Episode 105: Leaning into Changes to Spark Massive Growth with Roben-Marie Smith

Ep 105 Made Remarkable Roben-Marie Smith

Roben-Marie Smith began her creative entrepreneurial journey two decades ago, marking the inception of her venture with a rubber stamp company. She has witnessed technology advance and change firsthand since her start in 2004. Over the past 20 years, she has loved the intrigue and adaptability of technology and spent quite some time sharing this passion in her Makers Tech-U membership. Upon joining Kellee's Remarkable League, Roben-Marie had a change of passion as she decided to let go of her tech membership and focus more on creating and building an art community inside of her new membership, The Roben's Nest.

In this episode, Kellee and Roben-Marie discuss how no business is set in stone. They discuss the need for confidence, constant learning, and growth, particularly in the realms of marketing and communication. They both share their journeys toward simplifying their businesses, focusing on what truly ignites their passion, and cutting away the excess that doesn't serve them. This, in turn, has created space for personal interests and growth opportunities.

In the sea of tasks that come with managing a business, it's tempting to try to juggle it all.  In simplifying your business and honing your offerings, you not only grow your brand—you also create the work-life balance so many of us are desperately seeking.

About Roben-Marie Smith: 

Check out Roben-Marie's website, or her Everything Page to find freebies, courses, and so much more!

Take a peek at Roben-Marie's special Nest Fest event, happening now!

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