Episode 91: From Crafting Success to Social Media Strategies with Ammie Y'all

Ep 91 From Crafting Success to Social Media Strategies with Ammie Y'all 1

Check it out! Kellee dives into in-depth conversation with this week's guest, Ammie Y'all for a candid conversation that dives deep into personal experiences and professional journeys. Ammie shares her journey from childhood fascination with art to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the paint-your-own pottery industry. The episode also delves into the complexities of authentic self-expression and the human side of running a creative venture. 

Kellee and Ammie discuss the mental burden of being an entrepreneur and the importance of finding work-life balance. Ammie shares her experience with selling custom hand-painted mugs and the challenges of managing limited releases, in addition to the highs and lows of having a fan base, and some good tips on connecting with your audience without feeling like you're selling your soul or selling out to trends!

This episode is filled with strong voices, and big dreams, and is bursting with creative passion. 

About Ammie Williams aka Ammie Y'all: 

Ammie Williams is a ceramic artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. She creates bright and fun ceramic pieces, most notably Rainbow Mugs. She started her career in the Paint Your Own Pottery industry for the 14 years ago, and loves designing bisque and other supplies for studio across the world to offer in their shops. She teaches painting techniques and social media and branding classes online and in person at conferences across the country. She has built and fostered an extremely dedicated Instagram audience who love following her life and work through daily updates. The same audience often breaks her website trying to buy her hand painted ceramic pieces. When she’s not posting on Instagram (this is rare), she enjoys reading with a beer, watching Real Housewives, or working in her Hobonichi planner.

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