Transcript Ep 13 Purpose, Process and Money Mindset

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And I'm finally getting to that point where it's like ready to just boil over out of me and get going again. And I think it's because I remember what I love the most. So when we're making work that we don't resonate with, or that we're feeling forced to. I've been thinking about this a lot like it's been a challenge for me for many years now of making art for the course, for the show, for a commission or whatever. And this is all work with somebody else's dictation, even if it's my own dictation, I'm going to make this course so I have to make this work to teach this course. And I realise I just like had such an aha, that it's like, if I'm making work that I feel passionate about that I'm alive, that makes me feel electric and tingly, is gonna resonate so much more with everybody else. So you're gonna see a shift in my courses. I have only two planed this year.

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You're listening to Unfold with Kellee Wynne this is an unpolished, imperfect and totally honest podcasts. And I'm talking to all the artists, creatives, visionaries, and changemakers, who want to live a life by design and not by default. If you're ready to have thought provoking eye opening and heart centred conversations, that explore the stories that made us who we are, and break through the boundaries of expectations, then you are in the right place.

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Well, hey, hey guess what, guess who's back in town and just live in her regular old normal stay at home life. If you didn't hear, I spent three weeks on the road travelling through the Southwest because hey, who doesn't love to hit the road when the gas prices are at their highest? But in all reality, I loved that time that I was finally able to get away after you know, years of staying home, and spend some time bonding with my mom. If you didn't get a chance to listen to episode 11, I recapped the whole trip on my very last night and I shared with you all my mini adventures and also clued you in on how many things I have been checking off that list of all the things I must do before I turned 50 including trekking seeing the Grand Canyon and getting a tattoo. So you know, you might want to tune into Episode 11. Here we are today I am getting myself ready for the virtual art Summit. So if you have not heard about that, you need to tune into that special event go to Virtual Art summit.com. It is coming right around the corner that 16 artists with amazing art lessons. And that's what I'm working on this whole month. I think I have to put art aside once again. That's okay. I'll put that pile of art for sale this summer sometime.

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What am I doing with this three part series that you're probably wondering, what's this Q & A thing? Well, let me tell you, my favourite time to communicate with you is actually when I go live, recording these podcasts, they're really a lot of fun. But it's even more fun when I know that you're with me on the journey. So what I like to do is after the podcast is over, have a little Q & A discussion on my Instagram Live. And you know, I may host that somewhere else in the near future Facebook or YouTube. They all have live options. when I'm live with you. You know, even on Zoom, I'm getting feedback, I'm having a discussion with you. You're asking me questions. I'm reading through that and I'm channelling in this really amazing energy. And I just get on a roll. You'll see, as this goes, you're gonna listen to three different episodes of where I went live with you on Instagram. And we really got into some fun discussions and some serious ones. And some silly ones I'm telling you.

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And so today we're going to kind of cover purpose - the purpose of the podcast and purpose of where I'm going in my future, how I want to help and serve you. And then I really kind of hit on the hammer on the head of money mindset. And so I don't know if it's going to be a little bit triggering for you, or maybe empowering which I owe everything that I say gives you a little bit more power to move forward and stand on your own two feet to do the things that light you up and so that you can, you know, fulfil your dreams in this life and not let life pass you by. Again I come back to that statement that I love, live life by design and not by default.

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Okay, so this is part one. You're gonna have two more coming up in a couple of weeks. Please tune in and do me a favour please share the podcast, I want this thing to just keep on making its way around the art community. So if you share it on your Instagram and you tag me, I'm going to reshare it in my stories. That's Kellee when studios KELLEE WYNNE studios, on Instagram and anywhere on the web. If you just type that in, you'll find me share it, tag it. Tell everyone we'll take a listen the next time they are driving, walking, running, painting, putting together puzzles, you know, that's something I would do. And sit back and relax and listen to some Unfold with Kellee Wynne.

