Episode 92: Brave Enough to Take Up Space with Brooke Henry

Ep  92_ Brave Enough to Take Up Space with Brooke Henry 1

Celebrate being bold, taking up space, and building the most vibrant community and business imaginable.

Tune in to the Made Remarkable™ podcast as Kellee Wynne invites the remarkable, Brooke Henry of BB Henry Art, onto the podcast to celebrate creativity, empowerment, and resilience. In this episode, Kellee and Brooke get into the nitty gritty details of personal growth, mindset shifts, and the power of passion that comes with building a successful creative business.

Brooke shares some of the lightbulb moments that she has experienced being a part of Kellee's Remarkable League and just how far she has taken her business in just the last year, such as: 

💡 Overcoming Challenges: Brooke shares her perspective on the transformative power of encouragement and support from like-minded individuals in overcoming challenges, including the importance of human connection in the art and business world.

💡 Beta Testing for Success: Testing a beta version of your creative offerings can provide valuable feedback, validation, and insights for improvement just as Brooke has done this year as she prepares to launch her masterclass in January 2024!

💡 Building a Supportive Community: Brooke and Kellee discuss the value of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share in your journey can be transformative, offering encouragement, support, and a sense of belonging that empowers you to overcome challenges and thrive.

💡 Dreams and Goals: Brooke and Kellee both identify as being the "bossy" girls, or the "know-it-all" girls, but they share how they both have transformed these statements into something more. Being confident enough in themselves, in business, and making the big audacious dreams become a reality, sheds light on the fact that being brave enough to take up space means that you have gained the self-confidence to show up as yourself. Brooke has boldly stepped into her role as an entrepreneur and with the support of Kellee and the Remarkable League has stepped into the role of a brilliant and brave entrepreneur. 

And of course, some wise words from Cher:

“My mom said to me, 'You know, sweetheart, one day you should settle down and marry a rich man,' and I said, 'Mom, I am a rich man.”

About Brooke Henry: 

I have always had an innate desire to be creative, work with my hands, and make beautiful creations. This has taken on many forms over the years. My roots are based in sewing and quilting but quickly stretched to anything I could get my hands on. Through years of exploration and returning to child-like play I have found my home in mixed media art journaling. I specialize in finding ways to bring more texture into artwork through textiles and intuitive stitching and combining techniques and elements that don’t “go together.” My passion is ignited when I focus on creative problem-solving through play and experimentation, which leads to innovative ideas. My purpose is fulfilled and my heart is happy when I can not only share my knowledge but also help others to break down inner thought barriers in order to create freely and trust their artistic intuition.

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