Episode 111: Doubling Enrollment on a Signature Course with Brooke Henry

Ep. 111 Doubling Enrollment on a Signature Course


"The first step to having others take you seriously is taking yourself seriously." - Brooke Henry

Kellee Wynne is back again with Brooke Henry to deep dive into her entrepreneurial corner of the world. Are you ready to transform your passion for art into a thriving and profitable business? Check out this episode and get ready to transport yourself to this outstanding conversation with Kellee and Brooke as they review Brooke's time spent in Kellee's Remarkable League, and get inspired to start thinking outside the box and creating an art business that stands out. 

Brooke is a talented artist and entrepreneur who has successfully launched her signature course, BB Art Journals while navigating the oftentimes chaotic online business world. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, Brooke's insights and experiences are packed with valuable lessons and inspiration for artists looking to make a significant impact in the art community. 

We discussed the benefits of having a coach or mentor for personal and business growth, and how investing in yourself through coaching and education can bring growth and a positive impact that propels your business forward. Brooke also shares her approach to making sure that everyone in her community feels seen and heard by creating a high-touch, involved class that allows her to spend quality time with each member. Both Brooke and Kellee emphasize the importance of delegation and investing in your business by hiring help, allowing more time to be freed to give that personal connection to your business and your audience so that you can show up authentically and without any distractions from your passion. 

Building a sustainable art business is within your reach. Now is your time to take a leap, learn from each other, and build remarkable art businesses that contribute to a world filled with creativity and inspiration.

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