Being a Multidimensional Artist and Thriving with Kelly Herrick


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[00:04:43] Kellee: Well, speaking of conversations we have Kelly. Herrick on the podcast today, and Kelly Herrick and I worked together all year last year in my original first version of the Remarkable League in our mastermind. [00:05:00] And I just love being able to see where she started and where she is now, and the clarity that she's gotten through last year. It's really honestly such a beautiful unfolding. I, I mean, I'm really touched by this conversation and by who she is and who she serves. She serves people like me, you know, busy. Worn down, not taking good enough care of yourself, missing that creative element. I know I'm an artist and I'm still missing that creative element half the time.

[00:05:34] Kellee: So from corporate to creative and she touches in on those needs that we have, um, to, to find spirit, to connect with nature to. Connect with creativity and community and these pillars that she's finally had her big aha and knows how to show up for has really just been pivotal, and I think you're gonna love this conversation. Actually, I don't think I know [00:06:00] because I love this conversation and there are a few times that it almost left me in tears because there's just something so powerful about the way. Kelly speaks about these things besides the fact you gotta stick around because you gotta hear her story and where she comes from.

[00:06:16] Kellee: She is magic. She's truly magic, and I'm just gonna let you get on with listening to it. Now, here is Kelly Herrick. And I am so excited to bring on Kelly Herrick, my friend, and a client that I've been working with for the last year in my mastermind program, and an amazing, talented artist who has some really incredible programs that she's offering. We are just gonna have a fun little chat today. Kelly, will you please introduce yourself.

[00:06:48] Kelly: Oh, that's so kind of you to welcome me in. Thank you, Kelly. My name is Kelly. I've got a double whammy Kelly on this episode. It's too Kelly. Yeah. So yeah, I'm Kelly Herrick, and as you can probably tell from my [00:07:00] accent, I'm a UK based artist and I just love to empower people to step into their creativity with optimism and a sort of belief in magic and what's going on in the world. You know, kind of bringing people out into nature through their art is what I'm all. . I know. I

[00:07:18] Kellee: love it. Like I'm very drawn to what you do because it speaks to me as, you know, as a creative, as a woman, as somebody who likes to feel connected to the earth and, and just nature in general. And I just love that you're like bringing all those elements together and helping people find their way again in this world. Because I mean, some of us have really lost touch and I love that you're bringing that power back.

[00:07:46] Kelly: Yeah, it, it's like my holy trinity. So I've got like creativity, nature, magic, and I think if we can weave those into the world, then it will be an amazing place and everybody can do that. So I really believe in the power of [00:08:00] creativity for people and for me that comes out through art. And for other people it comes out through different means. But I just love to kind of connect with people. Um, yeah. And particularly, let's say particularly women of my age and older. Mm-hmm. . Cause you know, there, there's something. Something really powerful about when we get to this age isn't there of like rediscovering, reconnecting and finding out what we really want to do and what our true purpose is. Yeah. And the creativity really taps into all that passion for me.

[00:08:27] Kellee: Yeah. That, that really is at this time in our life where, you know, you, for most of us, not everyone, but I've gone through the, the childhood and the career and now we're at this point of, Hey, I finally know who I am. Like it really takes a long time. And then when you start tapping into that, you. , oh wait. Now I also have all these superpowers because I'm far more confident. I have far more clarity and want that purpose and that like it's time, like your, your offer, A lot of times you like to talk to the, the woman who's been in corporate, [00:09:00] who is now ready to be in touch again. So, you know, taking that time out of our crazy, hectic, busy schedules to be more. .

[00:09:09] Kelly: Yeah. Cuz that was me. Right? . So I kind of talk to the women who are and were me, I guess in a lot of ways. Yeah. But I just think that, um, not only have we got all those extra superpowers, like you said, but we've all made so many more mistakes by our ages and we can learn from those. They're gifts. And I think, uh, sometimes we get to that big job, whether it's in our own business or in a corporate world or in an organization, and we get there and go, oh. This, this is it. Oh this. And it's kinda like, yeah, what else is there? And then you, that's when you start to look around and you start to really think about what's important.

[00:09:46] Kelly: And from my experience, this nature, connectedness and allowing room for magic and this creative expression of what have you got to say about the world? What do you wanna express? What beauty do you [00:10:00] wanna create? Those are three powerful, powerful things to bring together for people. and

[00:10:07] Kellee: definitely love the direction that you've taken your whole art, voice, and career, and then all of your previous experience. And how you've been developing it over the last year. It's been really such a beautiful thing for me to see unfold and to be able to work on with you and our small little mastermind group. It was like certainly the highlight of my year last year was working with our little group and watching you make decisions and seeing where your strengths are.

[00:10:39] Kellee: Who you really wanna work with. And I think that's really been a big eye-opener too, because where you started when we first were, were first starting out a whole year ago in January of 2022, , and then where you are now with this realization that you are so multifaceted and there are so many elements of you that you can bring it [00:11:00] together to make one really creative interest business out of it, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a big realization along the

[00:11:08] Kelly: way. Yeah. That was a real sort of truth bomb that you helped drop into my life through this, this work that we did together because, um, obvious, like a lot of people in this space, I think you start out making your own art and you think, yeah, I'm gonna be an artist, an art and painting, and that's my thing and all my craft, you know, and you, you really focus in and you go all in on that and that's amazing, wonderful journey.

