Episode 114: Evergreen Product Strategies with Nicki Krawczyk

MR Ep 114 Nicki Krawczyk


"There is a way that you can give people your best sales information, but also not push it on them. To serve it up to them in a way that it's good for them." Nicki Krawczyk

We are delighted for this episode as we are always interested in finding new methods of marketing, exploring systems, and finding new besties that will sit down and talk about all this business with us. We are happy to introduce the remarkable Nicki Krawczyk, CEO and founder of Nicki K Media. Nicki is here to share her wisdom on setting up automated sales systems and her journey of transforming her struggling sales into significant revenue growth through an automated approach (when you hear about her growth in just a few years your jaw is going to drop!).

As a business owner and creative, it's essential to think like a business and implement strategies that can build your brand. It's important to create a business that is not only true to your creativity but also sustainable and profitable. Nicki and Kellee discuss the importance of tapping into deeper emotional desires in messaging, setting real deadlines for sales, and understanding customer needs to create a compelling, evergreen product.

Don't miss this episode for valuable tips regarding embracing fear no matter the level of income, conducting market research that is going to actually benefit your business, and building a business that won't burn you out. Tune in for powerful advice on creating a successful, automated sales system that drives revenue growth without being pushy.

From intentional marketing and sales strategies to the significance of adaptability and building meaningful relationships, these pivotal lessons can serve as guiding beacons as you steer your creative journey toward success and prosperity. Are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey with your art? 

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