How Coaching Changed Cat's Art Career Forever


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[00:03:45] Kellee: because it's been a big dream of mine and I'm finally taking action, moving towards the thing that I know is meant to be. Now, this is just phase one of made remarkable. Phase one [00:04:00] is reaching out to those who are already creating courses, content, community programs, creative collaborations, whatever it is that you're working on that's big enough to be connecting people and communities.

[00:04:15] Kellee: That's where I wanna help you grow your business. So I already have amazing. Members who have joined, and I am just so honored and thrilled. I am excited to invite Robin Marie Smith to join the Remarkable League and Cat Rains. Many of you know who Cat Rains is. We've been working closely for the last year. She was part of my very first mastermind and. Her experience, her growth and her success, far exceeded I think what we even imagined possible. And today on the podcast, you get to hear Cat Rain's [00:05:00] story, where she came from, how she chose the path that she's on, and, and what she learned in the mastermind in the group with me.

[00:05:08] Kellee: And I'm just so honored to call her more than a client. She is a friend and she has a heart of Golden. You're gonna hear that on the podcast. She's very inspiring, very loving, and I just couldn't be happier than to have worked so closely with her and, and grown. With her over the last year. I'm just so thrilled for her success. It just makes my heart wanna burst right out of my chest. I can't even explain my joy for you. And the things that you can accomplish is just, I can't even express how much it means to me and how much Cat Rains means to me. And you're gonna just love this interview.

[00:05:53] Kellee: So before we move on, I just wanna remind you that the applications are still open. Go to made [00:06:00], check out all the details, see if it's right for you, and apply because we only have a couple more weeks before I close down applications and get the league up and revving. I'm ready for this first intake and, um, Cat's one of them, so why don't you listen to her story.

[00:06:21] Kellee: Oh my goodness. I am so excited to have Cat Rains on the podcast today because Kat is not only my client, but my very dear friend now, we have bonded so much. Over the last year, I have watched you put together the most magnificent art course, and the journey to being a successful business owner has just been absolutely empowering even to me. So welcome Cat Rains to the Made Remarkable podcast. How are you doing?

[00:06:48] Catherine: Thank you, Kellee. You know how much I love being here with you, whether I'm on a podcast or just talking to you. I know it's always a joy.

[00:06:57] Kellee: Well, we can, we can [00:07:00] kind of get lost in our conversations and that's super fun. We can, it's so much fun to. Uh, like-minded spirits in the industry because then we don't feel so alone. And so even though I know that you were part of the Catalyst Mastermind and my mentoree all year last year, it's been really lovely that we've been able to become close friends as well. And that's because you're an amazing person and you are so talented.

[00:07:25] Kellee: And I'm gonna brag about you for a bit here, but why don't we go back to the beginning for you and your art journey so that our listeners can kind of see all the things that have unfolded for you in the journey to now.

[00:07:40] Catherine: Well, that's a big question there, Kellee . So, in a nutshell, um, I never thought I was gonna be an artist. That's kind of like the bottom line. That was not my career goal Up until I was in my mid thirties, I never thought art was part of my life. Um, I was always a crafter, you know, [00:08:00] craft, uh, you know, scrapbooking and knitting and that kind of thing, but I never did any kind of art. And then I stumbled on collage and it was really just because I needed stress relief.

[00:08:09] Catherine: I had a, I had a professional job, you know, with a suit, and I was stressed like crazy and I just thought I had gotta do something. So I just started ripping magazines up and making collages. I had never taken an art class ever. And then I just started dreaming, like, wouldn't it be cool to do this for a living? Like, does anyone do that? And I started finding artists that actually were collage artists with magazines and they were making a living. So over a number of years, I just kept practicing. I took a couple workshops by magazine collage artists, and I got to the point where I quit my. Corporate job the first time, and I became a full-time artist and it was phenomenal and horrible at the same time.

[00:08:55] Catherine: You know, it was wonderful to have the freedom to do art because that's what I had been dreaming of. Let me do [00:09:00] art all the time. But the horrible part was I was much more stressed than having a corporate job because I didn't know where the income was gonna come. You know, it was about I had to sell my art all the time, you know, go to festivals, always in production mode. So it was actually very little art making. So that was four years of that and just life, life took me away from that. I had a c circumstances, I had breast cancer, I had a blindside divorce that led me back to my original corporate job, and I really never intended to stay in that corporate job. Uh, I taught the Myers Briggs, which is to me a dream job if you're gonna have a dream a day job.

[00:09:41] Catherine: That was the one to have. I'd loved it. But it took me around the country, uh, training on the road, Myers Briggs and I really had no time for art. So what I thought was gonna be a two year gig just to kind of stabilize myself financially without a partner in life turned into a [00:10:00] 12 year gig. cause because I loved it. I actually loved the work, but it was really, I grieved the whole time cause I wasn't doing my art. So I eventually started bringing my art on the road and I would set up art studios in every single hotel room I was in. And that was the last three years of my traveling art gig. And I made so much art that I started selling it again.

[00:10:25] Catherine: And at the end of, actually it was 2018, I actually quit my job a second time and I became a full-time artist for a second time. And, interestingly, you know, my whole coll my whole life as an artist, starting in my mid thirties to that current day was all about collage. And when I quit my job a second time, I actually gave myself a year to take a break from collage, you know, cause I'd never known anything but collage.

[00:10:57] Catherine: And I, and I really had never thought of myself as an artist cause I [00:11:00] can't draw or paint, so to speak. So I thought wouldn't it be fun just to take art classes for a full year? You know, I saved a lot of money up and I was still working part-time, part-time for my former gig the first year, uh, of, of becoming a full-time artist again, I just allow myself to play an explorer.

[00:11:17] Catherine: So I took every art class you, they. Made me happy. So I took flowers and landscapes and portraits and I mean, I must have taken a dozen classes in one year. And that one year turned into two years. I didn't do two years of this. And at the end of the two years, I took a class by someone who was doing mixed media, like painting and collage together. And it immediately, it clicked. I went, I'm a collage artist. Oh, that's what I do. Cuz I completely lit up. But all those classes I took gave me skills to get to the point where I could actually paint and draw on top of collage. So now it's all, it's all come together. But then [00:12:00] it took me a couple more years to actually find my voice with all of that, because I didn't really know what I wanted to make in collage.