[00:11:33] Kelly: what I came to realize through working with you and the other people in the mastermind. My art is actually like this really biodiverse ecosystem, you know, to tap into my nature analogy that art and making art is a very much a big part of what I, I do and who I am, but it's one part. And also, you know, teaching and coaching people and taking people on retreats and [00:12:00] collaborating with people.

[00:12:01] Kelly: And writing, um, and, and being part of artistic communities and doing things in my community, these are all parts of that ecosystem. And it didn't have to just be one thing, it's one thing that powers many things. So that, that was magical.

[00:12:20] Kellee: It wa it's been really exciting because this was like, my whole hope to begin with is to pull in all of those things that make you who you are, how.

[00:12:30] Kellee: How you have all these different things that you're very good at and that you see in like such a different spectrum than maybe other people would. And it's not that you're doing all the things, what you're doing. It's taking all those things and bringing them in to this one way of creating a forward motion with it.

[00:12:48] Kellee: Like a system where you can help bring out that creativity in women. With the magic, with the nature, with the writing, with the soul searching, with the coaching, [00:13:00] and like you said, in-person retreats and all of that, it becomes this one really beautiful business, and I know you're still developing it, but yeah, you have done some fun things over the last year.

[00:13:10] Kellee: You released your very first art course. Yay. And you did an, you did an in-person retreat that was sold out, which was, yeah, it was you narrowed in on your n your niche. If we were to say, you're like your real ideal client and way of serving, and I love that all that has happened for you while at the same time growing your social media and your email list so that you actually have those people that you can create relationships.

[00:13:41] Kelly: Yeah. And, and to be honest, like many people, you know, I have a Z job right now as well, a part-time day job, which is very aligned and creative, but it's still, um, it, it still takes your time and I actually love it and it's a lovely loop for me to be in between these two positions. But I've done all those things you've just [00:14:00] said.

[00:14:01] Kelly: As a side hustle or as a secondary thing. So just imagine what people out there can create, um, for themselves with a creative business. If, if you can focus even more on it. You know, this is some really amazing things that have happened, but, you know, if you've even got more time and resource, wow. You know, you can create some incredible things.

[00:14:21] Kellee: But you have done a

[00:14:22] Kelly: lot, even, oh, I've done a lot , I've done a

[00:14:25] Kellee: lot. You've done a lot. Even in a short I. Your, let's talk first. I wanna, I wanna like backtrack all the way if you don't Okay. All the way to your beginning, because this is what, to me makes you so magical, is that you see the world in a different way from where you come from and even the job that you currently do right now.

[00:14:46] Kelly: Yeah. So, um, I was born into generations of traveling showman, uh, in the British Fair, which I guess you would call kies in America, um, and gypsies, [00:15:00] Roman Gypsy and Irish traveler I've recently found out as well. So all of my heritage for many, many generations has been traveling people, and I didn't live in a house until I was eight when.

[00:15:11] Kelly: Went off to Hogwarts boarding school. I didn't go to Hogwarts, but it was kind of like that. We had cloaks and stuff. It was cool. Um, so I, I grew up in a really, um, roaming free-spirited, independent kind of atmosphere. And aesthetically I grew up in a super colorful, rich, multisensory atmosphere of movement and sound and color and noise and all of these things.

[00:15:36] Kelly: And I think. That's absolutely informed my artistic choices. You know, I, I paint landscape and nature inspired work, but I take the colors to the maximum and I'm very expressive and I put a lot of movement in there. So, So that's definitely informed the artistic side, but also from the business side, the entrepreneurial flair of like not being afraid to work hard and not being afraid to [00:16:00] put myself out there and maybe having a bit of a gift of the gab as we'd say in England.

[00:16:04] Kelly: I dunno if you know that saying, but kind of having a way with words. Um, all of those things. and it's in incredibly magical sort of childhood, and people see it as magical because, you know, for one week of the year, the fair would come to town, especially, you know, 30, 35 years ago when I was younger. And all of a sudden it transports and transforms everyone.

[00:16:26] Kelly: You know, you take a sleepy village and all of a sudden this colorful, noisy, imaginative world descends on them, and it's like the midnight circus just appears, you know, it's, it's really incredible. That book's amazing, right? Yeah. So, yeah. So I kind of have all of that background feeling in me. Um, which then I, I kind of take forward and, and even now I'm a creative strategist in a theme park design company, so I'm kinda

[00:16:54] Kellee: worlds collide. I know we keep finding the same. I think there's, [00:17:00] when there's something very innate about who we are, we just keep, we're drawn to it and I love, yeah, yeah, totally. That you were raised in the fair and now you do marketing and theme park designs for all these like really fun, playful businesses.

[00:17:16] Kelly: Yeah. It's that, it's that kind of journey and, and seeking of wonder, you know, I'm, I'm always seeking wonder and magic, and I don't necessarily mean like unicorns and card trick magic, I mean more like natural green mama Earth magic for me personally. , but I'm always seeking wonder and imagination, and I can really see those themes like come all the way from my childhood to what I do now to my own business and my own art style.

[00:17:44] Kelly: Even the books I read and the movies I watch, you know, you can see who I am from my Netflix profile, . It's really obvious. It's full of like where's Anderson and nature documentaries and stuff like that. So yeah.

