Episode 3: Why You Are Having a Hard Time Finding Your Artistic Voice

UNFOLD with Kellee Wynne Podcast Episode 3

In episode three of Unfold with Kellee Wynne, Kellee talks about the artistic voice and how you go about finding yours.

One thing you need when building this successful dream business; this life by design and not default, is a foundation in your art-making.  You’ve got to know yourself and your craft, you've got to be so in love with it that you can talk about it to anyone and everybody.

So why are you having a hard time finding your artistic voice?  It’s a common question and the answer is quite simple - you have to do the work.

We tell ourselves;

  • We don't have enough time
  • We don't have enough space
  • We don't have enough supplies
  • we don't have enough ideas 

But Kellee says if you don't make time for your art if you don't schedule the time to perfect who you are as an artist, you're not going to make progress. You're not going to know your voice, you're not going to understand what your message is and you're not going to know what your why is. 

You actually have to show up and make art.  Because it’s in the doing that you’ll discover who you are as an artist.

Another block that comes up when you’re trying to find your artistic voice, is you’re still trying to do all the things.  You have a shiny object syndrome and you overwhelm yourself with so many opinions.

You need a cohesive thread.  Look at the connections and similarities.  This will help you bring your story together and find your voice. Just for the time being, stop trying to do all the things and hone in on that golden thread that ties everything together and makes sense.

The last thing that’s getting in your way is perfectionism.  There is no perfect time.  Just create your art and have fun.  Not everything is destined for Instagram, for sale, or to be perfect.  But in doing so you may just produce your best work.

How can it be easier?  Kellee’s assignments are;

  • Play, have fun, and create art
  • Turn on your focus and remove distractions
  • Try a mind map without censorship
  • Challenge yourself to a challenge

In doing these you’ll be closer to finding your artistic voice.

Here is the video Kellee talked about where she shares her creative process to loosen up.  

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Marian Burns

i'm going to try this!  what a great idea!  

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Kellee Conrad

Awesome, thanks so much for listening and taking the ideas and running with them.

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Tifany Hamlin

Thank you for this episode! So many reminders for me and encouragement -- I'm still experimenting with my art. I completed my first 100 day challenge last year and it was PIVOTAL for my growth. I hope to do one every year going forward! THANK YOU, Kellee! 

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Kellee Conrad

My pleasure Tifany! So glad that you are finding my words helpful. :)

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Tricia Robinson

Fab❣️ Thanks for the kick in the arse🤣…. Very timely. 

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