[00:12:08] Catherine: I just knew that collage was it. So that's been, it's taken me a little bit of time. But about two years ago, I finally found what kind of collage I love to make. And now. You know, I, I can't imagine doing anything else.

[00:12:23] Kellee: It's pretty iconic too. We know a Cat Rains when it comes to our feed instantly. I know your style cuz you have, you have a limited color palette for each work that you do, but you also have this gorgeous contrast. So you definitely are showing us, telling us, like, honestly it's the dream. And I didn't realize that you spent two whole years taking classes. But I think that's a dream for most of us is like, could we just immerse ourselves in it? I know. Then you can figure out what you like, what you don't like, what, what works for you, what doesn't work for you, and all those things that you tried.

[00:12:57] Kellee: Build the skills for where you are now. [00:13:00] And so now, and, and your voice too, like coming to that point of having such a clear, distinguished voice. Of course it always evolves and I'm sure it will evolve again over time, but it's like, It's cat rains, which is what makes you so remarkable in your, in your course is because it's a very clear point of view and you are capable of really like diving into the heart of how collage is made. And I love that. Um,

[00:13:25] Catherine: thank you. Well, you know, it's funny because I, the whole two years that I was doing this experimentation, I really didn't think I was gonna find it, you know, because I was really all over the place. But that is the path, you know, people think that, you know, they, people talk about, oh, I don't know what my unique expression is.

[00:13:42] Catherine: Well, you don't find it unless you follow what kinds delights you. Yeah. Like, and so I just kept doing it. It was like a long trail of all these, like one thing led to the next and the next, and then eventually it got clear. But what was really interesting when I finally found it, I said, okay, mixed media collage. That has always been [00:14:00] it. I just had to take, I just had to come back to it. I ended up making a collection of art that I loved. I mean, I loved this collection. It took me a full year to make. And I launched it and I thought in a very sophisticated way, it was online. I, I followed all of the rules. I studied, I figured it out.

[00:14:19] Catherine: And when I launched it, 30 piece collection, I sold two pieces and I cried for two days. This is a year of my life and I sold two pieces, but it was the greatest thing that ever happened because , when I sold two pieces, I went, hell, if my best work isn't selling, that means I can make anything. I damn will please and I'm going to.

[00:14:41] Catherine: So then this was beginning of Covid. I said, throw it all away. I'm just gonna make whatever I damn well. And that's what I did. So I said, what would you really like to make knowing it's never gonna sell cuz your best work didn't sell. So I just started messing up. I just started like playing with paper and throwing things down.

[00:14:59] Kellee: [00:15:00] Brilliant.

[00:15:00] Catherine: And instantly my voice came out. . It was like, cuz people started asking for it on Instagram where they weren't asking for the other stuff.

[00:15:08] Kellee: No, my best work wasn't exactly your most authentic or true work. And that was kind of showing.

[00:15:15] Catherine: I think. So my heart wasn't coming through it. Even today though, I love that work. I think it's really well done, but I don't think my heart was in it, you know? Yeah. There's a different energy behind it like this. Every collage I make now, my soul's in it. You know? I communicate that in every way, you know? It is just, I love these pieces and so it's just gotten very clear, you know what I'm supposed to be making.

[00:15:39] Kellee: I love that you took that time. I think that that's something that most artists don't really spend the time doing. I, I made the mistake of jumping right into art shows so quickly that I didn't really give enough time. Yes, I was making art for a couple of years in practice, but it was like after that I was like, oh, I wanna be in the next art show.

[00:15:59] Kellee: [00:16:00] I wanna be able to show it. I wanna be able to sell it. Right. and I think I jumped into it a little too soon. Well, I stuck with it for a good decade. Yes. But then there came a point with that where it was like, this isn't really working for me as much as I want it to work. And I think you came to the same conclusion.

[00:16:19] Catherine: Yeah. I had this exact same experience the first time I was a full-time artist, you know, I was on the festival circuit and you know, once you're in the mode of you gotta sell your work, which means you got a lot of, you gotta make a lot of work, you're a factory and there's no voice, there is what's gonna sell.

[00:16:35] Catherine: Yeah. You know, and I think that's why my, when my, the collection that didn't sell, you know, in more recent history didn't sell because I really was thinking, I'm a full-time artist, I gotta sell art. And so it's gotta be perfect . Yeah.

[00:16:50] Kellee: I mean, I dunno if perfect's the right word, but how many artists do that? Like, there's so much pressure. This is it. I got, I did you know that there was a study that they gave artists, [00:17:00] students. A, an assignment. Half the class was said, you are going to be graded on one piece of art at the end of this, what? 30 day period of time. One piece. You have to make your one very best piece.

[00:17:15] Kellee: The other group was told to make as many pieces of POS as possible by the end of 30 days. Doesn't matter how much. And guess which group made the better art?

[00:17:27] Catherine: Group two.

[00:17:28] Kellee: Yep.

[00:17:28] Catherine: Wow. Isn't that's something,

[00:17:30] Kellee: isn't it something?

[00:17:32] Kellee: Yeah. It's a pressure trying to make good stuff when you have to make a lot of work, more of your failures, teach you how to keep moving forward. But when we put so much pressure on that perfectionism, and it's not like it's gotta be perfect, perfect, but you're like, you're really thinking of the end result instead of the process.

[00:17:50] Catherine: Right? You're trying to make good art. And so when I try to make good art, oh it's, it's horrible. That's why, that's why I try to, you know what? I'm teaching art. [00:18:00] I tell people, you can make a collage in 10 minutes. That's all You got 10 minutes. Yeah. Because if I, if I, when, and this is true for me, if I just allow myself to make a collage in any amount of time, I will take three hours. Yeah. And it won't be that good, by the way. Forget the three hours.

[00:18:17] Catherine: I've ha I have collages sitting unsold in my studio that are fantastic. It took me three or four months. Yeah. And they're not sold the ones that took me an hour. Also, what is that about ?

[00:18:30] Kellee: Uh, I think it's the hours and hours of experience lead you to be able to do things in quicker time when you're not overthinking it.

