll arrive when it's time to arrive when the perfect property comes, when it's meant to be.

[00:14:35] Okay, two things left on the list that I wanna discuss. One of my goals was to learn how to meditate and I've made a little bit of progress, but not nearly enough. And this has been a really interesting aha. Development for me about myself and about some of my own blocks and fears. And that's that every time I get deeper into a spiritual practice, every time that I tune in and start feeling what that spirit feels like, big blocks come up. Big walls and I shut it out and I stop. So for any of you out there, listening to me who have been on this path of meditation, of spirituality, of connecting with the greater power of the universe, and you recognize this as a stumbling block along the way. Hey, feel free to reach out to me and tell me any tips on how you've moved past it. I know really, honestly, the best is to just keep doing it, to just keep showing up for yourself. Because what I understand about meditation is that it is just communication. It is just communication with yourself and your deeper spirit. And every time I do it, I feel like so alive. It's so exciting. And then the fear bubbles up. What if I'm wrong? What if there is nothing? What if none of this means anything? What if I'm right.? And I take that next step to, towards enlightenment, but not actually being enlightened, but feeling better, happier and more soul nourished. Will it push me further away from the people that I love? What else comes up with spirituality? Um, maybe my mortality , that's one of the things that I think comes up and yet, sometimes the deeper you go into spirituality, the less you're fearful of your mortality. So it's such a ironic thing for me to be afraid of the thing that can actually help me. I know, I feel more peace when I meditate. I know that I have more of an open heart and an open mind and creativity flows like lightning into my heart when I meditate. I don't know how else to explain it, but I know what it does for me and yet, after a week or two of making it a regular practice, I just shut down in fear. So I'm gonna continue down this path of exploring my spirituality, exploring meditation, exploring what that means to me and why there might be so much fear coming up while I'm exploring.

[00:17:12] But I do know that when I take this trip to Nepal, uh, there will be some meditation coaches along the way. Some teachers who will help guide me and teach me how to create a meditation practice, because that's all it is, is practice. It's not something I'm supposed to figure out all at once. It's just something that takes time, just like anything else, writing, art music, learning how to get fit and learning how to meditate. It just takes time. So even though my mind knows it, my heart gets a little scared. I just know I need to keep pushing through.

[00:17:48] And finally, the last thing that was on that big audacious goal list, it's still something that's important to me. It's abundance and specifically making a million dollars in revenue in one year's time before I turn 50. So I've got next year folks. However, I'm gonna take a little step back a little step back on this idea that it needs to be specifically a certain dollar amount that it specifically needs to be in a, a timeframe that's plenty realistic, yet arbitrary, but what I do realize that's more important to me. That's like really come up a lot in the last few weeks is that I wanna serve a million people. That kind of abundance is far more exciting to me, far more powerful. I know that with each step that I make towards serving you, you'll be able to serve others. That one change that I can affect, and one person might reverberate for years and years to come for, for families to come. That if I can help you get on your feet and make a beautiful, aligned business out of something that you're very passionate about, then that can carry on for decades to come, centuries to come. Can change entire families and entire lives. Um, it is definitely gonna change you because it's changed me so profoundly.

[00:19:14] Being in business for myself has probably been one of the most life changing life affirming things that I've ever done. And I know I'm a mom and that was an amazing thing to give birth to three beautiful children. And they are still my light of my life. And being in partnership with my husband has given me in incredible growth over the years as well. And that's an, that's one of the most significant things that I've been able to accomplish, but pushing past that. Being an entrepreneur and being in business is revolutionary for me coming from a background where being a mom was, what I was taught to do. Being in service to my family was what I was taught to do and I'm not saying that to doing that is the wrong path. I'm saying that this path lights me up. Like nothing else has lit me up before the ability to figure out problems. And solve them and create something out of nothing and to offer service to others and create joy for others and to create the virtual art summit and art courses and my mastermind and watching people grow and thrive and write me letters that say. "At my lowest point, I found you and I was able to dive into oil pastels, and now look at where I am". Those stories that come to me, they light my soul up. They light my heart up. That's what I get up every morning to do. I thought it was the money. And for the longest time, the money was the motivator, but you can't continue. If money is your only why, and though I believe money is so powerful and then we all deserve it. Once you get past your worthiness and you get past those money blocks and you realize that money is just a tool to serve you, your family, your loved ones, and the world. Once you get past that, then money is just part of the journey. But the service, the ability to show up here on a podcast and speak to you about what's in my heart and soul. So that maybe the more I can be myself, the more you feel like you can be yourself. The more that I light up, the more you can light up, the more that I get excited, the more you can get excited. Do you see where I'm going with this?

