Episode 117: Pivoting to Mentorship After More than a Decade of Course Creation with Wendy Brightbill

Episode 117 Wendy Brightbill


"When you get rid of old artwork, you have room for new artwork. Well, the same principle applies to your business. If you get rid of old offerings, you have room for new things. And I had this moment where I realized you have to figure out what's in alignment with What you want to put out there." - Wendy Brightbill

Kellee Wynne is thrilled to bring Wendy Brightbill to the podcast, as they share personal experiences of developing art styles, and what led them to where they are in their businesses today. Wendy and Kellee emphasize the value of seeking help, mentoring, and paying for support in reaching artistic milestones. Wendy shares her experience within Build It Remarkable, where she realized some overlooked aspects of her business such as building and nurturing her email list and refining her marketing and offerings to simplify her way into a more successful business plan. She also discusses the importance of letting go of old offerings in line with artistic and business goals.

Oftentimes, many creative businesses and artists looking to start businesses are waiting for a big shift in their mindset. Rather than scrambling to create multiple pieces to sell, or constantly trying to create offerings that you think your audience wants, you can hone your talent and voice into something that you know can be marketed every year in your business with a narrowed focus and no distractions. 

It can feel like a struggle to find the special thing that makes you stand out from a crowd and build a thriving business around it, it often feels like an uphill battle to stand out in a sea of talented artists. Wendy Brightbill is dedicated to guiding artists to develop their own artistic voices, so people do not feel like they wind up with copied techniques but no way to present themselves artistically. Kellee Wynne is dedicated to guiding creative entrepreneurs and artists to uncover their potential and develop marketing plans that promote their remarkable brands and build a profitable art business.

The path to artistic and entrepreneurial success is paved with self-discovery and a commitment to authenticity. By building a remarkable brand and leveraging effective marketing strategies, you can turn your passion into a profitable business that resonates with your audience.

Are you ready to make 2024 the year your creative journey takes a remarkable turn? Whether you're an emerging artist searching for your voice or an established creative looking to elevate your business, Kellee Wynne is here to guide you every step of the way.

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