[00:18:38] Kellee: That could be it. And so when you can just tap into the intuition is just like, and when

[00:18:43] Catherine: you're not trying to make Yeah. When I'm not trying to make something to sell, you know, if I'm just making it cuz it gives me joy, that's when it sells. Yeah.

[00:18:51] Kellee: For sure. Mm-hmm. So when did the decision shift for you from focusing [00:19:00] on making an income as an artist by selling artwork to doing something different. Hmm. Let's talk about that shift and then what this last year's journey's been like.

[00:19:14] Catherine: So, once I found this voice, um, I did sell a couple collections really fast and my experience with selling art, I mean, I'm still fairly new at selling art again, even though I've been doing this forever.

[00:19:31] Catherine: You know, you have to get an audience for your art. You can't sell it for a lot, you know, if you're doing it online, you have to build up an audience over a long period of time. So I was selling it at fairly low price points so that it would sell cuz I was building up momentum. What I found was, is that it was pretty impossible to make a living.

[00:19:52] Catherine: Selling a lot of small pieces, and even though I was selling art that completely spoke to my soul, I loved every single [00:20:00] one of these things. You know, I'd be selling for like maybe $2,500, $3,500 for the entire collection. Yeah. And that would represent three or four months of my life, minimum, probably six months of my life to create that collection.

[00:20:15] Catherine: See, imagine, you know, $3,500 for six months of work. It's like, and then

[00:20:19] Kellee: you have to include all the materials, all the fees you pay for, you know, hosting the website, all these other things.

[00:20:27] Catherine: Yeah. I wasn't making any money, so,

[00:20:29] Kellee: no, I'm kidding. Like it's like, it's like less than minimum wage if you add the hours altogether.

[00:20:34] Catherine: Right? Even though I was selling out. So once I found this voice, my art was selling out, which is fantastic. It's a huge ego boost. So one year I did that, sold a couple collections. Then I think this was three years ago. So three years ago I ended up doing four collections, a calendar, a holiday shop, ornaments.

[00:20:54] Catherine: I made a grand total wait for it. 13,500. [00:21:00] Now I tripled my income in one year, so I tripled it from the year before. $13,000. Yeah. But I was like, I ne so I, I still work this five day a month gig. I'm ne I'm gonna be doing this till I day I die. So I work a day gig five days a month, and I do this art thing.

[00:21:16] Catherine: I, you know, $13,000 isn't sustainable, even though I'm a full-time artist. I love what I'm doing. I believe in the art. I believe in myself. You know, this art is part of me. So,

[00:21:28] Kellee: so even if you had doubled your prices, let's just say you doubled your prices, that's still less than $30,000 a year, not including all the material.

[00:21:39] Kellee: All the time and effort. That's just the product itself. All, all the time and effort, aside from making it. Yes. That's still less than $30,000 a year

[00:21:48] Catherine: even. Right. So then I, so then I considered, you know, maybe there's some other avenues. Maybe I could do galleries. And I have a very, a good friend who we were pretty similar on the art trajectory, except she went straight to [00:22:00] galleries.

[00:22:00] Catherine: That was what she was gonna do. She found a couple great galleries out west, and she's in two great galleries. She sells out, she sells for over a thousand dollars a piece. She constantly produces art. She makes 40,000 a year. Yeah. And she never stops creating art. She is a constant factory and she's selling for high dollar and a lot because the gallery's taking 50%.

[00:22:24] Catherine: Yeah. Which is what they deserve. But she's a factory. She cannot, she can't produce enough and

[00:22:30] Kellee: still tapping out at, at maybe 40 grand a year.

[00:22:34] Catherine: Yeah. Yeah. So I had, I started to reevaluate, you know, how, how do I sustain this lifestyle? I, I really want to make a living as an artist. You know, I don't, you know, I do wanna sell my art, but what I realize is that selling my art is gonna be a side income to teaching my art.

[00:22:59] Catherine: [00:23:00] Yeah. And something just dawned on me that I'm okay with teaching people what I do, because what I do is not just art. What I do is connecting my soul to what I'm making and helping other people connect to what they're making. If they want that, they can just learn the art. That's all they want is the, the skill to make the art.

[00:23:20] Catherine: That's great. But what I bring to the table is I wanna love that art, and I want that love to art, to love me. Yeah. And I'll sell the art I make, but I wanna teach people how to do it. And. in one year's time, cuz I've worked with you last year. So there was a whole series of miracles that happened. You know, I kind of, it just dawned on me that I wanted to teach art.

[00:23:42] Catherine: It just like, I think I need to do that. And then literally within two weeks you popped into my inbox, . I don't know how it, honestly, I didn't know how it happened because I wasn't really a follower of yours. To me, the universe just works , you know? And all of a sudden you email me, you only email me, I'm [00:24:00] sure Kelly.

[00:24:00] Catherine: It was just you. It was just me. And it was this, you know, you were talking about, you know, a coaching program for people who wanna do, uh, online workshops. I went, oh my God, I knew in a minute. That's it. I'm doing it. And then I worked with you all last year and I mean, it literally changed my life. You know, I didn't, I mean, I could go on for like 20 minutes about this.

[00:24:24] Catherine: You're gonna have to guide. Uh, because

[00:24:28] Kellee: I wait. Talk about the ups and downs and the positive things and, and

[00:24:32] Catherine: there wasn't many downs. I'll tell you what , you want me to tell you all the good?

[00:24:37] Kellee: Well, sure. But let's talk about that shift and what it took last year for you to get to the point where you released your first art course, which was just a

[00:24:50] Catherine: few weeks ago. Yeah. So I worked with you and by myself for a year, a solid year. You know, [00:25:00] it was actually a year ago, you and I, I, I told you about my idea for collage joy. And as soon as I talk to, Like a light bulb. I mean not, not a light bulb. A volcano went off in my head and I realized I have it. This is what I'm gonna do.

[00:25:16] Catherine: Yeah. I just knew it and I started outlining it, and I presented it to you a month later, the whole outline. And from then on I was full on, I'm creating collage joy. But here's the thing, it wasn't just creating an art course, and that's the biggest thing I learned with you that I wouldn't have done if I had just done this by myself.