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uh, hello. I'm here. I made it. Getting comfortable. Look, right now, I'm all 80's style. Am I silly or what? Also, I have my mug. So I'm telling you right now, a big cup of I'm the fucking boss. And if you haven't figured that out about me yet, then you're probably in the wrong place. So either you like it or you don't and I'm okay with you saying no, that's not for me. But this, this is my boss face. Okay. This is my, my vintage 80's shirt that I'm like obsessed with black and white stripes right now or something of the sort. I don't know what it is , like, I'm like, Oh, just so into black and white. So you're gonna see more of that on me. Maybe it'll even be in my artwork, I don't know.

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But look at look at what's behind me. These, I was working on in 2020. And they're almost finished. So I figured I'm just gonna sit here, right in front of you with my big ol' cup. And we're gonna chat. Okay, thank you. You know, this was my husband's mug. Somebody gifted it to him at work. And I'm going to tell you right now, it was destined for me. I promptly stole it.

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Stripes and floral. See, look. Okay, so somebody caught it. Look, I one day I was like, Oh my gosh, what a beautiful combination. If I'm wearing stripes, or polka dots, maybe but stripes especially. And I have my art florals in my pictures like that beautiful pattern combination is just like, amazing, right? I'm so like, itching to make art. And this is a good thing. Because if you've been following for a while, I have been completely stuck, like not interested in making art at all.

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And I'm finally getting to that point where it's like ready to just boil over out of me and get going again. And I think it's because I remember what I love the most. So when we're making work that we don't resonate with, or that we're feeling forced to been thinking about this a lot like it's been a challenge for me for many years now of making art for the course, for the show for a commission or whatever. And this is all work with somebody else's dictation. Even if it's my own dictation, I'm going to make this course so I have to make this work to teach this course. And I realise I just like had such an Aha. That is like if I'm making work that I feel passionate about that I'm alive. That makes me feel all electric and tingly, it's gonna resonate so much more with everybody else. So you're gonna see a shift in my courses. I have only two planed this year. Audrey Hepburn look, okay, I can go with that.

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So I want to know what you're thinking about this podcast that I've launched? How many of you have listened to it? Have you listened to the prologues? And what did you think of 100 ways to make art or make money as an artist without selling your art? Like, that was kind of a crazy leap to go from just teaching art to now I'm really, I'm working towards it. Teach what you love. Thank you.

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Um, I feel this as soon as I have to do something I don't want to anymore.

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Your first podcast episode was amazing. That is inspired by charm. Thank you.

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I'm so glad, to have such amazing cat. Thank you. She says she loved all for these people who are here you are my people. Do you understand that? I know that it's been a rough start to the year for some of you who are like, What the hell is she doing? She's sharing everything. She's being a little more brash, she's using the F bomb. But why? Because I want to connect with the people that that resonates with, so that you can feel more alive and fulfil your dreams and be more of yourself and give you permission to you know stop the perfection. The perfectionism is killing us all this perfect professional feed that we think that we're supposed staff or Instagram, forget it.

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hi everybody

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QC Knitter I listened to everything and I loved it and find it motivating. Awesome. Um, Skipper Paints listened - So inspiring. I'm in the exploration phase though. So probably not starting anything immediately. But see I got your brain thinking, which phase are you in? Are you ready for this and if you're not, that's great. I took a long time to come back to art before I made decisions and it still took me a decade to kind of find my flow as to what I really wanted to do. Take your time. Your ideas aren't going anywhere, the opportunities aren't going anywhere. Make sure you're ready to step out on the right foot and get going.

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Love all podcasts and 100 great ideas. Thank you. That was Art with Courage.

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So anyhow, yay. Listen to all four. Well, my art table working in my art journal, fabulous. I get the working for others idea, love the direction you are going now. Look, sometimes the work that I'm doing, the artwork I'm doing is work for myself that I've put the pressure on me. And sometimes pressure is good. Sometimes strict focus is fabulous for your art and your creativity. And sometimes it might not even be the most enjoyable thing, but you're gonna find growth. My problem is is that I've been doing it so for so many years without my personal exploration in it. I can think of a few times, I actually was having a conversation with a friend today. Wait, I didn't sleep last night. I don't know why some nights are like that. And I just say Oh, well. So I have a job where I work for myself. And if I have a rough night, then I can take my time getting going in the morning. That is the beauty of running your own business.

