Episode 118: Listen to an Impromptu Coaching Session with a Gen-X-Loving Artist, Lea Ann Slotkin

Ep 118 Lea Ann Slotkin

You often hear Kellee exploring different strategies, finding a niche, and discussing her coaching program, but this episode is an extra special treat as we hear from Lea Ann Slotkin, an incredible artist who is pivoting her business into coaching. During this conversation, Kellee and Lea Ann discuss the challenges they both have experienced, the similar life experiences they are living as Gen-X women and mothers, the trials and triumphs of building a business, and the creative liberation that follows.

Lea Ann is passionate about the societal pressure that Gen-X women experience and the pressure that this can put on your creativity and artistic spirit as you are trying to guide your adult children through new experiences in their lives, while possibly caring for or supporting the aging process of older parents. All of this is concurrent with Gen-X women securing their place in their careers and building their brands after being able to take back time for themselves.

As the conversation leads on you get to experience an on-the-spot coaching session between Kellee and Lea Ann as they brainstorm and Kellee shares a vision for a possible pursuit for Lea Ann's joy of working with Gen-X women and artists. Uncovering some "ah-ha" moments Lea Ann points out that sometimes business owners can be so deep in the weeds that hearing someone like Kellee explore a bigger picture of what is possible for a business can be the eye-opening moment that many creatives and artists in business are looking for. 

It's okay to shift your focus, let go of certain pursuits, and trust your intuition to guide you toward a more fulfilling and less exhausting experience. Each step taken with intention and self-awareness brings you closer to creating your own remarkable and profitable creative business.

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