How List Building Grew Her Art Therapy Business with Sue Bulmer

[00:00:00] Made Remarkable Intro: Welcome back. And thanks for tuning into the made remarkable podcast, hosted by Kellee Wynne. Today's episode. Kellee has the pleasure of speaking with Sue. Bohmer a remarkable artist and therapist who has transformed her creative journey. Into a thriving business. Kellee and Sue explore the idea that clarity is not achievable without action. Sue shares her experiences in Build It Remarkable beta program. And how this helped fine tune her marketing and she shares her plans for upcoming collaborations and the launch of her big juicy lead magnet. 

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[00:00:55] And always remember you are made remarkable. Destined to achieve the unimaginable. Now let's get to the good part. 

[00:01:02] Introducing Kellee Wynne and Sue Bulmer.

[00:01:05] Kellee Wynne: Well, hello. Hello. I'm Kellee Wynn, artist, author, mentor, fiercely independent mother and wife, and the founder of a multiple six figure creative business. And I love my life, but I've been where you're at. I was slogging away at this art business thing for more than a decade. Once I finally connected with my true calling, unlock the magic of marketing and built a system that could scale, while I realize I can make an impact and make a substantial income, I'm finally running a business that I love and it makes all the.

[00:01:39] Difference in the world. My biggest dream is to help you do the same. Let this podcast be the catalyst to your biggest success. You already have it in you because you are made remarkable. Hello, Sue. I have Sue Bulmer on, and I am so excited to get to know you a little bit better. Even though you did go through my Build It Remarkable program in the fall, and you're an alumni, I still don't know that much about you. I just found out you have a part time job as a therapist.

[00:02:10] That's right. I do know that you make amazing art, but let's talk a little bit more about how you're doing what you're juggling and the little bit of the history of what you make. 

[00:02:22] Sue Bulmer: Okay, so I, a potted history, you'll have to give me the sign if this goes on too long, but I originally trained as a pharmacist back in 1990 something, and Spent quite a lot of my working years in that profession.

[00:02:40] And it was during that time that I decided to take up art again. So that was probably in the mid 2000s. So probably about 2005, I went back to college to do a foundation course in art and design. Cause it, it's always been something that I've been interested in and I just thought, why not? So I went back and then, really enjoyed that time at college. I then got onto a creative business course in Nottingham, which was run by the council at the time and decided to set up my own business. So in about 2010, I started making black and white illustrations that were very precise and neat and very me at the time. And I did that for a few years, but my, I soon lost interest.

[00:03:30] I think it was one of those things that it wasn't really ticking all of the boxes for me. And I think I wanted to get more into color and I wanted to find my voice. So, fast forward to 2016. I was working with a life coach and decided through that process to go and study art therapy. So I went back to university in my forties to study art therapy.

[00:03:56] All the while I've been sort of making art for myself, probably doing art therapy for myself at the time. I didn't realize it. And through that course, that course really helped me to get in touch with creativity and art on a completely different level. So it was very much, to begin with, it was very much in my head.

[00:04:15] This practical black and white, really precise illustration style. And through my masters, I got in touch with the kind of art that I make now, which is more colorful, more expressive, and definitely more enjoyable. So, um, Since then, I've done a couple of art courses and I've just been kind of finding my way trying to find out what it was that I really wanted.

[00:04:40] I knew that I wanted this creative force in my life to be bigger, but I just didn't know how and what. And I spent quite a few years trying to. Build my social media following in, you know, a few years ago, Instagram was just really, really hard work. I was joining art communities and memberships and really trying to find my way in and seeing other people really doing well and thinking, I want a bit of that.

[00:05:12] Yeah, it wasn't until 2020, the end of 22, I just decided I was on the verge of jacking it all in. I think I might've said this to you before, and I decided to have a month off social media. I decided to start and set myself a task or a project for 2023, which was to make a sketchbook every month of the year.