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Um, I was talking to a friend today a real true, dear friend, and there's very few of them left in my life. This dear friend and I were talking about artwork that I've made over the years. And she reminded me of some of the ones some of the series that I've made that I've loved. And then we started talking about how I got stuck in series that I didn't love that I didn't feel like it propelled me forward. I got stuck making artwork for other people.

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For example, the seascapes, the seascapes were great. They were fun when I started them. But then they became a chore, because I made them because I live near the ocean and everyone wanted ocean art. Everyone wanted crabs and oysters, sailboats and beaches. And so I made them because I was making what would sell, not what came from my heart. And so I'm not saying that the work wasn't good, or that it wasn't valuable. I learned a lot from that. But what I learned the most was, I was making work based off of popularity and not what was in my heart and soul. And yet there were times when I was creating work that I love. But I moved too quickly for the next project for somebody else, or for the next thing I needed to do, or running my membership or whichever thing it was, for example, the timeless series. I never really dived into that, I did it for few months. And then I came back and did it for a few more, I should have spent years studying that style. And really getting deep into why I make it, how I make it, all the possibilities of making it. So if any of you have been following me long enough, and you can just scroll through my feed after this conversation is over. And you can see, when I did my timeless series, it was on and off for a couple of years. And the timeless series was exploring architecture, especially arches, throughout different locations, specifically Europe, but I still look for that arch here in America as well. Sometimes old doors or windows kind of popped into the scene. And I had this idea where I really wanted to explore like North African, Moroccan, Turkish, Tunisian, and then maybe Indian architecture, and like just push my limits on what I could do with this idea of really loose sketches, gold leaf colours, layers, patterns. And guess what, I moved on to something else before I ever took the time. You know, so I think the point I'm trying to tell you right now is sometimes we need to go deeper with our work and stick with something longer the thing that we are connected more deeply with.

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Of course now I've been on this kick with florals, and I've been deviating last year because I was finishing up courses. And I feel like I've been missing this, this right here. This is a real sensual expression of myself and I've talked about this in my posts in the past, which may seem a little like out there for me to talk about. But when I tap into that energy and I can feel that kind of electric through my body, almost an out of body experience, something just clicks, the work is so much better, I connect better, I can talk about the work better, I can dive into the work deeper, I feel far more fulfilled, and the work turns out better. So this is a theme that I'm going to be talking about on my podcast, as we go along with how we build the business because I feel like the two are like connected if you weren't making work that's from here. If you're not making work from your soul, that lights you up that that makes you curious, how are you going to build a business? whether it's selling the work, teaching the work, taking people on, on tours, whatever it is, like I gave you a list of 100. How are you really going to be able to use your talent and your and your voice, if you don't already fall in love with the work that you're making? So I'm very curious about that. But in the process of falling in love with the work that you're making, which means giving yourself grace, letting go of perfectionism, it means loving yourself more and loving the process more, which means, oh my goodness. So then it takes self love, some self love. So loving your process and loving yourself. And then you put those two together and you have the most beautiful, remarkable business that you can make an impact on other people. And this is my passion and my mission with the podcast and the way I'm taking my business in the future. So as I learn and explore for myself. As I kind of evolve as a person, these are the things that are happening.

