Episode 119: From McDonald's to a Full-time Profitable Creative Business Owner with Susan McCreevy

MR Ep 119 Susan McCreevy


"I'm quite happy to tell people I worked at McDonald's and I'm a single parent. Because it gives a lot of women hope that are in the same situation - that there is a route out of that black hole that you find yourself in. If you put in the hours and the work, you can succeed. There's no reason for us not to succeed." - Susan McCreevy

Kellee Wynne is delighted to be speaking with mixed-media artist, Susan McCreevy who has gone on an inspiring journey into a full-time art career in just two years. Susan shares her story of how she has been working to establish a thriving art business in the midst of being a single mother and working part-time side jobs to pay the bills. Her story is a testament to the power of dedication and designing a life for yourself that brings you joy.

Susan and Kellee explore Susan's creative process, like her unique approach to using a gel plate in a fine art style and bringing in creative elements such as encaustics and her printing background into her art to showcase her voice and style. Not only was this a way for Susan to develop her own style, and get noticed on social media, but also brought her an audience and organically carved a niche for Susan in the art course market. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities for artists to monetize their work beyond traditional art sales, sharing the endless opportunities available to creatives and artists.

If you're an artist looking to expand your horizons or looking for support on how to get started with the business side of creativity, this episode is a must-listen. Are you ready to make 2024 different for your creative journey? Join us in simplifying systems, attracting the right customers, and embracing the remarkable potential within you. Let's create a space where your art and entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.

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