[00:05:33] For myself, share the process on social media and I stopped trying, I stopped trying to grow and I just did what I wanted to do. And that was when everything took off. So I went, It was quite a surprise. I went from like 2000 up to well, 10 really quickly. And people started to get in touch with me and asked me about this project.

[00:06:01] And it was inspiring people to Make their own sketchbooks. That's when the penny dropped and I realized that part of this creative journey for me is about connection with other people. 

[00:06:15] Kellee Wynne: Yeah. 

[00:06:16] Sue Bulmer: And I really love that. Inspiring people and hearing from people all over the world and hearing their stories about what my journey helped them to see in themselves.

[00:06:29] Kellee Wynne: Ooh. love it when you finally stopped trying, it clicked and that's because you were showing up more authentically as yourself. 

[00:06:39] Sue Bulmer: Yeah, absolutely. I think I'd been stuck in that comparing myself to other people and I wasn't, I knew that I wanted something more, but I just didn't know what, what it really was and how to get it.

[00:06:52] And it was through that. Project that I set for myself that I realized that I wanted to reach people in a different way and maybe teach and I found out that I actually like teaching and for the years of my adult life, I have had a terror of public speaking and I hated doing presentations and I just found my flow and I thought this is where I'm meant to be.

[00:07:16] And then. I released a course last year and I was thinking, right, how am I going to build this up? And that's when your Build It Remarkable started to appear in the feed. And it was like it came to me at just the right time. So I knew right from the beginning. that I needed to do that course. 

[00:07:36] Kellee Wynne: I'm so glad you did.

[00:07:37] And that was the beta version, which, as I've admitted, was a little rough around the edges because I was teaching it all live. And I love telling my students. To run something live as a beta version, because that's when you learn the most, but we learned a lot together and I saw that the principles I had been working on with the league and my personal experience, it was paying off and you had success right quickly with growing your email list and even growing your Instagram account right after we had started working together.

[00:08:13] Sue Bulmer: Yeah, absolutely. So I think you gave me the building blocks in a really structured way that worked for me because there was learning to do and then there was time to go off and do it yourself. And then there was also checking time to ask questions, and it gave me the building blocks.

[00:08:31] the really basic things that I hadn't really known about before. So like the email nurturing sequence, I knew that I needed to put one of those in place, but I didn't have a clue how to do it. And now I've got one and people now get on boarded with a series of emails, which talk about things that might stop them making art.

[00:08:51] So I talk about fear. So I try and bring in now a lot of my therapy skills. So about the nervous system, about fear, about blocks, about things that stop us, about why we don't like to stand out from the crowd. And it kind of feeds into the psychology of being stuck. And Not knowing how to start.

[00:09:12] So yeah, the Build It Remarkable, the beta version really helped me with, with that and the email list started growing. So I think, I can't remember what it was when I started with you, but it's more than doubled now. 

[00:09:27] Kellee Wynne: Well, I remember you sharing graphs in our Facebook group. And like this huge spike happened when you started making really good juicy lead magnet offers for people.

[00:09:37] Then they're like, yeah, I want to connect more. And then they get to know you better. Of course, right. That's what the nurture sequence is, but put ourselves into it. It's not formulaic. It's meant to be, here's what we need to say, because we want to connect. We understand our customer. We understand what we want to do to serve them.

[00:09:54] And once you have that in place, and I love that you have this art therapy background. So it totally makes sense why you would want to nurture people through your play and through your art and that you have all of the experience and skill behind it to help because we know when people start making art, there's so much that comes up and so you guide them through that.

[00:10:16] And of course, when you're showing up completely as yourself, making the art that you want to make and. There's something that I've, I've heard many times, so I'm going to repeat this, not based off of me making it up, but action creates clarity and the more you do, the more the answers come to you. So, when you finally put away all of that and you're just like, I'm just going to do this project and share the process, then everything starts becoming.

[00:10:45] And I kind of think that's how I stumbled into teaching online as well is because I started sharing my love of color and the more I did it and the more it grew, the more I was like, and the people have answers and then it lit me up. And so I kept moving forward and there's probably a lot of people listening.

