To all the Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs who are ready to be Industry Leaders:

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You've already started your creative business and you’re ready for the next level. You are ready for more. You want to grow beyond six figures and you want to impact thousands with your creative vision and expert talent. You are ready for a Remarkable life. 

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Engineer that Remarkable creative business with proven methods that get results, a rock solid organic marketing strategy, and skills to accelerate growth while serving more.

And more importantly unlock yourself from outdated, limiting beliefs and lean fully into the energy of abundance, possibility and your next Remarkable level.


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A year-long creative business accelerator, mastermind and group coaching all rolled into one Remarkable program for creative entrepreneurs.

Click to hear what Cat Rains had to say about working with me for the last year:

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This is what we'll accomplish during the time your in the program:

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Design or re-imagine your ideal, values driven business.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Identifying and marketing to your ideal client in a way that is authentic to you.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Creating irresistible offers that leave your customers raving.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Tech advice - which platforms, software and systems you need and when to implement.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Overcoming mindset and fear blocks, so you can step into your new CEO role with confidence.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios How to avoid overwhelm, by setting expectations and schedules in advance.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Create systems and processes that are easy to repeat and delegate.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Learn how to hire and manage your first virtual assistant or growing team.

Remarkable Leaugue icon with Kellee Wynne Studios Plus Social Media, copywriting, branding, marketing funnels, email list and more!

The Remarkable League isn't for everyone, in order to insure the success of the program we are only taking a limited number of Founders at an introductory investment of $5500 for a 12 month commitment (or $500 monthly.) *We start April 1st!

If this is a Big Hell Yes for you, then I invite you to apply today. You will get a response within 1-2 business days after completing the intake form. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the details, please contact me


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Weekly Momentum Calls

The best part of a program like this is gathering together weekly to gain insight, set goals, and ask for support. This is what will keep you moving forward. I'll be there to give feedback on your most pressing questions and keep you accountable for your goals. Our coaching days are held on Tuesdays.

Quarterly Intensives

As you are working to uplevel your business, we have you covered with training workshops featuring industry  experts to bring you the latest in marketing advancements, skills to help you grow, and mindset to make sure you are on track to grow your Remarkable business to new heights.

A Community of Professionals

Probably the most important thing to your mental health while building a successful business is being around other successful creative business owners who just get you and have experienced what it takes to balance creativity, work, life and making your dreams come true. You'll need new friends at the top.

Behind the Scenes Look

How many times have you wished to be a fly on the wall and just peek behind the scenes at how the business you aspire to is really run? I'm pulling back the curtain on how I run my multiple six figure business and taking you on a journey inside the planning, marketing and delivery so you can see exactly how it unfolds.

In-Person Planning Workshop

Our fall quarterly will be in-person so we can finally feel the energy of like-spirited creative entrepreneurs who get it and are there to amplify, expand and support each other. Plus you'll walk away with your entire year planned out including your marketing strategy for success! *travel, lodging and dinners not included

Build it Remarkable™

An all Access Pass to the Signature Program, a complete 8 week marketing course hosted Live for creative businesses. This comprehensive program with cover my 8 step framework for building a successful creative business, arriving later in 2023.


One (1) kick-off Business Clarity Session to map out your most incredible year in one 90 minute coaching call to help you create and execute the right plan for your vision of an aligned and profitable business using my signature Creative CORE Mapping™ system. The best way to serve you is to get to know you! 

The League is right for you if...

  • You are a visionary entrepreneur, creative business owner, content creator, online course creator, coach, and/or creative service provider.
  • You are committed to your vision and ready to invest, physically, emotionally and financially in your expansion.
  • You are ready to receive support AND abundance while making a massive impact in the world.
  • Someone who thrives in an inclusive, diverse environment and is committed to showing up to elevate yourself and others in their success.
  • Ready to get into the driver's seat of your own life and create a new reality for you and your loved ones.
  • Willing to push past your comfort zones for new levels of visibility, vulnerability and victory.
  • Looking for support, community, accountability and wanting to surround yourself with powerful visionaries who get you, and will help you breakthrough to achieve your dreams.

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The Remarkable League isn't for everyone, in order to insure the success of the program we are only taking a limited number of Founders at an introductory investment of $5500 for a 12 month commitment (or $500 monthly)

If this is a Big Hell Yes for you, then I invite you to apply today. You will get a response within 1-2 business days after completing the intake form. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the details, please contact me


I’M KELLEE WYNNE CONRAD, Artist, Author, and Creative Business Mentor.

Hey, I'm Kellee Wynne - Artist, Published Author, Mentor and Founder of a multiple six figure company. And I Love my Life! But I've been where you're at... 

I was slogging away at this art business thing for more than a decade and tried every business angle along the way. From galleries to curating to licensing deals, nothing seemed to break even no matter how hard I worked. When I finally realized that sharing my knowledge was far more powerful than selling my art, I knew I had finally connected with my calling. I could make an impact AND make a substantial income! 

I'm finally running a business that I love and it makes all the difference in the world. My biggest dream is to help you do the same. Seriously, once I unlocked the CORE of my creative business, I realized that every artist deserves to have the same joyful experience - getting paid to do what they love. Let this program be the catalyst to your biggest success yet!

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More Details About the Program:

Will I learn to make art in this program?

The Remarkable League is intended for artists who are already proficient and know their style and have already started a creative business. We do NOT learn how to make art in the program, we learn how to leverage our talent so that we can be profitable and others may grow and experience the same creative joy.

Will I learn how to sell my art?

This Program is not intended to teach you how to sell art or get into galleries, though the skills learned will reinforce these skills. It's specifically meant for artists who have already started a business and have or want to add courses, coaching, or creative programs and are ready to make it profitable. Think outside the Box! How can you grow your thriving business in the new online economy?

How much is the investment?

This is a high touch offer, meaning you'll get personalized help directly from me rather than being thrown into a big course and an anonymous FB group. The price reflects the care and attention you will receive so that you can grow your business to well over 6 figures. Currently The Remarkable League is a 12 month program and the investment is only $5500 usd an year or $500 usd a month for 12 months.

What if I can't make the calls or workshops?

A group coaching program like this is meant for you to be present whenever possible, but we know you are busy running your dream business, so it's expected that you won't be available for everything. We record all coaching calls and keep them for 3 months and we keep all trainings and workshops indefinitely.

Why is the commitment a whole year?

I am committed to your success and the success of the entire group, and after mentoring other creatives, I have learned that working together for a solid year will not only build you a solid foundation, but help you reach to bigger goals.  Plus establishing better relationships with your colleagues is incredibly fulfilling and will actually make a big difference in your success.

How many people will be accepted into the program?

At this time we will be limiting the enrollment to about two dozen members, but over the years we have a vision to continue to grow the program to over a hundred so that we have a really solid group of high level creative entrepreneurs. As we add more members we will also be adding more coaching hours, training offers and in-person events.