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Before I launched the podcast, I put up three prologues. And I really recommend that you listen to them. And I can see on my stats that they're being listened to less, which is totally understandable because you guys just dove right into the fun of episode one. But those three, will give you a good foundation for where I've been, where I am and where I'm going. And the one that was really fun was prologue number three, where I was talking about my goals for the future. I've always said before I turned 50 I'm going to make it to India. And I don't know that I put that in the actual podcast because I wasn't sure what the pandemic if I could even accomplish that. But I said that I wanted to track the Annapurna trail, the Annapurna Circuit, which is the foothills of the Himalaya. And guess what swimming that the pandemic doesn't keep evading our vaccines. I am doing that at the end of October this year. Listen, you can listen to the prologue number three where I talk about that. But I literally made a list of dream tracks that I wanted to take in my lifetime a track meaning several days of hiking in the wild and maybe having a porter carrier stuff because I'm not a backpacker, I'm a trucker. I love hiking, I love hiking, because it's meditative for me and I'm using my body. I love hiking. So I had said, I want to hike the Annapurna trail. I wrote it on a list on my notes on my phone, as my number one hike to do or track to do before I turned 50. And my friend called me up on New Year's Day and said, Do you want to go to Nepal with me? In October? And I'm like, Fuck, yeah, that was my immediate reaction, there wasn't even a hesitation. So we've got some adventures coming, you guys have some big adventures.

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So I wanted to kind of like lay this foundation of where you are going to see me going and what I'm going to be talking about because I might not be talking to everybody. There may be a lot of hobbyists or people who are just dabblers in art who have no desire to make a career, no desire to make a proficiency or master anything, they just want to use it as fun. It's their cross stitching, I'm okay with that. That is absolutely beautiful. Make your art for yourself. But for everyone else who wants to master their craft, feel in their like gut as they're making it and really like evolve as a human being and then being able to share that with the world. You are my people. Okay, you are my people. You are the ones that I want to talk to specifically as I move forward. It's not that I'm leaving anyone else behind there's still plenty of content that you can access but for you who wants to evolve and grow as a person?

Kellee 19:34
You know, I've got this like in the podcast two more years to like turn 50 just less than two years now. What am I going to do to make it my best year yet? What? What? How am I going to live by design and not by default? Does that make sense to you? By design, meaning I'm doing it on purpose. I'm choosing day to day. I'm choosing how I'm going to feel, I'm choosing what are I'm gonna make, I'm choosing how I have relationships, I'm choosing the actions that I take. I'm being purposeful, instead of waking up every morning feeling like it's Groundhog Day, and the pandemic will never end. And no, it probably never will. So we have to live a different way. Because I can't control anything out there, can you? Nope, you can't control anyone or anything outside of yourself. So when you own that power, and you can let go, this is my secret to getting over anxiety, which I've suffered from my whole life, when you learn that you can't control any of that, but you, but you can harness that power and energy for yourself. You are going to open up doors you never even knew were there. You're gonna make art that knocks people off their socks off their feet, knocks their socks off, whatever, whatever the idiom is, does this make sense? By design, not by default, See, there you go.

Kellee 20:57
Am I happy, I have my days. But generally speaking, in my deepest of hearts, I feel happy. But I didn't always feel this way. But I feel happy. And I have my down days I have my moody days, I have my anxiety days. But my overall being, in the core of who I am very much happiness. But I can tell you, it's not always been this way. It's a huge effort to work towards every single day. I've attempted to move in this direction, two years in a row and 2020 and in 2021, with the public and pulled back each time for fear, pulled back because I was overwhelmed.

Kellee 21:38
If you know, I tried to change up my membership. And when I did that, it totally shifted things so much I could no longer carry on. But I had so much turmoil in myself that still needed to be resolved. So much of the healing process of burnout that I needed more time. But oh my goodness, with that process, I am in a completely different space. And I feel like I'm ready to bring it for you. I hope that it's a little bit different. I don't want to be all businessy. And I don't want to be all art. I want to talk about the whole human experience as we build this .