[00:11:00] They're like, okay, now I've done it. I followed that path. I have people asking me questions. I've made a little course, but now how do you actually monetize it and build it to the point that you can. Retire from the other job. Yeah. And I'm hoping that I'm helping people through Build It Remarkable, really see that process.

[00:11:20] But like you said, the building blocks to building that we don't, that are as a parent and we're maybe not natural at like marketing. 

[00:11:29] Sue Bulmer: Yeah. , it really helped me to break down some of the barriers that I had to marketing as well. You know, hearing about your experience, hearing about the experience of people that you've worked with in Remarkable League and seeing the success that they've had as well.

[00:11:44] And I think when you can see and relate. to the success of someone else, it helped me believe that I can do this too. 

[00:11:54] Kellee Wynne: That's so expansive too, because some people are like, Oh, they already did it. Oh, somebody is already in that nation. Someone else has already made that course. Why should I do it if Nicholas Wilton's already got the big program?

[00:12:07] Why should I ever make something? Because you're not that person creating CPP, you're you making the thing you make. And then when we see all of these artists who are building beautiful businesses and we're actually supporting each other and we're not in competition, there's room for all of us. And that's what keeps happening.

[00:12:24] It's like, Oh, there's so much potential for all of us. And I love that you saw if they can do it, so can I. And that's how I have always looked at it. I'm like, so somebody else made a million dollars. It doesn't mean there's not a million dollars waiting for me to work towards it as well. It's not finite.

[00:12:44] Sue Bulmer: Yeah. And that's part of the messaging that I've heard in your podcast. And what was it? The, through action comes clarity that really stuck with me. At the beginning of 2023, I've been working with, A coach. And she said, you know, what do you want? So I'd written down this page of like, I want to do this.

[00:13:02] I want to do that. I want to do this group. I want to have a membership. I want to do a course. And there was loads on this list. I want to work with menopause. And it wasn't until I started doing a few of the things that I've found. I got the clarity because I realized what I didn't want to do, which I think is as important as realizing the things that I really did want to do.

[00:13:24] So that saying is going to get a special little place on my notice board, I think. 

[00:13:30] Kellee Wynne: Well, and also let's, let's also talk about the fact that we do have all these ideas and we think we can do it all. And then we realize we only have so much time. And we also, Only what is really coming down. It's not just the time it takes to do things, but the voice it takes to message it, and when you get super clear on that, you know, you don't have the time in the day to say, Hey, look at all these different things I'm doing when you can say, Hey, I'm really.

[00:13:56] Passionate about these sketchbooks and helping people go through the process of finding their, their style, their voice, feeling free to make the kind of work that they want. And you can go all in on that thing that really helps and it's just one little bit at a time. We build it up and there's no way to build that, that whole big, massive business all in 1 day.

[00:14:17] Like, you know, 1, even 1 year, this is, it's a multi step process. 

[00:14:22] Sue Bulmer: Yeah. And I think that was the thing at the beginning of the course. I remember thinking, Oh my goodness, there's so much here. How am I going to do it all? But then when you actually realize, and I saw everybody realize as well, we don't have to do it all by next week.

[00:14:36] You know, this is a long, all of the things that are in there, when you add them all up, there is so much to do, um, that you know, that you've got to be in it for the long game. 

[00:14:47] Kellee Wynne: You do, you have to be in it for the long game. I kind of want to like pinpoint that idea too, is I do have a lot of education in my program as in I'm giving you all the building blocks to understand how to communicate, how to market, how to message, how to, How to build up your prism marketing method, how to open up a program and launch a program.

[00:15:10] There are multiple steps in marketing your business, but like learning how to be a doctor, you don't like go in on day one, learn a lesson and then go do surgery. It takes a long time. You learn and then you take the time to implement. So. That's what I, I, I can't like if, if I was to stretch it out and say, you know what, this is like really a one to two year long process for you to get these pieces in place.

[00:15:36] So I'm going to slowly drip it out. Then people will be like, I'm so bored. Just give it to me already. So I'd rather like, here's what you need to know now let's work on it. So that's why program that way. 

