Episode 107: Shifting Your Marketing Mindset with Margarete Miller

Ep 107 Margarete Miller

In this episode of Made Remarkable, Kellee is sitting down for a chat with the talented Margarete Miller for an in-depth look at the remarkable transformation her business has undergone in the past year. Marketing that used to fill Margarete with anxiety she now handles with confidence, a business plan that used to involve a nightmare of printing and shipping now has simplified into an intimate membership of vintage and collage lovers, and the overwhelm that she once experienced in launches has now become a familiar, routine process in her planning and strategy for the upcoming year.

This conversation emphasizes the importance of authenticity and the joy of connecting with an audience through shared passions, whether that's your favorite art medium, or whether that's a group of like-minded creatives who are on a mission to pursue their passions in The Remarkable League. Kellee and Margarete stress the significance of choosing marketing platforms that align with personal interests and empower you to find your own creative outlet that won't feel like it's a burden in your messaging, social media platforms, or newsletters. 

Remember, your creative journey is a remarkable one, and with the right tools and insights, you can elevate your art business to unprecedented heights. Many of the strategies, tips, and conversations that Margarete mentions in this episode are also key components of Build It Remarkable.  Let's make 2024 a year of remarkable growth and transformation together!

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About Margarete Miller: 

I am a collage artist who loves to use vintage papers in my work. I've always been interested in history so when I began my art journey with collage, I knew that I wanted to incorporate interesting old papers so that new eyes could see them.

I also really love postage stamps! Honestly, I can't explain why I love them. There are so many great themes and designs and colors. On top of that, when I find old stamps, I could play with them for hours sorting and organizing. It's no wonder that I constantly use postage stamps in my art. Most of the time, they are just the right embellishment to finish off a collage. Especially when you can find the right shade of color to complement your work!

I've been working with Kellee Wynne in her fabulous Remarkable League and have learned so much. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to talk about how it's made a difference in my art business journey.

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