Kellee 22:13
So what questions do you have specifically about 100 ways or the prologues? I want to know, I have and and also please, if you have ideas for podcasts, please let me know. So what I what? What questions do you have? Have you been thinking about how you want to build your business. Do you see a possibility now that you didn't maybe have before? Miranda says a podcast episode made me start to think even bigger? It's not just selling artwork or courses? How did you find what your bigger purpose for your career was? Time and consistency. I just kept showing up. And every time that if something didn't align, I will continue to try the next thing. If I failed, I continue to try the next thing. There were certain things that I knew I wanted. I knew I've always known I want to travel, have a business and make art. So over decades now this has evolved. And of course, I tried selling my art and on a good year, I'd make $20,000. And for many of you, you're like wow, I'd love to just make 20,000. But why not make 200,000 Why not make 2 million. And once I started connecting how that was possible through research, study, trial error, doing redoing trying again. And more importantly, my mindset and my money blocks had to go because I had limited myself of what was possible for so long. And so once that started happening, I would try things. For example, I did the membership for more than two years until I realised that wasn't ideal, though. I still love teaching. And as time goes on, I realise one of my biggest passions is business. I I love being able to create it. And I love the fact that I've created something for myself that makes a lot of money, more money than I thought that I could make. And now I realise I can make even more. And there's no shame in that there's nothing wrong about that me making money isn't keeping anyone else from being able to make money. What it's doing is channelling this income through me and through my family out into the world to for more people to enjoy. Because I hire people I buy from artisans. I spend money on local businesses, I hired a woman, minority group minority, Hispanic company, woman owned Hispanic company to clean my home, specifically sought out and every time that I do this, I realised that when I make money, I'm helping more people. And once that clicked in my head that there is nothing wrong with hiring help. There is nothing wrong with spending money. There is nothing wrong with having millions of dollars when you come from this place. And so as I build this business and I realise I can connect, and I help people and I get messages from people who are like, everything's transformed in my life since I've been able to make art. Thank you so much for showing me this. I'm like, fuck yeah, this isn't what I wanted, I want people to be lit up and able to create and able to find joy, and to pass that on. And so once I got through these money blocks, and these mindset blocks about what's possible, and what the value is and what I can create, then it kept soaring from there. And that's why I'm on this path right now to teach business. When you ask where I got my money mindset won. It was just me growing as a person.

Kellee 25:41
There are specific people that I turned to to learn from, and the two that are my favourite, and they have books, you don't even have to take their courses if you don't want to. The two that I've learned from that I find to be a great like release. And reshift in mindset is Denise Duffield, Thomas, she goes by Denise DT on Instagram. She's a powerhouse with our money bootcamp. She gives a lot of free information. And she has a book called Get Rich Lucky Bitch. And it is delightful because it really starts reframing all of our money trauma that we've had from childhood on up. And then the other one is Rachael Rodgers, which is the one that I read last year that just came out, We Should all be Millionaires. And that is like a radical mind shift for me.

Kellee 26:27
Because all the things that I thought that I was told I had to do, like give up lattes, so you can save money so that you could eventually have $1,000. And she's like, hell no, have your latte and go make more money, go make more money, because we want to have any voice as minorities as women, as the under underserved or underprivileged on this society, we need money so that our voices heard.

Kellee 26:56
Because with money, we can make a bigger impact. So she's like, go out and make money. Don't let anyone tell you to not enjoy your latte. Why don't you let someone teach you how to make more money. So you're gonna save your way, one latte at a time to a million dollars that is going to take you like, I don't know, she said, like 35 years to get there. But why not change your whole trajectory and learn how to make money for yourself and become an income powerhouse, and I was just like, she's like, Stop feeling guilty for the debt that you incurred, that was a choice that you needed to make at the time. Here's what we do now. And not like just radically shift my mind because there's always this heavy guilt with, oh, my gosh, I have credit card debt. But what choices have I made? And how have I lived my life? And why am I living with this guilt. So these are all things that you have to work through the money blocks are, like, so deeply ingrained with our own personal self worth, that is actually a very important part of being able to grow a business, or even to just be a happy person,.

Kellee 28:01
I have already begun a mastermind with some amazing people who are gonna rock it and make way more money than me one day, and I would be thrilled for them.