[00:21:26] I used to think that my passion was wrong. I used to think that I was, I don't know, rubbing everyone the wrong way. I was the bossy girl. I was the one that caused friction and uncomfortableness everywhere I went. Because I was told this, I was told this from a young age that I was too loud and I was too much and I was too everything I never fit in. I had a hard time with friendships. Everything seemed like it was a big barrier I had to push through and I did it over and over again. And there was still something driving me from deep in my gut, that place, you know, where things come from that, knowing that solar plexus, oh my God. That kept pushing me forward to do the thing that I felt destined to do. And it was this year that I realized that that was it the whole time the destiny was to create something for others. To create something in this world to give you the tools that you need to find your joy, to find your path, to find your amazing purpose in life. And maybe you've heard someone speak like this before. They're just telling you that they wanna help you find your purpose. But I really do believe deep in my core that this is my calling, that I am born to be a leader and that's not a bad thing. That just because I was bossy pants, Kellee, when I was a little girl doesn't mean that it wasn't the right path for me, that it was that I truly believe now that it was my calling all along.

[00:22:56] I just had to wait nearly 50 years to figure it out. And because of the suffering that I had as a child, because of being picked on, because of being excluded because of being the outsider for most of my life, because of the friction I've had with friendships and relationships and jobs and everything that I've attempted to do because of that friction that I felt I'm able to come here more wholly, more complete than I ever could have had things been easy.

[00:23:26] So now I know that I need to create that safe place, that beautiful place that other people can come in and feel included to feel like they're part of something special and not the outsider anymore. And I know that once I realized that once I had that massive aha. That everything changed for me, everything opened up including how to organize my business, what it was that I wanted to do, moving forward with my business. How I was gonna organize everything, how I was shifting all of my art making, all of my art courses over to the Color Crush brand and shifting all the motivational and mentorship and business education over to another brand. To another container where I can hold space for you, where I can hold space for others in a way that I couldn't do before, when I was confused and mixing it all up and jumbling it all into one place. But now, now I can look at it all and it all makes sense, but it took a massive shift this year to get there.

[00:24:30] A massive shift that was underway for two whole years. Knowing in 2020 when I hit that burnout wall. And I said, I don't think that I can move forward with True Colors anymore because it's not the right path for me. There is something bigger. There is something I am meant to do, and I need to figure it out and had I not trusted my gut. And that then I wouldn't be here talking to you today on this podcast, on this video to explain to you that I'm here for. I have something very important that I'm gonna be sharing with you over the next several months and years. And I hope you come along with me on that journey.

[00:25:07] For those of you who are art makers, the podcast is still gonna be open for you. If you are a creative and that is the only goal that you have is to learn how to make art for joy. I applaud you for finding that about yourself. Not everybody needs to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone needs to start a business. I get you, but for everyone else that felt that little spark while I was talking today for everyone else who feels that fire starting light under your ass. Well, you're gonna wanna join me as I move forward in the next phase of Kellee Wynne and the next phase of this podcast and my business and where I'm going next.

[00:25:48] I think that you're gonna find it quite remarkable, and I'm really excited to be able to share all of that with you in just a few short weeks, I'm gonna close down Unfold with Kellee Wynne for just a few weeks here. And then when we open again in September, you'll see a lot of what you're gonna experience is very similar to where we've already been passion, authenticity, showing up as all of me so you can show up as all of you. All the things that I've been saying all along, those are still true to my core. But as I've unfolded over the last 30 episodes, I've realized it's time to open up into the next version of me. And I think I just needed to go on this journey with you with the start of this podcast so that we could see where it's going to open up at.

[00:26:37] I hope you'll join me as the podcast relaunches and all the new exciting information will be revealed coming in September. My friends, thank you so much for being part of this journey with me, for listening in every week, for sharing with your friends, for giving me the support and the sweet messages that you send my way. I read every single one of those. I appreciate every comment, every well wish, and every bit of encouragement that you continue to share with me on Instagram and in my inbox, it means the world to me. I can't even begin to express how important you are because I wouldn't be doing this, if it weren't for you. I wouldn't be here showing up on video on audio every single week, if it wasn't for you, if it wasn't for the fact that I know if just one person hears this and it makes a difference, if it revolutionizes your life, if you come to that point of knowing that you are made remarkable. Then I feel like I've done the job that I was meant to do. All right, everyone, until we come back again, thank you so much. I love you so much. I wish the best of everything to you. I will talk to you soon.

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