[00:25:35] Catherine: What I learned was the art course is the end product, but I have to, I have to present it. I have to get an audience for that product. So I spent a whole year learning how to get people to see what I have to offer. So first thing was you told me, or you strongly suggested that I do the a hundred day project.

[00:25:59] Catherine: Yeah. [00:26:00] And I went, oh my God, I can't handle anything more. But there was a level, there was a high level of trust that whatever you were telling me was right. I just knew it. So I did the a hundred A projects and almost immediately within weeks I realized, oh, cuz even you, you were telling me I needed to go live on Instagram and I had no idea what I was gonna do on Instagram, but the hundred day project was my tune in Tuesday.

[00:26:22] Catherine: So I started presenting every week a different paper from my tune, from my hundred day project. And so that kind of set me up with people l they saw my teaching style and they started trusting me. And then you invited me to be part of the virtual arts summit. And so I learned pretty quick how to video a class and, but before I could be on your virtual art summit, You strongly suggested that I produce a five day free class, which was collage kickstart to basically, again, introduce people to what I [00:27:00] do.

[00:27:00] Catherine: Yeah. And that was just like, you know, 2000 people signed up on the day that I appeared on your virtual arts summit. I know 2000 people in a day and now I've, I'm up to like, probably 6,000 people have taken Collage Kickstart. Yes. Um, brilliant. And then just over the course of the year, you know, you just kept adding new things to help increase visibility so that people. Would event would see collage joy when it actually got launched. Yes. So event,

[00:27:34] Kellee: a lot just like a marketing plan, because in all honesty, I know there's so many people who have created, they've like, I'm gonna make this art course. They create it, they pop it up and they're like, okay, great. I made like, you know, $6,000 off this art course, but what if they were making 60 or 160?

[00:27:52] Kellee: And it's like, there's so much that goes into not just making the course, but the entire ecosystem of building your business. [00:28:00] And that's what we worked on the entire year was your marketing, your visibility, and just how you show up. And yeah, there were a lot of times you were like, there's so much to do, but what was the payoff?

[00:28:12] Kellee: Well, here's the thing. Not, not, not the literal cents and dollars, but what is the payoff and the end result of working that hard?

[00:28:20] Catherine: Well, You know, I didn't know until it launched, you know, cuz you don't know no one's. People kept telling me, I'm taking collage Joy. Everyone kept telling me I'm signing up for Collage Joy.

[00:28:30] Catherine: But they didn't know what that meant, you know, cuz no one's signing up yet because I hadn't offered it. And the, I mean, a lot of people signed up, you know, 350, 350 signed up and it, honestly, I could cry right now, , it was the most heart blowing open experience I've ever, probably, ever had in my life. You know, the first night of the lunch, not only were you like on the texting me once an hour, but my husband [00:29:00] brings home the best bottle of champagne because yeah, this was a year of my life.

[00:29:04] Catherine: This wasn't all of a sudden I launched Collage Joy. This was a year of sweating, a year of rejoicing, a year of panic, A year of, oh my God, I don't know if I can do this. And you. Ms. Kelly ever. I mean, you were the biggest cheerleader I've ever had in my entire life. And I just have to tell you, and I've told you many times, you were the best investment I ever made in my entire art career.

[00:29:31] Catherine: And I, I know that if I hadn't joined with you, if the universe hadn't connected me with you when they did, I would've launched a course and I would've made a fraction, and I would've put in probably just as much work. And now I know what I'm doing. I, I'm not saying I know everything I'm doing, but I know what the course is.

[00:29:52] Catherine: I know I'm gonna launch more courses. I know I'm gonna continue to increase my visibility, but it's not about, you know, it sounds so cold. I'm increasing [00:30:00] my visibility. I wanna connect with people, you know, I'm in this class connection and I love these people. I love every single one of them that chooses to reach out to me.

[00:30:11] Catherine: I'm in love. I mean, this is what. That's why I teach Meyers Briggs, you know, because it's just pure love, you know, in connecting with people. The joy

[00:30:20] Kellee: that you get to see when people are learning their creativity and connecting with their soul because they have the opportunity to make art and they're finding each other in community and making friends and like I know a whole life around this really.

[00:30:36] Kellee: To me has been one of the reasons why I will, I will never really let go of that part of serving the community. It's like, unbelievable. It's like I get to do what I love and I see other people thrive and it's like, yeah, how, how could we be so fortunate? But honestly, it does, it, it it almost makes me tear up when you say that how much this last year has meant to you.

[00:30:59] Kellee: And [00:31:00] I have to say that working with you, I felt the same way. Like I was very invested in your launch. I wanted to see your success. I wanted, I absolutely knew for sure, making sure you and the other Catalyst members had a solid, strong foundation so that whatever you did with or without me moving forward, you would have that and be able to keep moving forward and do the thing that you've been dreaming of.

[00:31:25] Kellee: You know, being, not just being full-time as an artist, but like thriving to the point of now you're making more than. Then double what your , what your part-time corporate job. It's like, how is this possible? And we talk about selling art, which is, it's a component of building, uh, well-rounded art business for sure.

[00:31:47] Kellee: But then when you add in these out of the box things, courses, coaching workshops, in person retreats, whatever it is, that's like different from the traditional path of I make art. I [00:32:00] sell art. It just cha radically shifts things. And not just financially, but how you serve. And it's been unbelievable. It is how you serve.

[00:32:10] Kellee: Yeah. Because, because like you said, it took you a whole year to put, so yes. Great. You made an incredible healthy income doing what you love, and you well deserved it because you worked your ass off for it. You really did sometimes, quite often, seven days a week, . Yep. We're hoping to let off the gas a little bit in the next year.

[00:32:34] Kellee: Right? Yeah. Have a break. Little healthy boundaries around it, but it's like, it is what it takes to connect with people and be visible and, and let that creative gift shine. Yeah,

[00:32:48] Catherine: and, and it wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have, I wouldn't have known the pieces, you know, if someone had told me, oh, you have to put a newsletter out once a week, I would've go, you are crazy.

[00:32:58] Catherine: I have no time for a [00:33:00] newsletter every week. But I have to tell you, there's something about you telling me I go, it

[00:33:07] Kellee: wasn't just a newsletter, it was a whole ecosystem around it. So

[00:33:10] Catherine: you had a system. Well, what I'm saying is there were many things that you told me that when you told me I would go. Okay, I'm doing it.