Kellee 28:11
So anyhow, was my 100 ways PDF, the result of my own brainstorming session? Yes, I did ask on Instagram, for ideas. And I mostly got very straightforward, you can teach, you can do a retreat. These are common ideas for how to make money without selling your art. But I wanted specifics. And I break that down on the PDF and in the podcasts, that it's not just okay, I'm gonna teach what I know. But you start thinking about exactly what your skill set is, where your zone of genius is, what you're really passionate about, who you would love to help, and then how on what format you're going to help them. So instead of just saying, I'm going to teach I break it down to alright, art journaling, art journaling, for travel, because I've been making travel art and while this is hypothetical person, travel art journals, well, what if I travel, film the process of finding the materials and making the journals, and then I can teach a course on this. So it's like you evolve the idea to something very specific. So for all those wanderlust creative people who maybe have never even made an art journal, I can build this business to reach out to them and teach them something new, and bring them into my world of creativity. So it's just like taking it and breaking it down to what you know what you love, what you're good at, who you already have in your circle.

Kellee 29:41
For example, one person in my mastermind. She's a teacher, an art teacher, right now. She doesn't want to be working as an art teacher forever. That is hard. So instead, she's working on a programme to teach other art teachers specific lessons that they can implement into their classroom, building her own business off of what she knows and what she loves.

Kellee 29:59
Oh, let's see, what other questions do we have? Will the podcasts mainly focus on selling for established our artist? That's a very good question. The podcast is to talk about what lights us up as humans, how we can live our best life, how we can make work that commands attention, that comes from our soul that like, like just the best artwork that you can make, because those two things together, will help you create the business of your dreams. So if I don't address these two things, then I can't address the business side of things. So yes, I'm going to talk about business. But I would say that'll probably be 30% of the podcast, you know, maybe a little bit more. But I have these other two things that we have to address, which is self and making our best art. So that's my hope, as I evolve the podcast right now, I'm the host and the guest. But I am going to be bringing on other guests, not just artists, but other people to talk about these subjects that I'm very passionate about. So really, honestly, is so that we can all evolve together over these next two years. While I'm like reaching up on this 50. I want to see as I grow, how I can help. And by putting it out there, I'm more accountable. I'm able to communicate the way more that I want to communicate. But hopefully, you gained some knowledge through the even the business side of the podcast, because you're going to start thinking maybe a little different. And maybe it'll take you a couple of years to plant that seed and say, hey, this, this is great. This is for me. And and maybe not. And that's okay, because business isn't for everyone it does. It doesn't take a lot of money to start a business. But it takes a lot of time and energy that which I am willing to obsessively spend. If you go through and you see my courses, I've taught a lot of the foundation stuff. And a lot of the entry level a lot of the basics, how tos, and I love it. But I'm ready to evolve. And I think you are too, right.

Kellee 32:04
Thank you everyone for joining me, I don't even have my watch on to be able to tell you how long I've been rambling off at you. But I want to continue to do this exploration of thought and mind and answer your questions. And like I said, I'd like to, I'm going to be putting this out there. So if you love the idea, I'd like to have a guest or two on when I do it. I may continue to just do them on Fridays, because I feel like it's a little more of my relaxed day. Don't schedule work on Fridays. So it might be nice to just continue. Thank you. Jules, she said she loves my ramble. I appreciate that. Because sometimes I get self conscious, believe it or not, as I sit here in the shirt, and I'm like, is it too much? Is the gold chain too much? Did I do my hair, okay? is a grey showing? I didn't put a filter on, I let you see my real face. So yes, these are things that I think about. But I keep trying so hard to just be me and be okay with who I am. So I'm glad that you love the positive energy and the potential of what this can create. And I want to join you every single week if I can unless I'm travelling, which I do have a lot of travel plans, every single week.

Kellee 33:17
So before I go for those of you who are able to travel and who are vaccinated, because that is the rule where I am teaching, go to art workshops.com for the Hudson River Valley art workshop, I have a live in person course that if it fills up, we are going to have an actual super bloom in person course where I can answer all your questions in person and help you and give you feedback. So if you want to join me it's pretty I think it's pretty affordable. Especially because with room and board and the amazing food that they serve. I think for I think it's less than $2,000 for the week. Please come and join me. I would love to have you. That's an early June, you guys. So I hope this has been fun. If you have any questions, I'm going to repost this, post them. Go ahead.

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If you're watching this on replay also, thank you so much. Leave your questions, I will come back and answer them. Okay.

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