Episode 122: The Easiest Way to Build a Business by Picking a Niche You Love with Marina Teding van Berkhout

Ep 122 Marina Teding van Berkhout


"When you start teaching, you're forced to explain what you do, and that's how you learn even more about your technique." – Marina Teding van Berkhout

Join Kellee on the Made Remarkable podcast, as she introduces listeners to the brilliant Marina Teding van Berkhout, an artist and painter who has transformed the cold wax medium into something of her own, and her insights on building a successful art business while embracing her creative freedom and flexibility. 

From discussing the layered textures of acrylic painting, the intricacies of oil painting, and discovering cold wax, to the accessibility of water-soluble mediums, this conversation with Marina is both enlightening and inspiring. You can hear the passion Marina has for her art and the joy it brings her to be able to translate her passion into her creative business. Marina shares more insight into her business as she shares what led her to Kellee's Build It Remarkable program. Her proactive steps to seek direction and structure emphasize the importance of developing simple systems for yourself as soon as you can, and never being afraid to take a leap of faith into something new and unfamiliar. 

Marina highlights the significance of a supportive community where knowledge is shared, such as the one she found in Kellee's program, and the importance of streamlined business operations to avoid burnout.

Are you ready for a transformative shift in your creative business? It's time to channel the wisdom of Marina and infuse your entrepreneurial journey with purpose, structure, and an unwavering commitment to your art.

Your creativity can not only light up your world but inspire others around you. Are you ready to make 2024 different for your creative journey? Join us in simplifying systems, attracting the right customers, and embracing the remarkable potential within you. Let's create a space where your art and entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.

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