[00:17:57] Kellee: I love that. Tell me [00:18:00] if, if you don't mind, like I never asked you this before, but what, what did you do when, I mean, up until eight you were traveling around with affair. Yeah. What roles did your parents have or what did you, did you ever get to perform at a young age? Well,

[00:18:16] Kelly: it wasn't so much performance, it was more, I suppose it was kind of having your, um, fair day face. So Fair day is like the big day where you'll take hopefully some, some money , you know, to, to help you move onto the next fair.

[00:18:29] Kelly: So you always had like a bit of a, a game face on, but. You, you do everything and, and anything on mm-hmm. on the fair. And I think that helps you later in life be flexible and agile around your own business or around the roles that you kind of pick up in your own family or with your community. But our, our, my role, I was much smaller than my two older sisters.

[00:18:50] Kelly: So they're seven and 10 years older than me. So, so one of their jobs was to look after me, which they didn't ever like particularly, but we were kind of feral and quite wild . [00:19:00] So, you know, the amount of, uh, candy floss, uh, cotton candy that I've spawn will be in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

[00:19:09] Kelly: Um, and when I was very small, we used to have a ghost train, uh, like a haunted house ride. And we're talking early eighties, late seventies here. So I would. On the front of that. I don't think I was supposed to, cuz I don't think it was particularly scary watching this little kid dance, but I just loved it.

[00:19:26] Kelly: So you kind of do the things you need to do, but also you do the things you love to do. So you'll find different, fair families will, will gravitate to different things, whether that's food or rides or arcade games or whatever it is. So, um, so yeah. Fascinating. That is

[00:19:44] Kellee: really fascinating. And now with the, the work that you currently do, it's part-time, but it is a full like, Like you call it the honey pot

[00:19:55] Kellee: Cause it's a good job. It keeps you stuck there. And there is this dream of [00:20:00] having your own business and maybe moving away from working for somebody else. But at the same time, it's a really cool job. You've even gotten to travel. You get to see behind the scenes of the way a lot of things that we'd only dream of knowing. Tell us a little bit about that.

[00:20:14] Kelly: Yeah, so I call it the Honey Pot because I love honey and bees are amazing , and the people I work with and the industry I'm in are amazing and I love them and I feel so loyal to them. And it's even making me feel a bit awkward, you know, like odds talking about them in this way now because, I will eventually want to, to create more of my own independent life.

[00:20:36] Kelly: You know, I'm heading towards 50. Do I want to still be working for someone else in my fifties and sixties? Probably not. So, I dunno what kind of trajectory I'm on, but, It's, um, at the same time as being tasty and wonderful and full of great people. Sometimes I think when you are being served by having such a creative, amazing job, it can kind of stop you [00:21:00] taking that leap, you know, it's not painful, it's wonderful.

[00:21:04] Kelly: So I think when I'm, when I've been in pain before, I've made bigger decisions mm-hmm. , like when I, I took or step away from being in a corporate. To come to this role I'm in now, um, dropped quite a big chunk in salary and changed our lives quite measurably and. it was because I was more in pain, I think, than I am now.

[00:21:25] Kelly: So that's why it's a honeypot. It's wonderful, but it's also a bit sticky, . So it's kinda both and I'd be honest with them and say the same things to them, so, you know, um, but yeah, it, it's also like this great feedback loop. Mm-hmm. . So being in a creative job and exploring the themes and the concepts I do for that can really inform some of the art.

[00:21:45] Kelly: And some of the things I explore in my art really inform some of the things that I work on as well. So. Yeah, it, it's, it's great in many ways.

[00:21:54] Kellee: I also think that your experience working in corporate and. Like, [00:22:00] as you were saying prior to the job, you have now being in a lot more pain because it was not enjoyable. So I think there's this like huge ability for you to relate to the people that you work with, to the women that come to your retreats or into your courses. You understand that sometimes we don't always have the choice to leave the corporate job behind. Mm-hmm. . But there's ways to nurture ourselves with creativity, with writing.

[00:22:25] Kellee: Communing with nature, with finding the magic in everyday life. And so I see very clearly, and I think which was part of that big aha for you, is where you've been to where you understand and know now and how you wanna be able to bridge that gap for other women, especially in this part of our life where we want more meaning. And so I think. . You know, that's just really, to me, a very beautiful like story arc, if you will. Mm-hmm. and all of us have that story arc. All of us have something remarkable that we've been through in our life that has led us to where we are now to help us make decisions as to what to do [00:23:00] next. And for you.

[00:23:01] Kellee: Yeah. I really think this is a calling like you've, Been through all these different evolutions of your life, and here you are now with this realization that you really have the ability to touch into the hearts of women who need this kind of support. And I, I just, I'm so excited for you. Like, I, I love, I mean, that's one of my favorite things is just watching all of this come together and see you lit up with this path.

[00:23:26] Kellee: And I know it's a honey pot to be in the job that you're in. I think it'll take, it'll just take the time it needs to take before you know, when the time is to transition, then to full-time working your own business. Uh, there's still some big goals that you have moving forward anyway.

[00:23:44] Kelly: Yeah, and I mean the world has changed around me so much as well. So as well in as going through those sort of big life change, changing moments, positive ones and challenging ones, you know, we've had covid in a pandemic and economic challenges in the world. We've [00:24:00] obviously known about climate change for a long time, but if you consider the last sort of five years of the, the sort of buzz and the information we are receiving around climate change.