[00:33:19] Catherine: You know, I tune in Tuesday. You know that that was a huge commitment. And I mean, I've suspended a couple things right now just cuz collage joy is actively happening. Right. Um, but the newsletter will come back and tune in Tuesday, will come back and Yeah. You know, you and I have a plan of what I'm gonna be expanding next after I take a, a little break from, uh, pushing so hard, um, and take care of my health in a major way for like a month.

[00:33:44] Catherine: And yes. Then I'll go back to, um, launching a couple more courses, you know, because I already have some other things up my sleeve. Cause

[00:33:53] Kellee: it's so much fun. It's fun and it's really fun to, I have to be all in all [00:34:00] honesty, I love connecting with people. I love creating the art for them. I love creating the courses, but it's really fun to build your own business, isn't it?

[00:34:08] Kellee: Mm-hmm. .

[00:34:10] Catherine: Yeah, it is. You know, it's, so, it's interesting because. Having an art business, being a full-time artist has been a dream since my late thirties, you know, and I've done it. I've, you know, tipped my, I, I've dipped my toe in there a couple times. Mm-hmm. , and it's, I've, I don't know, it's an insane thing in my head that just says, you're gonna have your own art business.

[00:34:31] Catherine: And until this year I r I hadn't, I, I mean, this year as in 2023, I haven't made any money. You know, I've been making very, very little money as an artist, even though I have a following. People love my art. You know, I have a connection with people. It's just now that things are starting to click and I can actually make a living and, you know, I'm starting to make my move out of my part-time job, which by the way is a [00:35:00] little scary cuz it's my, it's like my , what do you call that?

[00:35:03] Catherine: Your safety net? Safety net . It's my safety net. It has been for a very long time. Yeah. and you know, ju like, okay, am I gonna do this? So I'm inching away, you know, like in fact I was just talking to my corporate people today, like, I think I'm gonna have to let go .

[00:35:22] Kellee: And they're probably freaking out cuz they love you and they don't wanna let go of you. Yeah. However, having that space to be able to have the business thrive and be able to reach more people and that's really how I, I see it. You know, making a business bigger isn't for everyone, but for those like you and I who are like just super passionate about what we do and knowing that if I make it bigger, more people are gonna be able to participate.

[00:35:48] Kellee: I can give more, I can make more, I can do more. It's like, I don't know. For me, I see the benefit in having a larger business. Not, like I said, it's not for everyone, but I [00:36:00] know you and how passionate you are and growing the business means impacting more people.

[00:36:04] Catherine: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. It is about service. , you know, it's, it is about serving other people, serving more people. Right People. And I don't know where that's gonna lead. You know? I don't know what's gonna happen next. I just trust that it's all happening. You know, I'm just, you know, this, this entire year with you. Actually, that's been true my whole life. But it's just, you know, following the signs. You know, when something shows up and it hits you in the gut that this is yours.

[00:36:33] Catherine: Mm-hmm. , and you were mine, you know, you were one of many minds, you know, when you hit, when that email hit, I was like, okay, got it. And then every single thing you told me this year, I, there was just a knowing, yes, I got it. I don't know how I'm gonna do what you're telling me, . Like a five day free course . Oh my God.

[00:36:56] Catherine: But

[00:36:56] Kellee: it was, yeah. But see, what happened was by following [00:37:00] some of those strategies, it was, you were able to build the email list. You were able to build confidence with your followers. I'm like, I think that there were just a lot of things that people don't realize. Like they, they maybe have put a course out there and they're trying to figure out why are they not making money, like maybe they see other people doing.

[00:37:18] Kellee: And that's my specialty. That's the part that I love. Connecting the dots, thinking outside of the box, showing up authentically. But this is what marketing is. Marketing is communication. How do you show up and communicate? And, and for me, that's just like, I guess I like to communicate . I am a talker.

[00:37:37] Kellee: Sometimes I'm a talker. . Yeah. But you

[00:37:39] Catherine: are, you're very, you have a very, very clear marketing sense. You know, you know how to make it results. So let me just tell you, let me, besides the fact that I sold 350, not sold. , 350 people signed up for my course. Right. I tripled my, um, e email list in a year. Yeah. [00:38:00] I, I have 10,000 more than 10,000 Instagram followers.

[00:38:06] Catherine: More 10,000. That's a lot. Yeah. And I didn't see that as just, you know, now I have 32,000 compared to 20,000 last year. I only see that, uh, multiplying, you know, cause there there is a thing that now it's our, it's like things are in the works now. So now it, like I get newsletter subscribers that I don't, I'm not even trying for Right.

[00:38:30] Catherine: Like 30, 40 a day. Whereas before I'd have to work for 'em. Now, by the way, I'm still working for it, but cuz I, if I put

[00:38:38] Kellee: now more on autopilot. Yeah,

[00:38:41] Catherine: exactly.

[00:38:42] Kellee: So, What were some of your big aha moments, things that you learned for yourself throughout the year and the experience that you had building this first round of your, of your, I mean, of your teaching business?

[00:38:59] Kellee: Let's [00:39:00] make it clear, you've been in business for a long time, but this first year really going all in on this idea. What were some of your aha moments?

[00:39:10] Catherine: I think the biggest aha moment is kind of like it. It's how much I needed, how much time and energy I needed to put into showing people that I'm a teacher.

[00:39:23] Catherine: You know, I had to demonstrate that without expecting anyone to pay me for that. And you know, when I look at the people that signed up for collage, And I look at who took Collage Kickstart, almost all of 'em took Collage Kickstart. So most people who sign up for collage Joy already got to test out what I do.

[00:39:47] Catherine: So they knew what I was gonna offer. And I th I really think that that is what the, that was the key ingredient mm-hmm. that I never would've guessed. You know, they call it an [00:40:00] opt-in, you know, it's like a, a lead magnet, you know, how do you get someone to want to at least look at what you have to offer?

[00:40:07] Catherine: And offering a five day free course was outta my realm of possibility until you said to do it. You know, before that I was offering a resource list, which, by the way, I still offer, but that does not generate people wanting to look at you, you know, and, and, and trust you with their money, you know, and their time.

