Episode 102: You Don't Know Niche

Made Remarkable Podcast Episode102


"There are ways to still be multi-passionate while getting laser focused on who you're serving how you're packaging it into one thing." - Kellee Wynne

Are you struggling to define your niche in the competitive world of creative businesses and entrepreneurship? Do you feel like you're spreading yourself too thin, trying to cater to every market and industry? You might not know your niche! 

In the latest episode of Made Remarkable, Kellee Wynne revamps one of her favorite business lessons, and walks you through the power of finding a niche and leveraging your unique skills and creative passion to build a successful business. Kellee shares personal experiences and offers practical guidance (grab your pen and paper, you're going to want to take notes!) on uncovering your niche, understanding your target audience, and the importance of solving specific problems for potential customers. This episode breaks down the overwhelming topic of "niche" that goes way beyond just selecting your Ideal Client Avatar. 

Embracing the power of specialization, Kellee discusses the significance of combining your unique skills and experiences to create offerings that deeply resonate with your niche. From teaching Procreate to retirees who are RVing to offering tailored creativity kits for events like baby showers and botanical garden tours, there are hidden audiences waiting to be served. Remember, your multidimensional nature doesn't need to lead to a scattered approach. Focus on one laser-focused offer to maximize your impact and effectively grow your business.

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If you're an artist, creator, or entrepreneur trying to navigate the expansive world of creative business, we see you. It's no small feat, but with the right strategies and mindset, building a profitable business around your passion is completely achievable.

Remember, being specific about your niche can lead to higher income and lower advertising costs. It's time to differentiate your business in a remarkable way!

This is just a sneak peek into what is offered in Kellee's Build It Remarkable program. If these conversations are something that spark inspiration for your business, get on the waitlist and find out when doors open for purchase! This program offers a transformative platform for entrepreneurs looking to define their niche, understand their customers' emotional journey, and build a successful business that truly stands out in the market.

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