[00:24:08] Kelly: So that's changed. It's obviously civic things that are changing, social things that are changing. So I feel like against the backdrop of all of those things, as we're, well, you know, coming into our queen or even our hag, which I love that word and I say it in a really positive way cause I think women are trying to reow crone and hag and all these older terminologies cause they're magical and wise as we are coming into ourselves and we're blooming into this really creative phase of our lives, sort of.

[00:24:38] Kelly: Early kids post 40, let's say. The whole world has got an expectation and it's kind of holding its breath and waiting, and I just think if I can help unleash the most creative women out into the world to do their best thing, what an amazing achievement that is for all of us. You know, I just feel. [00:25:00] Women have so much more to offer in terms of creatively looking at issues and problems and being intuitive and expressively working things out, and communicating with people that that perhaps we haven't exercised so well earlier in our lives.

[00:25:16] Kelly: And I think. When we get confident and when we get vocal, if we've got these creative abilities and creative sort of juice powering us, then everything becomes amplified and that's just beautiful. I think that's just an incredible thing. It's

[00:25:33] Kellee: unbelievable. It just really fills me up because. I, I, yeah, I feel what you're saying. Maybe we've passed by it in our earlier years, but we're really at this place now where, what a difference we can make if we just tap into it, right? Yeah. With all the issues. Yeah. There's so many layers of, of issues in the world, and I really love your approach to it too because yes, climate [00:26:00] change is urgent and.

[00:26:03] Kellee: Even social issues are urgent, but yet you still come with it. With this like loving, delicate hand of we don't have to be scared. We can nurture this whole relationship with nature and try to heal, even if it's just one person at a time, at least has the message that I've gotten from you and, and it makes you, I don't know, for me, then it gives me that permission to take a walk and.

[00:26:30] Kellee: and see the thriving part of nature that still is here. Now that we can touch, we can harness, we can be part of, and especially fun because I get to watch you on all of your adventures on Instagram and you've seen some gorgeous places and magic that still abounds everywhere. And so when your eyes are open and you're looking for magic, Magic will be there.

[00:26:52] Kellee: Talk to us a little bit about your relationship with nature and your relationship with, you know, these magical places you get [00:27:00] to visit all over the uk, you know, stone Hinge and an ancient Irish Gaelic sites,

[00:27:07] Kelly: it's just like, really anywhere with stones, I'm there anywhere. Ancient stones. Yeah. So I, I really think that coming, coming at things, any problems, but particularly climate change problems from a place of fear and scarcity just drives us in a, in the wrong way. So coming at, coming at issues in an optimistic and inspired way is it allows us to make our best decisions and to feel empowered to take action. So there's quite a lot of work around nature connectedness and the things that enable us to feel both connected to nature and then optimistic and empowered enough to take action for nature.

[00:27:44] Kelly: And that's really what I love to do in, in my art and like in my social media and stuff, is. To go out and connect and see these places. Some are on my doorstep, some are literally just around the corner from my house, you know, my local path, all the way up to these amazing places like [00:28:00] Stonehenge or the Highlands in Scotland, or Bioluminescent Sea locks in Ireland and all this kind of stuff, you know, so.

[00:28:08] Kelly: It's really about, again, this sense of wonder and beauty, which inspires us to fall back in love with things. And when you love something, you take care of it, and you do it from a sense of, um, a grounded, inspired. Supported place. So for me, if I can help shift people into a more inspired and optimistic state about the world and themselves, whether that's through art, through teaching art, through writing, just through my Instagram channel, whatever that is, it puts people in a much, much better, more open, authentic, expressive state in order to themselves go out and make positive change.

[00:28:48] Kelly: So that's, that's kind of how I see it. And, and yeah, when I look for magic, I'm, I'm really meaning the magic of connection with the earth and the magic of connection with what might be, so, I know in some indigenous [00:29:00] populations, they have people who are dreamers and their job is to dream powerful, positive dreams for their people.

[00:29:08] Kelly: And it's kind of like, I guess our, our western version of manifestation in some way. But the little I know about it is, What a job. Wow. And why aren't we all doing that? You know? Why aren't we all focusing on the power of connecting to that source magic and that. Um, energy to create something more positive.

[00:29:30] Kelly: Yeah. And whether that's through doodling something or writing a poem or just chatting to someone or enjoying a walk, you know, just, just having that beautiful inspired and hopeful vision is as a dreamer, you know, we can all be dreamers. Oh, let, let's not, let's not event nightmares. Let's all dream a better dream for the planet.

[00:29:51] Kellee: Yeah. So we all take on that position of dreaming, like, I like that connection. Like you understand that it could be kind of like [00:30:00] manifesting, but it's not a. Personal, like, I'm gonna manifest a car for myself. It's like, no, . I want to dream of a better world. I want to dream of connectedness and love. Love that is abundant and growth and healing, health and magic.

[00:30:16] Kellee: I love your way of connecting magic because I really, I love magic. Like I really feel like when I'm open to it, I feel it. It's an energetic, Connection, but it's not like I'm thinking you're gonna snap your F fingers and you know, twinkle fairies. That's not the kinda magic . I mean, I would love for that.