[00:15:48] Sue Bulmer: Definitely. And that's really worked for me because now I, I've got the clarity of thought because I know which bits I've done and which bits I still need to do.

[00:15:56] And I've just got my action plan now of this is what's going to happen this year. So I have actually been really good and I've been really boundaried and I've said no to lots of other opportunities because I know that I really want to make this a success and concentrate on that. Just that. So that's what I'll be doing with my head down and cracking on with things.

[00:16:19] Kellee Wynne: And so what is it that you're going to do? Let's talk about that. So people can actually find you and connect with you. 

[00:16:25] Sue Bulmer: Okay. So through the process of Build It Remarkable, I have made my plan. And I've put that into action now. I have filmed. A free course, which is my juicy lead magnet, which I am starting to promote now.

[00:16:41] So it's called Creative Soul Discovery and I've tested it. So this is something that I wouldn't have done before I came on Build It Remarkable. And I think that you really stressed it's important to test. So I was putting myself into quite tight time constraints, which I realized were completely self imposed.

[00:17:01] Film the cough. Took a breath, got some people to test it. I'm now getting the feedback from that. So I am making all of the changes that I need to, and I'm launching it on the 1st of May, which I'm excited about. So I'm starting to promote that now through my social media channels. And hopefully the people who beta tested it for me will also share it.

[00:17:25] And. Then I need to do some serious thinking about a signature course, which will be, I'm planning to work on that through June and July, beta test in August, possibly launch in October. And so it's quite a long time between the free course and the signature, but hopefully that free course will grow and more people will find out about and find out about me and I don't want to rush it.

[00:17:55] I want it to be. Really, good value and useful for people and what people want. So, that's what I'll be doing and possibly, possibly, I don't know whether to say this out loud, maybe launching a membership at the end of the year. Again, it seems like such a lot and 

[00:18:17] Kellee Wynne: but I can see how something that you're really focused on this one signature and then people want support afterwards.

[00:18:25] Sue Bulmer: Yeah. 

[00:18:25] Kellee Wynne: So I can see how that makes sense. However, baby steps. I love that you know that this isn't something that you have done within a couple of months. It takes time to build and and the true success of the. Business isn't just the product that you make, but being able to get the message out about the product.

[00:18:42] Yeah. And those were some of the things that we worked on. Who is it for? How are you solving their problem? How are you helping them and supporting them. Yeah. You know, how are you standing out differently? And then how do you talk about that on a regular basis? And, and the magic is always in the list.

[00:18:58] It's my number one rule. I won't back down on it, build a list because. We all know that social media could just drop off the face of the earth in a single minute and then you'd have to start all over. So I love that your list is growing and that you've got that kind of clarity. 

[00:19:13] Sue Bulmer: Yeah. Yeah. I'm really pleased with how it's going.

[00:19:17] So it's just like we're saying right at the beginning when we first started chatting just about, I really need to make sure I look after myself to maintain my energy and to do one of the right things to make sure I'm putting things into the pot. So I've got the energy and the resilience to continue working and To give you the best of my clients, but also to continue being able to give my best to the people who, you know, enrolling on my courses 

[00:19:41] Kellee Wynne: yeah. Well, so are you making time for art? Because that's the part that fuels, so you have to make a little time for art. I love, I love your artwork. So it's really nice when you, I mean, like this is part of our messaging is. The work that we make, right? And sharing it. 

[00:20:00] Sue Bulmer: Yeah, so I am trying to make some art after every day at work to process the day.

[00:20:06] But that's more of a self care thing for work, really. I'm doing quite a few creative collaborations. So I'm collaborating with another artist and we're swapping sketchbooks. So we're hoping to develop that project. I've also made a couple of connections through Build It Remarkable. So there are a couple of collaborations that will be happening later this year through that.

[00:20:27] I don't really want to spill the beans because it's up to the person who's project it is 

[00:20:31] Kellee Wynne: I know who the person is and she's the best in the whole wide world 

[00:20:37] Sue Bulmer: she is, and we live really close to each other. 