[00:40:25] Catherine: Yeah. . And the other thing is some people know that have been following me for, cuz this is a long journey that a lot of people followed me for, uh, mid-year, which was July last year. Um, I started having a health crisis. And the, the health thing went on for a very long time, but the having a health crisis actually stopped me in my track.

[00:40:46] Catherine: So here I'm full force with you. I'm making Collage Joy happen. I'm launching in September. And it was like, woo, Uhuh. No you're not. So it was kind of this, this huge lesson in trust that [00:41:00] I had to pace myself and take care of my health above all else. And so that's what I've been doing. So it delayed putting out my dream thing, which it shouldn't have taken a year, but my body said it had to take a year, you know? Yeah. And that

[00:41:19] Kellee: happens and I think that's beautiful that you were. Listening to your body and trusting that your audience, your customer, your community, would support you in that, in delaying the release of the course, which it very well proved was just fine.

[00:41:34] Catherine: It was just

[00:41:35] Kellee: fine. People understand that you're human

[00:41:39] Catherine: Yeah. In fact, I mean, they, I they came along for the journey. You know, I, I told everyone very honestly, you know what the whole thing was, you know, that I had to take care of myself because I was putting out weekly newsletters, you know, I was keeping everyone with me, you know, as I was doing it. Yeah.

[00:41:57] Kellee: So, I know that you [00:42:00] took, this might get into the little nitty gritty about how we work together.

[00:42:05] Kellee: Besides the fact that I gave you a long list of tasks to do, say the least. I know you've taken a lot of training before. You've taken art courses, uh, courses on art business and, and whatnot. What. Made things different working with me versus what you've learned in the past.

[00:42:24] Catherine: Yeah, so I took a couple other business art business courses.

[00:42:28] Catherine: Mm-hmm. , and they were good, you know, they weren't, not like they were bad courses, but what made it exponentially different working with you is that you were very direct in telling me this is what you need to do. It wasn't like a round theabout, like, maybe you wanna think about this was, this is how you built an audience.

[00:42:53] Catherine: You can do it in many different ways. Like, you didn't actually say you have to go make a five year, five day course, but you [00:43:00] did say this is, this is what's gonna make, this is what's gonna help you get to where you wanna go. It was very, very direct, very specific and concrete steps as opposed to, these are nice to haves, this is what you need to do.

[00:43:16] Catherine: You know, without, without directing me, you were giving me very, very concrete steps. And here's the thing, Kellee, the reason I trusted you so much and still trust you because I will follow you anywhere, is because you've already walked the walk. Yeah. You know, the minute I met with you over a year ago, you know, we had our first one-on-one a long time ago when you told me how successful you are, income wise, , I went, okay, that's it.

[00:43:48] Catherine: I'm done. Because you, you ha you walk the walk, you know how to do this. Whereas, you know, other artists, it's not like they didn't know how to do it, but they one weren't as successful as you by a long [00:44:00] shot. And I know, I love when you tell people, you go, you make as much as a doctor. And I go, I'm, I'm going with her

[00:44:08] Catherine: It's, I, it's not like I need to make your income, but I wanna make a full income for my art. Right. That has always been my intention. I don't even know why I have that goal, but it's in my brain, it's in my DNA. I am making a full income as an artist, and I actually, I'm glad that

[00:44:24] Kellee: you do because so many artists feel like they're unworthy of it, or it's taboo, or they shouldn't be thinking about money.

[00:44:31] Kellee: But the truth of the matter is, is if you've started a business and you're not making money, then it's a really expensive hobby. Yeah. I would say. Right. So if you are in business, And your business is art, then it should be as profitable as possible. Cuz when you're profitable, you can do more, you can help more, you can, you can, you know, the money goes through you and to the next thing and you're not taking away from other people's success.

[00:44:54] Kellee: You're just showing more people that artists can be successful. So I love that you want that [00:45:00] and I see that you're getting it and there's no reason why you can't even do better than me and I would be cheering you on the whole way. But yeah, I, I think there's a part of me that finally got to the point where I was like, I gotta testify.

[00:45:14] Kellee: I have to say, do you know that this year, as of probably the next, you know, month or so, I will hit 1 million that I've generated in income over the last five years since I started my business.

[00:45:28] Catherine: And most of that's in the last two

[00:45:30] Kellee: years. Yeah. Most of that was just in the last two years as I've learned how to grow it.

[00:45:35] Kellee: And it's like, who can say that being

[00:45:37] Catherine: an artist. That is a ma. It's a major calling card, you know, but here you are. I'm on my

[00:45:45] Kellee: way. You are on your way. Yeah. And there's no reason not to because all it means is that you have the ability to do more. Mm-hmm. , and I'm glad that I said that, to give that spark.

[00:45:56] Kellee: And that's what I, that's what I'm trying to help my [00:46:00] audience, my listeners, my clients, whomever is out there that really has this burning passion to be able to build a profitable business that that clicks in their head that it is possible. Yes, it's work. It doesn't always have to be a whole year's worth of work just to have one single outcome, but you build this strong foundation and then you go and you keep adjusting your sales a little bit along the way, and something beautiful grows out of that.

[00:46:27] Kellee: Yeah. Like it's, to me it's, again, I think the thrill of building, building a business is as exciting as everything else in the business. But you know, that's probably why I've been so passionate about serving and helping artists make money. Because when, once you know that it's possible, it's like there's nothing that can stop you from actually doing it except for yourself.

[00:46:50] Catherine: Yeah. It's funny cause I have a other artist friends that don't wanna teach online because they don't wanna give away the secrets of how they do their art. [00:47:00] And, you know, there was something clicked in me one at, at some point's, like, why not? Like, you know, I don't really think my secrets are mine. Right. I don't think I, I, I was given, something came through me in the art form that I now make and I think it.

[00:47:19] Catherine: Especially since I know that I can't, at least in this moment in my life, my art itself is not gonna sustain my life. Mm-hmm. . So why not share it with people? Yeah.

[00:47:29] Kellee: And I'll still sell it. Sales. Yeah. Um, for sure. And I came around to the conclusion that no one else's me. And if I teach them how to make my art and they make it just like me, oh, well, lesson release.