[00:30:38] Kelly: Fair. I know. It would be cool, isn't it? But in

[00:30:40] Kellee: some ways coming from the fair and now working in theme parks, we all have that like, You know, young at heart, that kind of magic. But that's the kind of magic I believe in, like that, just like when you embody it, when you hold the energy and that space, the magic will be there because. uh, [00:31:00] where the energy flows, you know, that's, you know, where it's always there, it's there. It's just there. You just have to tap into it.

[00:31:08] Kelly: Yeah. Just, yeah. The, the magic is just waiting to, to not even to be noticed. Its job is not to be like, wait for you to notice it. It's just happening anyway. Like on a recent walk up into the peak district, which is nimi in, in Darbyshire.

[00:31:21] Kelly: There's an ancient Moreland and there's some standing stones. And on my walk I went over to the standing stones and actually sat and I painted and sketched there outside, which is wonderful. And I left a little, a little crisp, a little chip you would say, as a little offering in the middle. So I kind of did this little respectful thing, but that was magical.

[00:31:39] Kelly: And then on my way back across the Moreland, I saw this murmuration of birds, just like a massive flight of birds just dancing and moving across the sky. And it was just, if I hadn't have been there at that moment, if I'd have taken longer to paint or I hadn't gone that day, or that to me is the magic [00:32:00] and the way it lifted my spirit and the way it talked to me about freedom and liberation. I'm, I'm working in concert with people and beauty. That, to me was the magic of the day. Wow. Yeah.

[00:32:13] Kellee: Oh, to me too, like I'm just, oh, I have my eyes closed at the moment for those who are listening, because I see that that those little moments that you come across, that is the magic and we are so quick to miss it in our busy lives. So how beautiful is that, that you're whole mission is to be able to connect that really for. For, for people in general, but for women to like reconnect with all of that, you know, like it really can change and shift your whole mental wellbeing when you're in that

[00:32:47] Kelly: under. Yeah. Yeah, and, and I think we don't just skip past it in our day-to-day lives, but I think even people who are already creating or painting, sketching, whatever, Kind of, sometimes we can skip past it in our creative [00:33:00] process as well. So, you know, it's really easy to sit down, um, at your table at home or your studio if you have one and go, right, I'm going to paint some flowers, or I'm gonna paint that landscape. I saw last week and you haven't even been outside and breathed any fresh air yet, . And it's kind of like, I used nature very much to recharge my artistic process as well and noticing it and using it as part.

[00:33:25] Kelly: Um, creating, you know, taking those moments to, to really tap into that. And, and for me, painting and sketching outdoors is a really big part of it, which on my course, wild Magic Sketchbook is I start each lesson outdoors somewhere and kind of take, take people through these lovely landscapes and talk about this nature connectedness before then we even move into creativity because one without the other for me is quite dry and soulless. and uh, and my theme word for this year is soulful with two Ls soulful. That is my theme. So, ah, [00:34:00] full, full, soulful,

[00:34:02] Kellee: full. And I love one of your other sayings, and I hear you say all the time and it reminds me, and then I forget, and this is your whole part about even as creatives, we're gonna miss that magic if we're not actively looking for it. It's sky before screen, right? Oh,

[00:34:18] Kelly: yeah, yeah. I do love sky before screen. So most mornings, I wouldn't say every morning, but most mornings I will get up, put on my clothes, and before I've had breakfast or had a cup of tea or anything, turn my phone on. I'll just go straight out and it is just like a 20 minutes round the block onto some green areas at the back of our, our home and just notice what's going on.

[00:34:41] Kelly: Can I hear any birds? What's the sun? What are the clouds doing today? Can I feel any sun in my face or is it rainy? How, how you know? Is it dripping down the back of my neck? You know, say hello to people who are going past me. And this whole idea of sky before screen. Reground connect to what's [00:35:00] real before you dive into what's digital because you know, we can live such a digital life that we really need to keep regrounding it and coming back to, to, to nature, um, and to to k physical connection with the earth as well.

[00:35:15] Kellee: Wow, that's really reminding me of like maybe where I've been a little off track. Maybe I am your ideal client, Kelly . Yay . I mean, even though that, you know, I've been coaching you for the last year, maybe it's time for us to flip the script and I will let you coach me back into that state of Wonder and sky before screen and connection because even though I believe it and I do make sure that I get out and go hiking, At least once a week and going for walks a couple times a week.

[00:35:43] Kellee: It's still not as intentional as I would like it to be because I really do believe that that's part of the healthy mind. Body spirit is connecting with nature, connecting with people, connecting with just the awe and wonder that the life [00:36:00] our lives. What we have right here in front of us. Cuz you're right, we do spend so much time digitally, and as an entrepreneur, I really don't have much of a choice.

[00:36:10] Kellee: That's how I build my whole business. Mm-hmm. , I'm so glad for that. But at the same time, I think that's the part that I'm missing, that I would be better at my job if I took more breaks to connect in real time. And not through just a screen , which, yeah, I mean like I think everyone listening right now is probably saying this.

[00:36:29] Kelly: They are.

[00:36:30] Kelly: They're gonna hear

[00:36:30] Kellee: that. Me too. So then you have to just come find Kelly Herrick. That makes it really easy. I will definitely be making sure that people connect with you. But I'm not ready to end this conversation yet. What I'd really like to hear is what your experience has been. Now, I know that you've had other teachers and coaches throughout the years, but I'd like to. What meant to you? Like how the journey that we went on, what you learned the most, especially about building a business and, and working in our small mastermind. [00:37:00]

[00:37:00] Kelly: Yeah, it, it was a definite sort of energy and power shift for me, um, when I joined your Mastermind, and it was really strange because I'd only followed you a little bit on Instagram for a little time before that, and I think you put out one post and said what you were intending to do, and I maybe emailed you and said, oh, I might be interested.