[00:20:40] Kellee Wynne: I love that. See, this is the other thing that people don't talk about that when you have the right kind of community of, especially people who have very similar backgrounds of art and teaching and connecting, you make relationships when you're in these kinds of programs.

[00:20:57] Absolutely. So I'll let you and her spill the beans on that later, 

[00:21:02] Sue Bulmer: but yes, very excited though. So yes, I am. I am still making art. And I am still conscious that I need to make that a priority because it's what feeds us isn't it, we're all creative and we all have a need to create. So I've got to keep doing it.

[00:21:20] Kellee Wynne: And that's one of the things that's different about. Build It Remarkable as a program is that everyone comes from that creative background. So, and me too. So we relate to each other and there are different needs than say, somebody who's created some sort of accounting program online, or. How to change a tire online.

[00:21:42] Like, I mean, like I'm just making up stuff like their background and their needs are very different from what artists needs are. And my goal is to help artists once they're establishing their business to buy back their time by creating that kind of consistency. Yeah, we have to make time for our work, and I'm, I'm pretty guilty about it myself to be honest, I don't make as much time for my work as I need to.

[00:22:08] But that's the part where we come together as a community and understand and support each other and it's just a different 

[00:22:15] Sue Bulmer: Yes, but I mean one of the things I feel quite passionate about is just creativity in general, it doesn't always have to be about making art does it, it can be about so many other things about how we dress, how we, Make a meal, how we plant our garden, decorate our house, you know, how we organize a holiday.

[00:22:33] It can be so many different things, not just about 

[00:22:36] Kellee Wynne: all the business. 

[00:22:38] Sue Bulmer: Yes. How we build a business. Because for me, super creative outlet. Yeah. And you know, it takes a lot of energy as well, because it's, you're thinking creatively. I think the definition of creativity is about using your imagination. So it's, and 

[00:22:54] Kellee Wynne: we are using our imagination to pull something out of practically thin air and build something out of it.

[00:23:00] It's kind of crazy. 

[00:23:02] Sue Bulmer: Yeah, it is. It is. So I always say to people who say, Oh, I'm not creative. I just say that everyone's creative. If you've got an imagination, you are creative. 

[00:23:12] Kellee Wynne: And there is a part of you that has a imagination, even if you don't think that you do, because the world thrives on that kind of.

[00:23:21] thinking that kind of expression. I mean, what would be, what would be the point of all that we're doing in this world if it wasn't so that we can lift up the writers and the poets and the artists and the musicians and have something beautiful to keep looking forward to? 

[00:23:37] Sue Bulmer: Yeah, I totally agree. Totally agree.

[00:23:40] Kellee Wynne: Well, your art is so much needed in this world and I'm so glad that our paths crossed and I'm so glad that you took Build It Remarkable and you're already seeing success with it. 

[00:23:51] Sue Bulmer: Yeah, it's been amazing. It's been the best money that I've spent on my business really since I started. Oh, it's been. Thank you.

[00:24:00] Yeah, it has. , I've not regretted it for one minute. It's been a joy to work with you and to, you know, to get some of your energy and vision and also to meet everybody else who was on the course as well. 

[00:24:13] Kellee Wynne: Yeah, so much. I hope everyone listening goes and finds Sue Bowmer on her Instagram account, which is, is it just Sue?

[00:24:24] Sue Bulmer: Yeah, I've been on that long that I managed to get my actual name. 

[00:24:28] Kellee Wynne: That's so cool. So Sue Bowmer, and I will definitely be connecting so that they know how to find you and your, Brand new, free, juicy lead magnet, that's what we call it, and it's juicy because it's so good people can't resist. And I'm really excited for you and everything that the big future holds for you.

[00:24:49] Sue Bulmer: Thank you. And thanks so much for this space and, you know, to, for your time to chat. It's been lovely. 

[00:24:54] Kellee Wynne: Well, thank you for your time. More importantly, thank you.