Episode 103: 8 Things I Learned from Attending Alt Summit

Episode 103 8 Things I Learned from Attending Alt Summit

"Nothing can compare to showing up in person and feeling the energy of other women, other creatives, other ambitious people, and experiencing the opportunity to connect and build relationships that are going to help your business in the long run." - Kellee Wynne

In today’s episode, Kellee is recently back from an adventure in California to the Alt Summit! Kellee shares her insights on networking, diversity, inclusion, and personal growth while attending Alt Summit, and if you're looking to network, collaborate, and elevate your creative business, keep reading. Kellee has some valuable nuggets to share that can help you build remarkable connections and grow your business.

Here are Kellee's 8 takeaways from the Alt Summit, tune in to hear more about it! 

🏷️ Did you know people still exchange business cards? Many business cards now come with QR codes, making it easier than ever to connect and exchange information.

👯‍♀️ Women love supporting women! It brought to light the importance and possibility of unity in the creative business world.

📢 Don't wait to be asked. Be bold and put yourself into situations that are uncomfortable, especially in networking.

🤯 There is an endless sea of creative expertise. Kellee loves to talk about out-of-the-box thinking, and building a business on your own terms, but attending Alt Summit really helped her realize how vast and wide and open the creative business field is.

📖 Never stop attending diversity training. Kellee shares how she almost passed over a training on diversity, but was reminded how crucial it is to be actively seeking out and listening to diverse voices and perspectives for personal and professional growth.

🌈 Pack your brightest clothes! Everyone was dressed in their most fun, happy clothes, and Kellee had to go on a little shopping excursion for clothes that she could feel fun and playful. In the words of Kelly Rae Roberts, "Wear your joy."


🏆 We are all experts in something. We all are experts in one way or another. We all have something to contribute.

💌 It's our responsibility to maintain new relationships. Kellee shares how she believes it is her responsibility to stay in touch because if she doesn't continue to do her part (reaching out, saying hello, collaborating, etc) then it is not possible to sustain the great energy that these events foster.


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