Episode 89: Nurturing a Vibrant Art Membership with Margarete Miller

Ep 89 Nurturing a Vibrant Art Membership with Margarete Miller 1

Tune in to the Made Remarkable™ podcast, and join host Kellee Wynne and special guest Margarete Miller as they dive deep into the world of art, business, and creating a thriving community.  Margarete has recently launched a membership program that focuses on the art of collage while treasure-hunting for vintage ephemera, and during our conversation, she shared some invaluable insights and experiences about streamlining her creative business while making more time for personal growth and family.

Both Kellee and Margarete express how starting a business not only requires acquiring new skills but also opens doors to continuous learning and self-improvement. Kellee shares how she has developed expertise in email marketing, social media, copywriting, and design work, among others. Margarete echoes this sentiment, acknowledging that becoming an entrepreneur has expanded her skill set and brought her out of her element more than once as her community has evolved to over 7,000 individuals passionate about creating art with vintage elements.

This episode is all about community as Kellee and Margarete also discuss the relationships built and the goals imagined within The Remarkable League, as they continue to work together and Margarete shares her biggest takeaways in the past year of being mentored by Kellee. We hope that Margarete's story and insights have inspired you to embrace the power of community and creative inspiration on your own remarkable journey.

ICYMI: Margarete was a guest artist in Deck of Dreams! And her lesson was full of so much whimsy, character, and beauty as she worked her magic of creating beautiful vintage collages

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About Margarete Miller: 

I am a collage artist who loves to use vintage papers in my work. I've always been interested in history so when I began my art journey with collage, I knew that I wanted to incorporate interesting old papers so that new eyes could see them.

I also really love postage stamps! Honestly, I can't explain why I love them. There are so many great themes and designs and colors. On top of that, when I find old stamps, I could play with them for hours sorting and organizing. It's no wonder that I constantly use postage stamps in my art. Most of the time, they are just the right embellishment to finish off a collage. Especially when you can find the right shade of color to complement your work!

I've been working with Kellee Wynne in her fabulous Remarkable League and have learned so much. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to talk about how it's made a difference in my art business journey.

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