[00:37:20] Kelly: And then before I knew it, I joined and I was in it, and it wasn't because I rushed the decision. It was really serendipitous and it just kind of fell perfectly. And that is also this kind of magic that I'm talking about. Mm-hmm. You know, the magic of being open and finding opportunity. So, so it started in a really open and exploratory way anyway, but then coming into the mastermind with you and with the other people who were there alongside us just kind of shifted.

[00:37:48] Kelly: Um, it shifted my mindset, but it also shifted something that felt, um, Felt quite core in me and I, I can't quite explain it, but it felt, um, not [00:38:00] just, oh yes, I've been thinking this, but now I think that I kind of knew it in my bones. And there's a real difference between thinking, you know, something and really knowing something.

[00:38:09] Kelly: And that's, I think where I got to with you was like that level of understanding of something deep in my bones that I really. Clicked with what my purpose really was. I really clicked with who I really wanted to serve and, and who I really wanted to speak to, and who I wanted to help empower in the world.

[00:38:29] Kelly: And I really clicked with how I wanted to express that. You know, the courses were a part, a big part of what we did, but then you and I talked about so many other things. You know, my love for writing and the retreats and in-person events, and. , like I said earlier, you know, this whole truth bomb that I was an ecosystem.

[00:38:50] Kelly: You know, I didn't have to be this one linear thing. I could be this fabulous forest of, of life of all different things growing as one big organism, you know, as my whole [00:39:00] art life or creative life. Um, I think those are the big things, kind of that feeling of knowing and the feeling of expressing it through so many different things whilst at the same time, Taking action to focus on making some of those things happen.

[00:39:18] Kelly: So, so you were really great at saying all of these things, but now focus on this because this will get you from here, to here, to here. So it is great, and I'm a person who loves lots of different new ideas, but where the value really kicks in and where the transformation kicks in is when. You use all of those big ideas as a roadmap to your vision and you kind of can leapfrog from one thing to the next to the next.

[00:39:44] Kelly: And I think you were such a great blend of practical and visionary and you don't often get that. Usually things tend to be, dunno, they tend to be like mindset work or they tend to be how to like guides, like follow my system. [00:40:00] And you don't often find things that blend. Like left brain, right brain, and I really, really valued that from, from the work we did together.

[00:40:09] Kellee: Thank you so much. That is something that I really strive to, that's what I want the most, is to be able to, you know, give that clarity and open up all the possibility while at the same time give actual practical advice of what to do next. Because I've been in those coaching situations where it. . Well, what do you think?

[00:40:29] Kellee: No, I, I'm here because I would like to know what the next step is and I can't see it. And so my goal when coaching and when mentoring is to give the real life answers of what I've been through, what I know works, what I think won't work, and especially tailoring it to each. Individual because it's not the same path.

[00:40:49] Kellee: Like you said, you have this whole ecosystem of who you are, that you're blending into one business model. And who would've ever thought, like you came in saying, okay, so do I have to [00:41:00] teach art how to, and there's all these women who are at the the, um, What was it at the botanical club that want me to teach them how to make Flo flat paint flowers?

[00:41:09] Kellee: And you're like, I can just do that. I'm like, that is soul sucking, not soul fulfilling. , that's not your dream. For someone else, it might be exactly what they want. That's really what they, they lean into. But to be able to extract all the elements of you. And I wanna thank you because, and this is really important because as everyone's listening, Kelly is the reason that I have chosen the prism as my logo, as my icon, as the, as the symbol of the business. Because you gave me this analogy on one of our very last coaching sessions, and it's like, it, like really that's what hit me in

[00:41:52] Kelly: the Yeah, it was perfect. You just, I, I do talk a lot in analogies, but the perfect idea for me, [00:42:00] You, you don't ever come in and kind of solve and, and do for other people, but you this amazing lens through a new perspective on the world.

[00:42:08] Kelly: So for me, it was very much my creative power shining through your prism. So my white light shining into your prism, which then you would fracked into this beautiful rainbow with me. And then all of a sudden you go from pure white light through the Kelly win prism and it's like, wow, look at this rainbow world of beauty and opportunity.

[00:42:29] Kelly: It was just the perfect way to describe, to describe you, and you are transparent as well. I mean, my gosh, you are so blooming honest. When you tell us things about your business and what you've done, it was like you are clear, like, you know, a glass prism. So on many levels that analogy really works for you.

[00:42:47] Kellee: I love that. That means the world to me, for real. Like I, I mean, and I do wanna be honest because people will hide things so much behind closed doors of what it takes to run a business. And I'm much rather be. [00:43:00] Completely transparent of like sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it's really hard. Sometimes I've made mistakes, sometimes things go off without a hitch and I do really well.

[00:43:10] Kellee: And so we talk about all those details, like thoroughly plus give you, you know, a lot of tools on, you know, how to build a sales page or how to do an email sequence or you know, just the simple things that it seems like it should be so straightforward. And yes, we can Google it and YouTube it. , but the perspective as an artist and what a creative is gonna respond to is different from most of the information that's out there.

