Episode 97: Why it's Finally Time to Gather In-Person with Alice Sheridan

Podcast EP 97 Alice Sheridan Soul Made


Are you an artist dreaming of transforming your creative passion into a thriving business? Today's episode for you, as Kellee has a conversation with the remarkable, Alice Sheridan, both of them sharing in their parallel business journeys, finding each other via social media, and the growth and transformations that they both have experienced throughout the years.

Deciding to elevate your art business into a thriving venture is a pivotal step. Alice Sheridan and Kellee Wynne have both lived the dream and are here to provide valuable insights that shed light on the journey of transforming artistic passion into a successful business endeavor.

Are you craving motivation and connections? Alice and Kellee are excited to invite you to their upcoming "Soul Made" event in the UK. This is an affordable and intimate opportunity for artists and business owners to take the next step in their creative journey. With limited tickets available, this event promises a genuinely energizing and inspiring experience for participants.

What better way to embark on this creative journey than by embracing your individuality, nurturing meaningful connections, and making soul-led decisions? Don't forget to join the waiting list!

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About Alice Sheridan: 

Over the last ten years, my studio practice has developed, crossing an experimental approach from time spent printmaking with a considered way of using colour and materials. My paintings are now owned across the world and have been featured in book designs, and photoshoots for top designers like Zoffany and appeared on the cover of Ideal Home magazine.  My work has been shown by The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and the Society of Women Artists and shortlisted by The Royal Academy.

I co-host the Art Juice podcast, now with 4 million downloads and has reached no.1 on iTunes and is listened to by thousands each week. My membership club; The Connected Artist, supports artists who want to build a sustaining creative practice.

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