Episode 99: Selling Your Art Online in 2024 with Alex Farkas of UGallery

made remarkable episode 99 with alex farkas of ugallery

Kellee is bringing in a fresh voice and new perspective as she introduces Alex Farkas, founder and gallery director of UGallery. Alex found his calling in the art world at a young age, quickly making remarkable changes to the virtual art gallery community as he founded UGallery just out of college. Since then it has continued to grow exponentially but remains a person-to-person experience that feels trusting and welcoming. Alex is dedicated to empowering emerging artists and helping them succeed in the competitive art industry.

In this episode, Kellee and Alex discuss the shifting trends of art sales, highlighting the shift in the abstract art market and the influence of external factors such as economic conditions and political climate on art sales. However, there always remains a need for artists to prioritize personal expression and creating a cohesive body of work, rather than solely focusing on commercial appeal. Alex emphasizes UGallery's value of personal connections as part of creating a warm and welcoming virtual buying experience for the artists and the buyers, while Kellee shares the importance of niching down even in sales so that you are not swimming in revenue streams. 

Remember, leveraging the power of online sales, valuing your art, and connecting authentically with your audience can pave the way for a successful and fulfilling art business. Here's to creating remarkable art and thriving in the digital art market! 🎨✨


About Alex Farkas: 

Alex enjoyed a small-town childhood in the old mining town of Jerome, Arizona - there were more ghosts than residents and the arts community thrived. It was his mother's ceramic studio and gallery that first nurtured Alex's taste in art. He spent his early years carving wood sculptures, exploring abandoned buildings, and avoiding the rattlesnakes and centipedes under every rock.

At the University of Arizona, Alex loved studying art history and sculpture, and he also enrolled in the Entrepreneurship program. It was here he realized he could combine the two worlds of art and business. After graduating in 2006, Alex launched UGallery using his entire savings. After a few years, he packed up a truck and moved to San Francisco to join its vibrant art market. After almost 15 years in San Fransisco, he moved to Amsterdam where he runs the business today.

Alex has curated the UGallery portfolio since its inception, hosted booths at the New York Affordable Art Fair for over 8 years, and seen UGallery featured in dozens of publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, and TechCrunch.

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