[00:43:35] Kellee: So I was really happy because I went back today and read your first intake application form and what your goals were.

[00:43:44] Kelly: I've forgotten all of that. And

[00:43:46] Kellee: yeah, I guess I should send it to you when we're done, but I. going back and even for me to go back a whole year and see what your dreams were and then how far you've come. I mean, your email list, [00:44:00] your social media growing, the fact that you did create a course and now you're working on your second course. Yep. And all these things that you've accomplished. And I think the biggest part was you really. Um, honing in on your specialty, your little beautiful ecosystem of a business.

[00:44:18] Kellee: But when I read back, I think you already knew what it was. You just had to come full circle and come to the point where you knew it because you said you wanted to be known for nature and creativity. The way Brene Brown is for vulnerability or Disney is for Ma Magic, and I'm like, here it is. here. It's, it's all coming together as that, that way of being.

[00:44:43] Kellee: And, and you know, I really do hope that, that people know that they're multidimensional and they can put it all into one gorgeous aligned business that's profitable. So your first course you made. Yeah. Tell us a little, let's talk about that process of making a. [00:45:00] And I am going to put the links to this in the show notes on the description, and even in my Instagram, um, post, I will remind people to give it a try and see how they can connect with Kelly.

[00:45:12] Kelly: Oh, thank you. Yeah, it was, it was interesting because I knew I wanted to do a course that was really accessible. Um, either reinvigorated people who already. Painting and, and sketch booking all was really accessible for people who were just starting out. And for me, doing something that was really technical and process driven in the studio just wouldn't have hit that.

[00:45:33] Kelly: And I was kind of like, how do I blend my three? You know, my creativity, ma magic and nature and Wild Magic Sketchbook was born from that, you know, from my love of being out and about either painting outside or being inspired by nature. And I kind of knew that painting outside is kind of tough for some people as well, so I thought, how can I make.

[00:45:53] Kelly: Beautiful hybrid where I go out and take you on adventures and talk to you about perspectives and you know, [00:46:00] which ancestors might have passed here and what's the power of the sun and what are the different elements and how can we bring that together and then bring it back to the studio and create beautiful, but exploratory and expressive.

[00:46:13] Kelly: Sketchbook pages with paint and mark making and all these different, wonderful tools. Um, and it was such a joy to do. And I, I still, I really love, I, I have the Facebook group that you can join if you do a course with me. And it's so lovely to see people's comments and, and work that they create and how it's inspired them, um, to go on and do new things and try loose and more expressive things as well.

[00:46:38] Kelly: Um, but, but actually recording it was great because , because I just take out my phone and, and my little tripod and I just go to all these gorgeous places and just chat about things that I really loved. Um, and even the closing ritual. So, so I like to do some mindfulness wrapped around the lessons too. So we start with intention setting and we finish with the [00:47:00] gratitude ritual.

[00:47:01] Kelly: And it was spring. So I was sat in a blue bell wood, which are, you know, synonymous with ferries and magic anyway, and I'm sat in a blue bell wood talking about how grateful we are for creativity and, you know, , I kinda had to pinch myself, think, wow, this is my actual life, you know? This is great. This, yeah, it was, it was incredible.

[00:47:20] Kelly: Um, and then on the kind of actually structuring it, building it, writing it, you were such a great help with all of that. But I felt that because I tapped into. My passion and who I wanted to talk to and the kind of way I wanted to be creative, it really just flowed as a little mini course. I mean, it's really affordable as well, and I wanted to just kind of put it out there and see if people enjoyed it, and overwhelmingly people have loved it. So it's been brilliant to do. And.

[00:47:49] Kellee: It was a mega mini course because there's a lot in it and you can come away. Just changed from this one course, but the price tag

[00:47:57] Kelly: on it, 27 pounds . [00:48:00] That's nuts.

[00:48:01] Kellee: Yeah, that's like, that's nothing for how much?

[00:48:03] Kelly: That's like fish and chips on a Friday night. For us Brits, you know?

[00:48:07] Kelly: Right. That would, that would be what we would spend that on.

[00:48:09] Kellee: That's, I mean, everything costs so much now, so it's, and it can bring you weeks and months to time.

[00:48:15] Kelly: Yeah. Yeah. And you know, like your courses, it's online lifetime access, so as many times as you wanna replay it and revisit things and reimagine things, it's totally open to, to keep playing with.

[00:48:27] Kellee: Right. And now you also have a new PDF d that you just created? Yes. Yeah. And really excited because it's bringing you even closer to the women that you wanna work

[00:48:38] Kelly: with. Yes. So there's a new course on the horizon, which is tapped into this pdf, but if you don't wanna take the course, the PDF is just a brilliant resource anyway, so come and grab it.

[00:48:47] Kelly: I think you can get it slash 100, numbers and yeah, I just wanted to, I was inspired by your 100 list actually, and I wanted to come up with a hundred ways that someone [00:49:00] could step into their creative life. Now, that's not necessarily painting and art. How can you tap into your creative superpower?

[00:49:09] Kelly: And unleash it across your relationships, your work, your hobbies and interests, your goals and purpose in life, your health, all of these things. And I just kind of thought and thought and thought of all these ideas and I've just packaged it together along with some supportive, wraparound. Of course, you're creative and let me explain.