[00:47:43] Kellee: I'm not, I don't feel ownership over my creativity because I feel like it's a gift from the greater divine. Yeah. Whatever, you know, whatever that is, it's a gift from the greater divine. My only responsibility is to keep putting it out in the world. [00:48:00] And so I never have fear around creating lessons or teaching my secrets, and whether it's for art or it's for business.

[00:48:08] Kellee: Because the more the merrier , you know what I mean? Like please,

[00:48:13] Catherine: Right. There's not a finite,

[00:48:16] Kellee: there's not a finite amount. There's abundance, there's abundance of creativity, there's abundance of wealth, there's abundance of love in this universe. You just have to tap into it. And so the more I give it, the more there is.

[00:48:28] Kellee: It's really amazing how that happens.

[00:48:31] Catherine: So that is why I love working with you, cuz we see it all the same way, you know? Yeah. There isn't a finite amount. Me making money or you making money doesn't keep someone else. I'm not making a a boatload. Right. Even if you're making our art, you know, some, someone in my class said, um, you know, if I make a good piece of art in your class, can I sell it?

[00:48:54] Catherine: I go, please sell

[00:48:57] Kellee: it. I mean, great. I love, I love how [00:49:00] respectful my students are because they will ask me as well. And I find that the community is incredibly. Kind and generous and honest, and I very rarely in all these years of working have ever come across anyone with nefarious intentions. But I love it when they come and I'm like, please do like you, please go take this.

[00:49:21] Kellee: I think the only place I draw the line is, please don't reteach exactly what I've taught in a video lesson and copy me and teach it. But if you learn from me, adapt it work for a couple of years, making your own art, and the ideas came through me and into you, and now you're making your own stuff and you teach that, then by all means, what I've passed on in knowledge is for you to keep harness and grow.

[00:49:47] Kellee: And so that's, I'm like a, I feel very generous about that because, uh, if I don't, if I don't, if I worry about will someone steal my image, will someone steal my idea? Will someone, [00:50:00] whatever, then that means I'm believing that there's only so much for all of us. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And I don't believe that. I, I really do believe that there's more than enough for all of us.

[00:50:09] Kellee: That's why I thrive off of my students thriving. I thrive off of my clients, my mentoree, like you and Drew, and Kelly and Christina thriving because when you thrive, I feel so much joy for you. Like that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. I mean, like, in all honesty, when I look back and I'm thinking about these moments, it's like, of course I was holding, holding space for you right up to that last minute as you were launching, as you were the last moment of closing the doors.

[00:50:38] Kellee: And you're like, but Kellee, I didn't pay you for this session. I'm like, I don't care. This is my baby too. It's not mine, but it's my, it's such a pleasure and a joy to see your success. I'm like, yeah, I was. I was popping some champagne with you too. It's so exciting. It's exciting. Your students are just [00:51:00] so lucky to have you, and knowing that there's gonna be more to come.

[00:51:03] Kellee: It's like. I don't know. Look at what goodness is. Just continues to evolve.

[00:51:09] Catherine: I know. It's just, it's amazing. I feel very blessed to, so I'm put on this path with you.

[00:51:16] Kellee: Thank you so much. So, as you know, I am starting the Remarkable league, and I just wanna say thank you so much for being my very first member of the Remarkable League.

[00:51:28] Kellee: Well, I had already started filling up a couple of spots and I just, I'm so glad that we get to take this journey for a whole nother year together.

[00:51:37] Catherine: Well, Kellee, I, there's no way that I, I mean, I have to sign up, you know, , you know, because, you know, having a coach. is an investment. And what I have found by ha you know, I ha I haven't had a coach before.

[00:51:51] Catherine: I've done personal counseling. Yeah, I have lots of counseling. I'm healthy because I've gone to counseling and that was a good investment. But having a a business coach, I really [00:52:00] didn't understand the value of it. You know, I didn't wanna put that kind of money because I wasn't making money, you know, like, why are you gonna put money into something and you don't make money?

[00:52:07] Catherine: But because I trusted that this would elevate my business and I trusted you, it was a hundred percent the best thing I've ever done for my art life. I mean, my art classes have been fabulous, but coaching just changed my, my world. It just changed everything. And even if I never teach another class, even if I just go sell my art, it'll never go back to the way it was, which was kind of star of an artist, you know?

[00:52:39] Catherine: Now I have an artist, an audience for what I do. So when you said you were going to continue with. Um, you know, you're coaching in the remarkable league. I mean, of course I'm gonna be the first person to sign up, you know, why wouldn't I do that? You know, it's an investment. If I got this far, by the way, it, you're right, it shouldn't have taken me a year.

[00:52:59] Catherine: I had [00:53:00] health issues. But if I, no, I mean, like, it does take a year. It's okay if I took, if I got this far, and, and really it was just a year. If I got this far in a year, what will happen in another year? I mean, I mean, I, I just can't imagine, and you've, I mean, you've already talked about, you know, next steps, which by the way are intimidating, but so were all the other steps I took.

[00:53:22] Catherine: Yeah. But you're always there. You know, you're always there, okay, this is how you do it, and you, you gave me concrete steps, so I just had to keep walking forward and remarkable things have happened, by the way, great name, because it's exactly. . I mean, it, it was miracle. You could call it the Miracle League

[00:53:40] Catherine: Although there's no miracles, there's no miracles involved because I and you, in partnership, we made this happen.

[00:53:46] Kellee: Yep. But with a whole lot of mindset and action. Mm-hmm. . Right. And, and I'm glad that you point on that. I'm not the kind of coach that coaches you to think about what your thoughts are and figure it out.

[00:53:59] Kellee: I'm the kinda [00:54:00] coach that's gonna give you literal step by step action what to do next. So you're never in the dark. That's my goal. Yeah.

[00:54:07] Catherine: But here's the thing, I didn't, I never felt like you were bossing me. I felt that you were very direct though, with, you know, if you wanna get here, this is what you gotta do.

[00:54:18] Catherine: But you didn't tell me the thing to do. You gave me the, here's the, here's what the thing is gonna look like. Now fill in the blank. , what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do to make that happen?

[00:54:29] Kellee: Which is like, there's your own adventure if you wanna end up here, which part are you gonna fill out? Yeah, right.

