Episode 125: 5 Stumbling Blocks that Keep You from Making Money in Your Creative Business (Replay)

Ep 125  5 Stumbling Blocks


"Being more of you is actually giving permission to others to be more of themselves, to feel safe with you, and to be aligned with you and see themselves, in the work that you're creating." - Kellee Wynne

We are putting Kellee on replay today, to talk about some of the biggest challenges that artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs face. Kellee opens up about the life lessons she's learned from selling her art, navigating the different niches of her business, and her aspirations for the future. This episode is too good not to play on repeat! 

Let's dive into the five stumbling blocks that might be preventing you from earning a solid, healthy income in your business. 

  1. Clarity - It’s crucial to have a clear business model. Often called "The Power of One," this concept emphasizes focusing on one offer, one customer, and one marketing channel.

  2. Capacity - Focus on what only you can do and delegate the rest. Embrace the DADA principle: Delete, Automate, Delegate, and Absorb.

  3. Consistency - Consistency is key. It’s better to show up consistently than to make a big splash and then disappear.

  4. Confidence - Imposter syndrome is real, but you can break through it each time you level up. 

  5. Circle of Influence - Surround yourself with the right people. Your network can make or break you, so choose wisely and find support among like-minded, creative peeps.

Bet on your BIG dream and let go of the small money makers in favor of lasting success. Stop spinning your wheels and discover your zone of genius. Are you ready to unlock all your potential? In this episode, Kellee shares the roadblocks she's overcome, the path that led her to where she is today, and the challenges she still faces. She believes that the best way to achieve her goals is to show up unapologetically and authentically.


Do you feel overwhelmed, even though you love what you do? Do you feel like you're not meeting your own standards for success? Kellee's system can help you see your business flourish without adding more hours to your workload. Join us in simplifying systems, attracting the right customers, and embracing the remarkable potential within you. Let's create a space where your art and entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.

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