[00:49:27] Kelly: So yeah, 100 ways to step into your creative life. Was just brilliant to do because it, it feels like it's such a lovely thing to give people. Um, and, and people are already saying, you know, they've tried some of the ideas and you don't have to try all 100. You could just find one thing that transformed your life or you could do a hundred day project and try one every day. I mean, you can use it however you wanted to.

[00:49:52] Kellee: That's a really good idea, seeing as a wow hundred day

[00:49:55] Kelly: project is. Yeah. Yes, that's true. It starts, there you go

[00:49:58] Kellee: soon. So all your listeners, you're [00:50:00] gonna go to, and you're gonna get this PDF and you're gonna be so inspired. You'll have your 100 day project in front of you, and Kelly will help cheer you. Yeah, see, look, I'm a big cheerleader of Kelly's because if there's one thing for sure, for me, Other people's success brings me more happiness than my own success. So my biggest joy is watching all of you guys just like reach new heights. It's been like, unbelievable. I'm like, wow. I, I, I mean like, I knew you were all gonna be amazing, but it's just so, uh, I had a, I don't know how to explain it except for that I've poached you all for a year, but now I feel like you're all friends and family.

[00:50:45] Kellee: So it's been just really such. I don't know. It's been a, it's been an amazing opportunity, so much so that I am, instead of doing this on small scale, I'm opening it up bigger and I'm really excited about that. Finally, full circle [00:51:00] cuz I now through helping you, I know my purpose as well. Yeah.

[00:51:03] Kelly: And I just encourage people to explore with you and see where it takes you because, You know, however people interact with you, you offer so much, like, so much for people who wanna make art or people who wanna coach or, um, you know, people who want to, uh, coach other people to make art or whatever your business model is.

[00:51:22] Kelly: And it's, it's just so brilliant to tap into everything that you have. And like me, you may end up working with Kelly to, to develop a whole creative dream for yourself. Or you might just kind of be happy with a downloadable PDF that you've, you've made. But wherever, I think wherever people tap into you as an ecosystem, you get so, so much so.

[00:51:43] Kelly: Yeah, I definitely, for those of you who are, who ears are pricking up with interest whilst you're listening to us, I would definitely , definitely go and explore. Don't say no, say, say maybe, probably, and then see what happens. Yeah.

[00:51:58] Kellee: Well, thank you for that. All [00:52:00] right, I end all podcasts. On the same note, I wanna know what your big, audacious dream is. What do you have on the horizon? What do you really wish would happen, what not? Maybe sometimes we don't wish we just. Put it out into this world and then we

[00:52:15] Kelly: make it happen. So let's speak it out loud. Okay. So it might not seem that big and audacious to some of the listeners, but my big audacious dream is to get my campervan and to travel all around Britain and island and paint everywhere and record it all on YouTube and take you all on an adventure with me.

[00:52:33] Kelly: I think that would just be the most exciting, coolest thing I could do with my time. So yeah, let's put it out there. I'm waiting. Watch the hell outta

[00:52:40] Kellee: that show. Oh, it's so cool. And then maybe if you have some extra time, take the, take the channel over or a ferry over and start hitting the mainland. Yes. Right? Yes. I wanna see what happens when Kelly goes everywhere.

[00:52:56] Kelly: Yeah. Kelly, the traveling artist, back to my roots traveling the world. . [00:53:00]

[00:53:01] Kellee: But see, that's the beauty in it. It's full circle. Yeah. I would watch that show Kelly. Thank you so, so much for everything, for our friendship and for the journey we've been on together and for being on the podcast, and I can't wait to see what happens in the near future. Has everything unfolded for you.

[00:53:22] Kelly: Oh, thank you. It's been a joy. I feel so welcome. By you always. So thank you.

[00:53:26] Kellee: Thank you. Wow. Okay. So I hope you enjoyed that conversation as much as I did. It was just like meant so much to me, especially the part when she talked about me being the prism and I don't take that lightly.

[00:53:43] Kellee: In fact, it's touched me so deeply when she said that, that I have made that my logo, my icon, my imagery that I use to remind myself as. I am not the light. You are the light. But if I can in any way help you [00:54:00] see all the dimensions of you, all of your beautiful rainbow, all of the elements that make you who you are and how you can show up in this world, then I feel like that is such a huge honor gift, and I do not at all take it lightly.

[00:54:14] Kellee: Wow. Wow, wow. Thank you so much, Kelly `Herrick I just I appreciate you so much, and if there's another thing that I took away from this conversation was really how we connect with nature and how we can do it with joy. Even when it seems at times the world is falling apart and that fear can keep us from doing amazing things and connecting deeper with the nature that's all around us.

[00:54:40] Kellee: So thank you for all. Beautiful ideas, Kelly, and for those of you who are listening still this moment, please share the podcast. I just would love it so much. Go ahead and tag me at Kellee Wynne Studios or at Made Remarkable. Share it on Instagram and also tag Kelly. She'd love to [00:55:00] hear from you what you thought of it. In fact, give her a follow and go ahead and check out her amazing list that she made for you. It's the 100 ways of Kelly's version of being able to go from corporate to creative. We all need more creative ideas in our life, and I think that that's a beautiful tribute to the need that we have right now here in this world to touch with that part of ourselves. So if you wanted to download that, you could just go to and I think it would be a huge benefit for you. Anyhow, my friends, thank you so. So much for being here, love you so much. Bye.[00:56:00]

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