[00:54:35] Kellee: Well, I mean, in all honesty, it was a learning curve for me too, creating the mastermind. But the fact that everyone walked away with success exceeding what their original application said that they wanted to accomplish is like, oh, okay, so now we have the formula. It's not a perfect formula. It's not a one size fits all, but it is an [00:55:00] idea and a, and a pathway that can help people get from point A to Port point B, but doing it in a very heart-centered way because that's how I work.

[00:55:08] Kellee: You know, super

[00:55:09] Catherine: passionate. Yeah. That's probably why we connected. Cause it's not, it's not just business coaching. It's uh, very heart to heart. There's a lot of love involved.

[00:55:19] Kellee: A lot of love. I can't help. Love is my word for the year. Really. It is. I picked it because I realized that everything else falls in line.

[00:55:28] Kellee: When you let love center your yourself as you make any decision and have any interaction, whether it's my husband, my family, my friends, the people I work with, and it's just honestly radically transformed me because I used to, oh, love. But now I realize like that that is, there is nothing greater than that.

[00:55:49] Catherine: It's beautiful. I love that.

[00:55:52] Kellee: Okay, so before I have you pop off, I want you to tell us what your big, audacious [00:56:00] dream or dreams or whatever it is that you see that you wanna make happen for your

[00:56:05] Catherine: future. Okay. Well, I'm hoping someone's listening to this, they can make this dream come true. Okay. Okay. So this is a dream I've had.

[00:56:14] Catherine: Oh, since 1996. Kelly, you've never heard this. I don't think I, I, I don't think I have. I've had this insane dream, almost as insane as wanting to be a full-time artist. I wanna teach at Omega. Oh, yes. Omega. Omega is a spiritual retreat center in upstate New York, and it's where I took my first collage class, but it was a collage class with a very spiritual teacher.

[00:56:38] Catherine: And ever since I took that class, I've been going there until Covid. I've been going there once a year for a week or two, and I just adore this place and it's always been in my brain. I wanna teach at Omega, so someone hears this, I know that I will just kick it. Connected. Eslan, by the way, would be just as good.

[00:56:55] Catherine: That's in California. And a a cousin to that dream, just so you [00:57:00] know, is I wanna teach in different places around the world. I would love to spend five days in Provence and five days in Berlin and.

[00:57:09] Kellee: Oh my goodness. So I know what we're working on this next year in the remark.

[00:57:12] Catherine: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[00:57:13] Catherine: That, that's like, no Omega's immediate, but, uh, around the world. Gimme a year or two.

[00:57:19] Kellee: I know. You have to plant the seeds and build the foundation. It doesn't happen overnight. There

[00:57:24] Catherine: she goes. There she goes again.

[00:57:26] Kellee: Yeah. I, I, I know that for anyone who's selling a story of you can have it all and have it in three months, they're like, they're lying to you.

[00:57:36] Kellee: But you can have it all if you work for it and you keep dreaming for it, and you keep putting that magic out into the world like you just did. So Omega, which would be an amazing place to teach. So I know,

[00:57:48] Catherine: and it maybe, it may be illogical, you know, it's probably a low, it's not, it's probably a, a gig that I'll make very, I don't know how much money you make in Omega, but it's never been about a, about money.

[00:57:58] Catherine: No, I want, [00:58:00] I want to teach spiritual art. Basically. I wanna teach connected art at Omega.

[00:58:06] Kellee: I love it. I absolutely adore it, and I will be the first to sign up if you do get the teaching gig at Omega, just so you know. Thank you. Not if, excuse me. Words matter when you get exactly the gig at Omega. Thank you.

[00:58:22] Catherine: It's becoming that for me, like now. It's no longer a dream. I, I'm just waiting for the person to call.

[00:58:28] Kellee: That's a huge mind shift that we went through this year, isn't it? Mm-hmm. . Yep. I love it. Okay, so where can everybody follow you at Cat Rains? Uh, Catherine Rains or Cat Rains? I can't remember on,

[00:58:40] Catherine: it's actually on Instagram. It's Cat Rains dot artist. Okay. Cat Rains dot. My website is catherine, which is, you know my name on the.

[00:58:50] Kellee: And I will have it in all the show notes and make sure that everybody knows how to follow you and find you. So also, where can everybody find your free kickstart [00:59:00] class?

[00:59:01] Catherine: Uh, it's a pretty simple web address. It's

[00:59:10] Kellee: Very easy. I guess we could put that as a blooper. Spilling over my words, right. Anyhow, please go follow Kat. If you guys loved this episode, as much as I love talking to Cat, make sure that you tag us and come have a conversation what you thought about this, um, conversation.

[00:59:32] Kellee: Cuz I love to have people come and join us on Instagram and spark up conversations after the podcast comes out. Wow. So are you feeling inspired? Maybe your heart on fire? Cat Rains is such an inspiration and, and the feedback that she gave about working with me just really lights my heart up and I am just so grateful for her kind words and her support.

[00:59:57] Kellee: And if there's something that I hope you [01:00:00] could take away from this podcast episode, it's that working in community and working with a coach can get you to where you wanna be much faster with a solid foundation and, and answer some of the questions that you have. Maybe the missing, the missing pieces to the puzzle that you haven't figured out quite yet to propel you forward, to be able to live the dream that you've always wanted to live.

[01:00:27] Kellee: You know, I mean, Cat's been a working artist for many, many, many years. And to see this transition, for her to be able to go full-time and make an income that surpasses even her corporate income, that's just like, It's beautiful. But what's more beautiful is how she can serve each and every one of her customers, and not only teach them art, but teach them how to stay inspired and create from a place of true authenticity.[01:01:00]

[01:01:00] Kellee: And that's because Cat's an authentic person and I appreciate her so much. I appreciate you too for tuning in and listening to the podcast for sharing this message, for spreading the word, and inviting others to listen to the podcast. Do me a favor, come pop in either my direct messages or the post about this e episode and tell me what your aha take away is. I'd love to hear from you. If you share the podcast, I'm gonna be re-sharing. It makes a huge difference when we're able to reach more people, light up this world with a bunch of joy and inspiration. Okay, everybody, love you so much. Have a beautiful day. Bye.[01:02:00]


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